Onrush of Dreaded Wings - TheIdealofGreed - オーバーロード - 丸山くがね | Overlord (2024)

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So...why is this here? What is this?

This is a project started by feelings of loathing and spite. Specifically loathing and spite for the way that people use Angels in this fandom. What am I talking about? Well, let's see...pretty human/elf with wings...pretty human/elf with wings...pretty human/elf with wings...aaaaand oh looook, pretty human/elf with wings. Acts like a human paladin, walks like a human paladin, all around has no functional difference on why anyone wouldn't just say "I picked Winged Human(a race that does exist in Overlord), slapped on holy classes and say it's an Angel." As someone who rather enjoyed the way Angels areACTUALLY PRESENTEDwithin Overlord, as distinctly inhuman and/or mechanical looking beings for the baseline, I find this just a mite annoying.

It wouldn't be so bad, especially given the extreme customization of Yggdrasil so of course there would be players who'd probably do this, if apparently every single one of you hadn't decided to do this. As far as I know, the only one who even vaguely goes against this trend is whoever wrote a Silver something fic with an Angel healer where they occasionally imply an eldritch true form, but they also fall to mainly looking like a pretty human/elf with wings.

So what to do. I don't feel like writing my own Overlord fanfic at the moment, my mind taken up with attempts to write a DxD story and it's necessary prequel, and a few other vague ideas.

At the same time, I don't feel like just leaving complaints in review sections really does much to help change this mad and strange decision to make a "Michelangelo's Bastard" over a mechanical-looking badass or holy eldritch entity of a god's will &/or wrath.

Hence this project, The Onrush of Dreaded Wings, my attempt to provide inspiration that will steer the fandom fanfic writers away from this severely uninspired trend, and into a new age of interesting and actually cool to imagine Angel OC's.

Initially I was just going to list various art people could use as reference for distinctly inhuman Angels, as is canon like how Luci Fer made his, which can be found right below this section, and top it off with my own Angel OC. I had trouble finding properly mechanical designs to match the base presented aesthetic...but then I discovered the Sin Eaters of Final Fantasy, and things really took off from there.

Now it also includes a variety of other resources, such as sites and other things one can search for inspiration on creation of their own Overlord oc's, as well as things like the canonical DnD Runesmithing, the actual Angel-Demon hybrid, as well as my own original stuff like some World Items and a few base ideas for classes, like a biblically accurate Satan, a set of skills for base Angels and a basic evolution path idea, and even a section for none-Angel ideas, like EmperorNeuro's Ooze's.

For those who are interested, I suggest adding this to your alert list, as not only will I be adding future NPCs in different chapters, which you'll see occasional references to by mentions to a Dumah or Lupara and so on, who would likely be paired with the Grievous oc presented below, I'm also likely to come back and modify or otherwise add on to things here, such as further improving on the presented builds, and also to finish Grievous herself, as you're likely to notice she's not quite done, as well as other things born from writing this in samsung notes, and maybe occasional changing of rating to maximize the number of people who see it, but I got sick of putting this off.

Make no mistake, what is presented here is very much meant to be used as examples and inspiration for your own stories, and honestly, if you like the characters you see here enough, if you PM me I probably wouldn't mind letting and helping you write a story using them. If you see something here you'd want to use, like an item, pm me so I can see how other people work them in their story.

Well then, I believe that wraps up what I wanted to say, though I'm certain I'll think of more to add here later, BUT FOR NOW(!), let's start the show!

P.S.If someone could tell me how to force more space, such as how I wanted a few empty lines between this sections and the "nonhuman Angel ideas" section right below that would be very helpful, as the base editor seems to be forcibly scrunching them together.

