10 Beginner Tips For Fortnite: Impostors (2024)

Fortnite is known for consistently adding new content, with brand new locations, weapons and characters with each new season. The game recently took its new content a step further with Fortnite: Impostors, a game mode that plays similarly to the popular game Among Us. A team of eight Agents goes up against two Impostors, with the Impostors looking to outnumber the Agents before the Agents complete their tasks.

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Players can't choose whether they end up as an Agent or an Impostor, so it's worth learning how to play both sides. Getting the team's tasks to 100% as an Agent or eliminating all eight Agents as an Impostor is easier for players who have a solid grasp of the game's mechanics.

10 Agent Tip: Use The Buddy System

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There are a few things players can do in the very beginning to ensure success, and one of them is finding a buddy. Agents are in the most danger when they're alone, since the Impostor can go in for the kill and leave the scene long before anyone finds their fragment.

Teaming up with a buddy or two can prevent Agents from being stranded alone with the Impostor, which almost always ends in death. Furthermore, by sticking with another player throughout the match, Agents can more easily narrow down the Impostor's identity through process of elimination.

9 Agent Tip: Be Prepared For Sabotage

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Many players prefer Fortnite to alternatives like Apex Legends because of the creativity in Fortnite's many game modes, and Impostors' sabotage abilities are a perfect example of Fortnite's wild side. Impostors have three sabotage abilities: Peely Party, Teleport Players, and Disable Assignments.

Agents should be prepared to deal with the Impostors' sabotages at any time. They can counter sabotage by making smart moves; for example, if an Agent catches an Impostor killing another player during a Peely Party, they can follow the attacker to see their identity after the sabotage ends. While assignments are disabled, players can hide or stick with a buddy to avoid elimination.

8 Agent Tip: Call A Discussion If Something Is Amiss

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Agents who spot something amiss should immediately call a discussion; otherwise, the Impostor will likely eliminate the Agent who caught them next. Agents should call a discussion if they see an Impostor stop to initiate a sabotage action or see the Impostor eliminate another Agent. Many players wear bright or strange skins, making it easy to spot who did it.

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Players who call discussions can provide valuable information to the team, and sometimes even call out an Impostor. Even if a discussion doesn't end in an elimination, it's worth calling one to discuss suspicions with the team.

7 Agent Tip: Pay Attention During The Discussion Phase

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Sometimes players will spot an Impostor eliminating an Agent, but sometimes Agents aren't so lucky, or the Impostor is particularly skilled. In these cases, it's critical to pay attention during the discussion phase, no matter who called it.

Agents can take note of other players' messages and accusations to determine who is lying, who is contradicting themselves, and who is clearly an Agent. If players don't catch the Impostor making the elimination, determining their identity through the discussion phase is players' next best bet.

6 Agent Tip: Prioritize Completing Assignments

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Fortnite may be best known for its Battle Royale mode, but Agents have a totally different goal than Battle Royale players: completing assignments. Still, it's easy to get caught up in determining the Impostor's identity.

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Eliminating both Impostors early is great, but it's more likely that Agents will win by completing all their assignments. Pay attention to others' actions, but dont forget to focus on completing assignments first and foremost, since it's the easiest way to win the game and defeat both Impostors.

5 Impostor Tip: Complete Some Assignments

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Completing assignments may help the Agents reach their ultimate goal, but Impostors should complete a few assignments in front of Agents to gain their trust. If Agents take note of a player running around the map never completing an assignment, they will likely turn their suspicions toward that player.

Completing a few assignments is usually worth the bit of progress toward the Agents' goal. While some people think Fortnite isn't a social game, Fortnite's Impostor Mode is a great counter to that claim, since it's all about gaining other players' trust.

4 Impostor Tip: Don't Forget To Sabotage

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Since the Agents' path to winning is completing assignments, it makes sense that Impostors would want to get in their way. While they can't use the best loot from Fortnite's Battle Royale mode in their endeavors, they have another option: sabotage. Sabotaging allows Impostors to stop Agents in their tracks and create chaos all over the map, so Impostors should sabotage when they find the opportunity.

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A well-timed Teleport Players or Peely Party could allow an Impostor to make an otherwise risky elimination. Meanwhile, Disable Assignments creates enough chaos to slow down Agents' progress and perhaps eliminate someone venturing out on their own.

3 Impostor Tip: Blend In During Discussions

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Asking questions and accusing other players using the in-game communication options can turn eyes away from Impostors and onto other players. Impostors should usually not stay silent during every discussion phase, even if they feel they don't have anything to add.

A clever accusation could result in others players deciding to eliminate an Agent, pushing the Impostors one step closer to victory. Impostors who state that they trust particular Agents might be able to gain their trust, but making contradictory statements could result in Agents calling out the Impostor, so Impostors should use their words wisely.

2 Impostor Tip: Self-Reporting Works Wonders

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Among Us players are probably familiar with the idea of self-reporting, since it's a common Impostor strategy. If no other player watched the Impostor complete an elimination, it might be worth it to self-report the fragment. Agents will sometimes accuse another player of self-reporting, but will instead usually usually turn their eyes to other Agents who were in that area of the map.

By self-reporting, Impostors create an element of chaos and confusion. Self-reporting at the right time will throw Agents off the trail, so Impostors should self-report when they believe Agents won't suspect them.

1 Impostor Tip: Don't Kill Everyone In Sight

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The key to winning as Impostor is strategically planning out when to make eliminations. When Impostors eliminate every player in their path, it's easy for Agents to spot the Impostor or narrow their accusations down to a few players in the area where the fragment was found.

To avoid being spotted by Agents, players should wait until they are alone with an Agent and ensure that no other players are nearby before making an elimination. Impostors may even want to spend a little time alone with a few Agents to gain their trust.


10 Beginner Tips For Fortnite: Impostors (2024)
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