How to win in the ‘Fortnite’ Imposter mode without being sus (2024)

Fortnite update 17.40 was released Tuesday morning, bringing the Among Us-inspired Imposters LTM to Battle Royale. While most players are still trying to figure out the intricacies of how this new manipulation-based game type works, we’ve got a plethora of essential tips to help you earn your keep as an Agent or Imposter. Without further ado, let’s get to the details.

What is the Fortnite Imposters mode?

As described above, Imposters mode is essentially Fortnite’s take on the popular interrogation-based game, Among Us. In lobbies of four to 10 players, two concealed Imposters work to Eliminate the other Agents. The Agents, on the other hand, must walk around the map completing marked Assignments in designated areas.

When Agents find the body of an Eliminated comrade, they have a chance to convene a meeting to see if any of their other teammates may have noticed who the killer could have been. All parties involved can vote another player as the Imposter or vote to abstain if they choose to do so. The match ends when all Agents are eliminated, Agents have successfully identified the Imposters, or if Agents have completed enough Assignments before being killed.

How to win the Fortnite Imposters mode as an Agent

The key to success of being a good Agent revolves around completing Assignments that are marked as yellow exclamation points on the map. The current iteration of Imposters features as many as 21 unique Assignments, all based around simple tasks. Here’s a brief description of how to handle each one.

  • Realign the panel: In the Bridge area, hit the busted panel with your Pickaxe till it gets fixed.
  • Bust Moves: Interact with the large screen in the Sleeping Quarters. Press the string of buttons or keys that appear.
  • Fan Mail: In Battle Bus Repair, pick up the big hammer on the shelf and then hit the Battle Bus mail slot with said hammer till the mail pops out.
  • Storm Forecast: Go to the Storm Monitoring area and approach the small panel. Simply press and hold to interact until the assignment is complete. Next, deliver the report to the marked area that appears.
  • Wash Bus: Go to the Battle Bus Repair area and grab the washing device off the table. Spray the bus behind you with it.
  • Cleaning up the Food Court: Go to the Food Court, pick up the bottles on the tables, and toss them in the trash cans near the counter.
  • Update Credentials: Head to Security and enter the big scanning area. Interact to scan your thumb, then turn around to interact with the spots that are above, below, to the left, and to the right of you.
  • Order Lunch. Interact with the menu panel in the Food Court. On the right side of the monitor you’ll see a three-part order with a burger, fries, and drink. Select the three listed options from the menu and press “Order.” Once the order is ready you can complete another Assignment by picking it up and delivering it to the marked location.
  • Office Login: Go to the Office and approach the computer. Use the number panel to enter the passcode that appears on the screen.
  • Deliver Fuses: In Maintenance approach the designated spot to Retrieve the Fuse. Take it to the designated spot, typically in Storm Monitoring.
  • Order Lunch Pizza Pit: Works just like the regular Order Lunch Assignment.
  • Loop Control System Reset: Go to Loop Control to interact with the monitor. Press the designated key to “restart” when the sliding arrows reach each area highlighted in red.
  • Hard Reset Router: Go to Maintenance and press and hold the interact button to reset the router.
  • Analyze Storm: Go to Storm Monitoring and interact with the large console. Once again, time the button presses to the sliding arrows when they reach the highlighted areas.
  • Sparring Practice: Hit the Peely punching bag in Sleeping Quarters.
  • File Files: Go to CSI. Pick up the colored folders and put them in their corresponding filing cabinets.
  • Spoil Bonesy: At Sleeping Quarters interact with the small dog near the TV. Then, pick up one of the bones off the ground and throw it to them.
  • Target Practice: Go to the Weapons Lab and interact with the shooting range area. Hit the targets that appear.
  • Stock Ammo: Interact with the table behind the shooting range to stock the ammo box.
  • Collect Weapons Report: At Island Control, collect the Weapons Report tablet on the table. Next, take the report to the Office.
  • Loot Selection: Go to Supply Drop Factory and interact with the terminal. Like a slot machine, try to line up three different types of loot.
  • Chest Refresh: Also in Supply Drop Factory, add glow to the glowless Chest by selecting it. Repeat this process three times.

During your time as an Agent its possible Assignments may become disabled. They can be turned on again by interacting with any three disabled interaction areas.

Accusations and reporting

While you’re out in the field completing Assignments, your friends are bound to be Eliminated by imposters. If you suspect something is wrong, a meeting can be called by approaching the body of an Eliminated player or by interacting with the panel at the Bridge to call a meeting yourself.

In the meeting room, press the designated button to open your quick chat. These predetermined phrases will help you talk to your teammates without using voice chat. Each Agent has a number and corresponding character icon, so make note of those as you string together your phrases.


  • ___ was with ___ near ___.
  • ___ was doing assignments.
  • I am skipping vote.
  • I found ___’s Fragment
  • ___ was not doing Assignments.


  • ___ self reported.
  • I saw ___ eliminate ___.
  • ___ was taking assignments.
  • Im voting for ___.
  • ___ is lying.
  • I disagree with ___.
  • I don’t trust ___.
  • ___ is the Imposter.


  • What was ___ doing?
  • Who are we voting out?
  • Who eliminated ___?
  • Who was with ___?
  • Where was ___?


  • ___ is innocent.
  • ___ was not near ___’s Fragment.
  • I Trust ___.
  • I agree with ___.

The above-listed Assignments and questions are the only manners through which Agents can succeed in their mission, so use them wisely. As an imposter, these dialogue trees should be used to deflect blame on others and away from yourself.

Playing as the Imposter

If you’re one of the team’s Imposters your goal is much simpler. While the litany of Assignments might still be part of your ruse, the aim is to eliminate Agents while effectively convincing others that innocent Agents might be the Imposter. If you’re lucky, two Agents can be eliminated at once by killing one and then voting out an innocent player directly afterward.

Imposters also have some unique abilities as well. In addition to being able to eliminate Agents with a pull of the trigger, they can also temporarily disable all Assignments, teleport the whole group to random locations or host a Peely Party. When Peely Party is active all players will briefly don the Peely skin, making Imposters harder to follow. However, an imposter cannot Eliminate a player during Peely Party. All three of these abilities function on cooldowns.

Some general tips to be the best


  • Stick together to keep the Imposters off your tail. An Imposter probably won’t eliminate another player if a friend is nearby. If you’re alone, you’re marked for death.
  • Focus on Assignments as much as you can. Right now it seems difficult for Agents to win, but our one victory came when the entire team was working well to complete their tasks. If you play to that objective, victory can come long before Imposters even start doing damage.
  • Pay attention to your skins. If you’re ever in a situation where you’re being wrongfully accused, it helps to be able to tell others who was near you and what you were doing. Keep stock of your location and surroundings to make sure the facts stay straight.


  • While doing Assignments might help the opposition in the short term, it’s a great way to throw others off your scent. If others see you doing jobs you may not be accused.
  • Because the meta also isn’t seriously developed, self-reporting might also be a worthwhile venture. Most people don’t immediately assume an Imposter would flag their own kill, so doing it can be a good diversion.
  • Use your abilities. Disabling Assignments and Peely Party are designed to create chaos. In that chaos, you can probably get away with killing an Agent or two while undetected.
  • Remember your partner. There are two Imposters in most lobbies, so it helps to watch what the other is doing. If your partner is playing shy, it’s time for you to go on the offensive. If they’re about to strike, it might be time for you to hang back. If both of you are only a little suspicious, odds are you’ll likely win.
How to win in the ‘Fortnite’ Imposter mode without being sus (2024)
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