Very clearly nonhuman Angel ideas for use
• Early Middle Renaissance AU
• Sylizar Krioridans
• Rookshock Ivory Sentinal
1. Artistic design
• FF Lightwarden/Sin Eater
• Jianhao Chen
• Fanetare77 The 9 Orders/Enoch/Minerva
1. Doubles up with a semi-mechanical look
• Oliver Marinkoski
• - Lan - 风神 / Wind God - masked version looks like it'd fit well with canon mechanical design
• Bayonetta Angels
• scowlingelf Joumon
• Smash Bros Galeem - Seraph. Either caster or light-centric build: see Dumah racial for ex
• GlitchLight Seraphim
• RedlexDestroya El ojo de Dios/The eye of God
• YuukiMokuya Angels
1. Plenty of designs
• BangBooDoragon 》mostly the day 25 one - feminine, clearly not human + a touch of eldritch. Lovely combo. Conversation inspired by this design:
1. Now that I think about it, are angels actually monsters? - by Roycebowl
2. Benevolent if not extremely Lawful ones, But yes. Mainly the upper choirs that tend to be the more powerful ones and come off as much more creepy, Due to how that's their purpose. They are meant to be terrifying, espically to Demons - GMQUilmataalpha
3. Yeah, I guess they are terrifying, especially to the unrighteous. In the Bible every time an angel visits someone they have to tell them to "fear not"
• Impalallama lightwarden/Forgiven Obedience - semi-draconic "humanoid" figure
• Ausp-Ice Edeia: Belvidere/Sovereign/Abaddon
• mrAPX Theia - faceless statue shot through with faceted gold pieces
• Inkplasm Lot - limbless torso appearing to be made of gold-veined marble - summons glowing hands (ethereal?/holy energy?). Featureless head save for wings & cross-pupiled eye
• Lucyfur910 BE NOT AFRAID - (If I remembered this right, internet wasn't helpful in double-checking) probably an angel player attempting to master the size increasing class. From what I can recall, it was a towering figure with some armor over the torso and head, but the majority of it's being kinda resembled those "angel flares" from Hellsing.
• Doodle World Shyce/Kibara/Kidere/etc
• Sephicent13 Sin Eater (Sephira Phoenix)
• (Twitter/Tumgir)radioinactivity lightwarden?/warrior_of_light
• julif-art Angel - looks like a good candidate for a/the Satan/Accuser class
• whitemagetea Lightwarden Egoism
• CupCakeDrawings Lightwarden Viera
• riessene sineaterwol/megalovania starts playing/Forgiven Vanity
• Maunderfiend sin eater2, one is poss example of her fangs?, gold leaking from them is the Gapþrosnir Draught?
• Shadowverse Destruction in White
• Spookumbras Ghost
1. Kinda reminds me of Victim
• kitsunegirl14 True form angels
• Rinar Concept Art: Angel
• DustyVixen Masquerade
• Christopher Pariano Beyond Human: Villains
• Kati StarSoulArt Fairy Ballerina
• 画个西游人物2 by f y
1. Very much a caster look
• porkypok Sin Eater
• cthelmax Cyberangel
• Astaris86 CyberAngel
• PixelHat Angel
•Fadura-lotti Deux Ex Machina: Sol Invictus
• DarkmasterN Drawlloween II: 14 Extra
1. Mechanical, but doesn't seem like it'd match up with the canon mecha type, so perhaps player customized. Or maybe Automaton race with angelic customization
• Adam Gilbert
