Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (2024)


  • Fortnite's Creative mode offers a variety of unique games beyond battle royale, such as prop hunts and escape rooms.
  • Players can enjoy fan-made maps like Fortophobia and Dino Run that add new challenges and experiences to the game.
  • With updates adding more entries like Card Chaos and Octo Game 2.0, players can continue to explore and enjoy new creative content.

Fortnite's popularity went off the charts when Battle Royale was released, and it only kept evolving from then on. Now that Epic Games has allowed Fortnite to blossom into the powerhouse that it is today, not only does the game harbor an enjoyable battle royale experience, but it also has a Creative mode in which players can create their own games for others to enjoy.

Creative mode went up a notch when UEFN was released, and gamers were able to take their creations to the next level. These Creative maps in Fortnite range anywhere from team deathmatches, and zone wars, to unique games like prop hunts or even escape rooms. With so many out there, it could be overwhelming for players to choose the best maps in Fortnite to play with their friends. Nevertheless, there are plenty of great maps out there to have a blast with when playing with a duo, trio, squad, or even more.

Updated on June 26, 2024, by Ashely Claudino: We've updated this article in order to make it easier for players to find key information, and we've also added some new entries.

17 Fortophobia


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (1)
  • Creator: TeamUnite
  • Up to 4 players

The Creative game mode capabilities in Fortnite are impressive to say the least, as players who are experienced in designing Fortnite maps can create incredible games that are more than unique on their own - one such map is Fortophobia.


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Fortophobia is essentially a recreation of Phasmophobia within Fortnite's Creative map creator. Fortophobia is an almost flawless replica of Phasmophobia in terms of gameplay; the game map even features players in a first-person POV.

16 Teddy


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (3)
  • Creator: Atomic
  • Up to 7 players

Fans of Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th will enjoy this Creative map as it takes clear inspiration from the two horror survival games. Teddy is a game that pits one player against the rest of the lobby.

In the several different maps that players can choose, the survivors must gather keys and items to escape whichever map they are on. On the other hand, Teddy (the killer), must seek out all of the other players and take them out using their harvesting tool. Overall, this game makes for a wonderful experience outside the usual battle royale, especially if you have a group of friends to play with you.

15 Skyblock Adventure


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (4)
  • Creator: Katy
  • Up to 4 players

Minecraft has certainly left its mark on the video game world, and Skyblock Adventure recreates one of the most popular game modes in the popular survival game.

Skyblock Adventure is a Creative map that takes the Skyblock mode from Minecraft and recreates it in Fortnite's very own font. As such, players will spawn on a small island where they must harvest building materials in order to build themselves to the other tiny islands that are floating in the sky; much like Minecraft, enemies will spawn at night to hunt the player(s).

14 Cosmophobia


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (5)
  • Creator: cubestd
  • Up to 4 players

Though the name sounds very similar to Fortophobia, these Creative maps are very different. Cosmophobia is a game that pits players in a unique free-for-all map, and it's set in a spaceship that is currently being taken over by aliens. Not only that, but the ship is just about irreparable at this point.

Players must complete eight missions while wandering around the ship, and the first one to complete all of their missions will be able to race toward the final door to escape the ship in a rocket. This one-of-a-kind race will certainly make for a great time.

13 Motorcycle Color Switch


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (6)
  • Creator: Choupala
  • Up to 16 players

Motorcycle Color Switch is one of Fortnite's many Creative maps that fall within the mode's party games genre. Originally, Color Switch was a game mode that placed all players on a large, tiled floor with each tile representing a different color.

To survive, players must stay on a colored tile ordered by the game; otherwise, they will fall to their death. In Motorcycle Color Switch, players will essentially play a game with the same concept as Color Switch, but this time the players will all be on dirt bikes rather than running around freely. It's a fast-paced version of the original Color Switch game.

12 Ultimate Spleef


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (7)
  • Creator: TheBoyDilly
  • Up to 10 players

Minecraft is home to one of the most fun PvP game modes around since the early stages of the game, and that is Spleef. Spleef is a game mode in which players are all gathered onto a large floor. To win the game, a player must be the last player standing.


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To ensure the other players lose, players need to attempt to break the floor below their friends so that they fall. Ultimate Spleef in Fortnite is the same thing, but players can use various items to ensure that they win.

11 Prop Hunt: Modern Mall


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (9)
  • Creator: Regirom
  • Up to 50 players

Prop Hunt has been one of the most viral video game modes ever since its popularity boost in GMod (Garry's Mod). It came as no surprise when it became one of the most popular game types in Fortnite Creative.

Prop Hunt: Modern Mall is a classic take on the Prop Hunt genre, as it places players inside a multilevel mall. Props will need to use various items to blend in with their environment, and the hunters must use their skills to eliminate the Props before the time runs out.

10 Imposter Gun Game


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (10)
  • Creator: Mouskito
  • Up to 16 players

Gun Game is another one of the most popular alternate game modes that players can find in Fortnite. In fact, Epic can be found advertising Gun Game modes on their "Epic's Picks" spot in Creative. One of the best Gun Game maps in Fortnite is the Imposter Gun Game map.