1. Angel of Destruction
2. Ilma - God of Wind
3. Eozdniw
• mechacharibdys
1. faster kill puss*cat
2. and be not afraid
3. robot angel
• xneovaii Mechanical Angel
• corycatte Iskra
• (Gerald)Brom-MtG Platinum Angel
• furryeaglebarbarian Cheruben,angel beast
1. Striker tank, som for stability, hardiness & striking power. Probably only good charging for decent mobility
2. Probably better used as a summon than a player design
• Heart0fInk
1. Valor?- couldn't find this on further searches, so don't remember what it is
2. Agony - fluffy, if that's what you want to insist on ?
3. Angelic Creature
• Daniel Kamarudin Goldie
• Dorian/aetherpacked Forgiven Urianger/罪喰いAU Forgiven Urianger #えおるぜや記 - mini internal Ophanim
• Arkayy Zuriel Reference
1. Looks like it could be a Cherubim designed by a death god - may connect to PointyHat's idea of Angels design matching the god they serve, with the canon Angels being more general variants - might actually be canon, with Dungeon Dad mentioning 4e lore that says something like that
• Gretchin Felker-Martin Void Angel, Bao Thien
• bljub Platinum Angel
• luluweez Fate
• michalivan angel of stone
• Deems/Nicholas Fair Macabre Angel - Perhaps an Angels attempt at grasping a "squishy meat thing"/human(oid) form
• Gabuded Angels
1. Multiple designs. Seems to be varying degrees of organic - Cherubim has a clear nervous system design
• koukouvayia P'chah, forgiven - Not truly a recommendation, more an example as it has blue flower pattern, akin to chinese ceramic(can't remember what the term was)
• Jessada-Art Guardian of Wind - Might fit with mecha angels
• drawitout .AFRAID
• jesterbells Fear Not!
• Blissful-Rouzes Pellucid
1. Transformer oc
• R0B0tak Diakoptis/The Accuser
1. Design probably function as either angel of death or, as its written, a (Satan/)accuser angel
• Spiritshaydra No One Would Believe You
1. Seems like it might be a caster, so if you're using my idea for racial lines, probably a Seraph variant
2. Also has several smaller creature designs hanging around it, so maybe check those too
• Tytoz Angels
1. Variety of nonhuman designs
• Library of Ruina Distorted Argalia
1. Probably an air element focused build
2. Also works better as a kickass design for an air elemental, so there ya go
3. Honestly, any of The Reverb Ensemble Distorted(- apparent page name, can find better non-chibi depiction in their tv tropes page)look like they could be Yggdrasil player designs - Philip a flaming angel of destruction, Eileen might be some sort of Artificier specialized angel the same way Ainz is a Necromancy focused Undead, Elena looks like what one might get by extreme pursuit of Vampire racial classes (possibly to the point of bordering on or outright being a negative energy elemental. Probably has Skin Suit (Yggdrassil version probably disguises as a lower level human player), Exsanguinate, Blood Feast & Red Feast feats/skills), and so on
• Carter Hall, Dragon of Barbatos
• Eternal-Shadow-S King Who Bleeds Gold/Orange Lancer
• Spawn: Armageddon Space Station Crew/The Metatron
1. Models available for viewing on

None angel ideas
• fanetare77 Overlord OC's - has 10
1. Including a Kamen Rider themed one
2. Probably also other designs, like Zealot, Railroad, Neon Cricket, Thunderstrike, Doom Lord, Scarecrow, Sanda Kabuto, Warmonger, Heavy Metal, Hydro Shot, Legion, Oracle, Tombstone, The Jailer, Banshee, Tarpit or Mish-Mash
• duch*ess Saidra d'Honaire - right grand wraith. Warped Cinderella
• JWNutz Creature doodles
1. Spoopy was what really drew me in. 1 looks like possible player designs, 2 looks like they could be summons
• Rookshock Gargoyle/Bedazlled/The Last Place to Be
• EvolutionsVoid slimes - lots & lots of Slime/Ooze designs
• A Lich for every class: The paths to transcendence - a page describing ideas for non-wizard lich-equivalent. Incomplete, only has eight classes
• NazRigar Fafnir - from their Project Pantheon set
1. Seems like this could pass as a roughly human sized undead dragon (undead dragonoid?) variant - dragon-liches & the like are a thing. Could it be that Yggdrassil had certain (sub-)races that could only be accessed through alternative methods, like say, building up your base levels (to a high-tier)beforeusing a certain transformation item? ? An example of this would be a Giant player pursuing their racial classes & focusing into elemental classes that match their Giant-type before using a Resource Fragment (canon Elemental transformation item) to become an Elemental Hulk
• UndeadKitty13
1. Seraphim
2. Chess War - Angelic/elemental?& demonc/Undead/other?designs
3. Kalte - Ice demon/elemental. Seems like it might match up with the "shard skin/shell" look of the lesser elementals
4. Shocky - cybernetic Undead
• Splaty Villainous Avengers: All-Father
• A Slimy Skeleton Artist/SkeleSlime-Phantom Maxilla Vickle-Merlot Vomer
1. Skeletons. Maxilla looks like a Momonga that went barbarian/fighter instead. Merlot doesn't look like Ainz, but gives me the feeling of a Cleric - Virtuoso Lich?
• bigdad Dutchess Repugnia
• Andrew Chen Fantasy Illustrations
• EmperorNeuro Oozes
1. Idea: An Ooze/Slime/Jelly/etc made from a special material, such as a Prismatic Ore - insp from EmperorNeuro Adamantine Ooze
2. Also Phlethegon/Lethe - fine slime examples
• PeteMohrbacher Eistibus/Raziel/Malahidael (- this one could he holding a "sacrifical dagger" tool instead of a weapon, som to use on downed/near death/incapacitated enemies for bonuses?)
• World's Gate: En Garde - Eden/Fig - youtuber Viro Veteruscy. Insect
• Heart0fInk Lady Nox Roseus - an undead swordswoman/Inquisitor - by-for Hitomoshi13, prob either an insect or undead specced for holy combat magic?
• KyoZeron Hollow Knight - Here ya go, a kickass armor that's probably going to end up used by an elf oc, but I'll still put it here since this feels like there's possibility as a garb for an Elemental
• NineHeavensPress Yeongno - draconic. Includes its own statement for DnD abilities, and is apparently a monster for a Korean-inspired homebrew book《 Undying Corruption.
• Neytirix
1. Enderman 2.0 - An undead race that wields raw negative energy?- burst, blasts & breath weapons, brief walls?, Negative En Touch
2. Blaze - fire (&/or smoke/cinder) elemental. Armless multi-blade fighter
• benedickbana Slick - looks Batman-inspired
• Maxa-Art Memento Mori - white & gold reaper statue with wings. Maybe Angel, but more likely construct
• heroheee Humanoid Adopts - the masked ones, particularly the black, purple, gold and pink one. Strikes me as a flashy demon design - Pride Demon player?
• Zellrin Red Dragon Moth - fairy dragonoid: i.e. strong caster race
• Kaejaris Mage - black & white insect
• Ashtinwolf Darkcoldmonster - less sure on suggesting this one, but eh. Looks like a movie monster that employs Xenomorph stalking
• FlyingCarpets The Bodyguard - Appears to be either a bioluminescent sea creature or maybe something astral
• SkyAero Meat - specifically the newer version found with "Yo remember this guy" & "What creature do you think fits him the most" on Creatures of Sonaria wiki - gives me the feeling of an advanced slime focused for hunting & combat - Ranger/Fighter hybrid subspecies?, specialized the same as the Overlord race is for magic
1. The official gallery description of Meat on their gallery is something more eldritch, which with whats on d20pfsrd doesn't necessarily exclude it as an "Ooze" variant - e.g. Star Blight, The Voice of Beyond, That Which the Stars Rejected
• SpringSnapped1987 Kurai Vessel: Yokuchi - The Hand of Desire - Very villain Witch vibes
• Zombros2000 Vortegein - an opinion based entirely on looking at Ulberts outfit: makes me think humanoid demon. Probably would have been a good disguise/alt outfit for the illusionist demon oc I thought up before
• Nai_Ga - plant monster. Artist is one of those pricks who titles all their work as ... instead of having the decency to even assign a number, so you'll have to look for it
• Anatolli Leoshko Demon Stomp - Probably a more vicious Treant variant
• Deerchip/madlab666/Seryeon Jung
1. 투람Thuram - Fantasy space-opera. Maybe Angel?
2. White Bear - Hulking & bestial
• DnD Shorts Gelatinous Tarrasque
• Theropod_Art Tar, ice and bone
• Evil West - rather like the Vampires in this game, especially the Highborn (& their Regen Mode) so may be good reference