This map is a 1:1 replica of the Imposter mode that Fortnite created. Players can run around in this free-for-all with their friends and enemies while attempting to win with various weapons seen in Fortnite's different modes.

9 Dodgecoal


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (11)
  • Creator: Marseck
  • Up to 30 players

Dodgecoal initially soared in popularity upon being released and pushed forward by Epic on their Creative page. Chalet - Dodgecoal is Fortnite's own take on the classic dodgeball game.

Players are split up into two different teams, and on the back walls of each team, coal will spawn as items for players to pick up. True to its name, players can throw the coal at their opponents in order to strike them out and win the game. This Dodgecoal map has different items and features that give it a high replay value.

8 Zombienite


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (12)
  • Creator: SvenP
  • Up to 5 players

Players who lived through the golden days of Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies modes will have a fantastic time with the various zombie horde game modes that are on Fortnite's Creative list, namely the Zombienite map.

On this Creative island, players can choose between a few different maps. After loading into a map, players will be able to access different ranged and melee weapons in order to fight back against a hungry zombie horde. With friends, this game mode can be more than a great time.

7 Only Up Fortnite!


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (13)
  • Creator: army
  • Up to 50 players

With games like Only Up and Get Over It relishing in their popularity, it wasn't long before Fortnite became host to a Creative map with a likeness to the difficult genre. Only Up Fortnite! is a clear-cut copy of Only Up for fans of the famous title browsing through Fortnite.

Only Up Fortnite! starts players off on the ground, where a complex and seemingly endless tower of random items climbs themselves upward toward the sky. The objective? For players to conquer this tower of random objects and make their way to the top.

6 Dino Run!


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (14)
  • Creator: subcloning
  • Up to 16 players

Fans of parkour and deathrun-like maps will more than just enjoy this well-received Creative map, as Dino Run! makes use of Unreal Engine 5 in one of the most tantalizing ways - introducing a complete T-rex that is larger than expected and chases after players. Dino Run! is a simple deathrun match that eliminates players if they fall behind.

While running through a series of obstacles and traps, a T-rex stomps its way through the jungle in hopes of catching the players. With friends alongside players, Dino Run! becomes a great competition to see who can outrun each other, as well as the monstrous dinosaur rampaging after them.

5 Raft Tycoon


  • Creator: hav
  • Up to 2 players

Gamers looking for a Creative experience with one of their buddies will undoubtedly have a great time with Raft Tycoon, the perfect two-player raft simulator. While exploring this map, gamers will have to set up fish farms, fruit and veggie farms, mushroom and tree farms, and even animal farms.


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Initially, they'll find themselves stranded on a single pallet; however, as they accumulate resources and gold, they'll be able to expand farther and farther. While the concept is simple - collect resources, sell them, build more farms, - the repetitiveness of this experience can easily keep players hooked for hours to see what they'll be able to build next.

4 Campfire


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (16)
  • Creator: ulvdiaz
  • Up to 4 players

Fans of the TV show Survivor and competitive survival games like RUST will thoroughly enjoy the unique experience that is Campfire. When starting Campfire, which is one of the most well-made maps on the entire Fortnite Creative platform using UEFN, players will notice that the map immediately acts as if it is its own independent title with cutscenes, menus, and inventive transitions.

In Campfire, players will play against one another after their plane crashes onto an island. Each player goes through the same trials in hopes of avoiding being eliminated and kicked off the island.

3 Card Chaos


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (17)
  • Creator: creatorscorp
  • Up to 4 players

Card games are still some of the most entertaining ways of passing the time with family and friends. Though there are many different card games to play in person with one another, sometimes it can be difficult.

With Fortnite installed though, friends and family can spend time together with Card Chaos, an Uno-like game that allows players to play against one another in first-person. Card Chaos is a simple contest reminiscent of Uno, giving gamers a free way of playing cards with each other in a unique platform.

2 Dude Perfect Dodgeball


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (18)
  • Creator: creatorscorp
  • Up to 16 players

Dude Perfect Dodgeball is an awesome dodgeball game in Fortnite. All fans need to do is insert the island code, enter the arena and start throwing balls at their opponents. There are ways to improve your stats in Dude Perfect Dodgeball to make sure that you stay alive longer, but if you're eliminated, you can just jump back into the arena and try again.

The longer gamers play Dude Perfect Dodgeball, the more customizations they'll be able to unlock in this mode. This way, they'll look stylish as they run after their next opponent.

1 Octo Game 2.0


Fortnite: 17 Best Creative Maps To Play With Friends (19)
  • Creator: sundaycw
  • Up to 30 players

The release of Squid Game took the world by storm, in which industries and markets all around instantly flocked to mock the show's likeness. On Fortnite, there was an older version of Octo Game that let participants play through a series of mini-games that appeared on Squid Game.

Octo Game 2.0 rules Creative mode with a large player base, as the Squid Game-esque title uses UEFN to provide a remarkable and challenging experience that players fall in love with. Fans will undergo various mini-games, such as Red Light, Green Light, and Glass Bridge to test their skills to achieve victory.

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