DnD(spinoff) ideas
• Concordant Killer - official DnD angel-demon hybrid
1. Dungeon Dad video available
• Dire Corby - bestial & brutal crow-men. Locrius Planetoid has a fun video on them
1. Variants like Ghost/Dread
• Ecorche - Undead muscle monsters, literally pumped up with "undead steroids." A likely higher racial class option for Zombie Fighter pursuants
1. Rather well kitted out, as monstersdownthepath/All Sorts of Critters loved to show off, such as the extent of it's Sieze Skin ability
• Jyoti - Phoenix-like natives of the positive energy plane
• Mezlan - consruct-ooze thing made to be spies & elite troops. T-1000-like.
1. Perhaps refer to EmperorNeuro Mithral Ooze below for idea of use - remember, not all Slime-type monsters are made of said slime. There are also ones such as animated blood & liquid metal/stone
• Polyphonic Gel - sonic Slimes
• Sceaduinar - Crystalline natives of the negative energy plane
1. Voidshard(/crystal) Vampire

Things to check
• D&DTools - feats, classes, skill traits, spells, and even monster classes, such as:
1. Beholder Mages - Beholder that removed it's anti-magic eye to enhance it's magic capacity
2. Bloodscaled Fury - a berserker True Dragon, complete with unique skills
• D20pfsrd - grand source of spells, classes & creatures from the various DnD offshoots - Pathfinder/Forgotten Realms/Spelljammer/seemingly a couple oneshot settings you've probably never heard of/etc
1. Ironborn/Forgeborn - Fighter archetype that has the user fuse to their armor
2. Dragonheir Scion - Seems like a Dragonblood Sorcerer whose power manifests in a more Spellblade/melee fighter manner
3. Portalist
4. Scroll Master - utilizes scrolls as equipment, such as swords or shields
5. Bladestorm - specialized in making & wielding (ethereal?/magical) unarmed/Dancing weapons《 kinda like Six Arms Edström. Has 3 subclasses. If I made an npc with this, I'd probably make Bladesinger the elite class?(conjuration?d20pfsrd creation specialty?)Wizard 5, Bladesinger 15, Bladedancer?-Sword Binder? 10, Bladestorm 5? (》 Maybe a Venomous Mummy 》?can summon?/store & exhale?a Venom Elemental?-make a construct like an Orium Dragon?/Spellscribed? 《》5esrd has a Scroll type. Give the Scribe Scroll feat)Mummy?/Mindflayer?Brain Eater/Rakshasa?d20pfsrd Paragon - d20 also has Rakshasa subtypes
6. Rakshasha/Jotun paragon class - for people who want ideas for racial skills for such - 》 Draconic Exemplar
7. Metamagic feats
8. Ninja Tricks
9. Shifter class/archetypes - Martial Druid variant: combative Wild Shape specialist
10. Strange Magic page - covers things like Truename magic, Onmyodo magic & Runesmithing, as well as classes around them & other things like the Reaper: a class that knits together bits of soulstuff into new entities under your control
11. Also see 5esrd. Similar format, and might have alt skills for the same creatures. Also lists different creatures, such as the Carapace Symbiont or the Crawling Glacier(that could be fun for the 5th floor - an icy counterpart to Guren)
• Angelus Corpus - A book (available online) detailing classes, spells, equipment & creatures of both holy & Angelic/Celestial nature. Has a mix of both humanoid & blatantly inhuman angel designs. Ex:
1. Angel of Gates - A being that specializes in "creating gateways for Celestial armies"
2. Diamond Angel - Necromancer
3. Healing Pool - An Ooze that can vary between a healing & corrosive mode
4. Apparently also some random things like Capybara & Crystal Belly fey
• Scriptomancy Hellbreaker《Rogue subclass

Poster rough ideas
• Spell specialists - class that super-specializes into a single brand of spells, somewhat like Elementalists
1. Thought came from looking at the list on the Bigby's Hand page - similar ex: One Piece DnD Inquisitor Cornelius

2. Another would be DnD Tools Force Missile Mage.

Felling of the Grievous Stars
1. Gold-Blooded God Hand?/Silence Beneath Dreaded Wings?/Edge of Extinction
2. Generally called Grievous for short
• Named so because she feels "an Angels name should sound strange & mystical to humans"
• Background lore summary for Ashurbanipal: A grand destroyer. Not a bringer of hope, but a masterfully crafted expression of divine wrath, a holy disaster sent forth to wipe the land clean, annihilating all in her path. Amongst the names born of what's left in her wake is "Gungnir," a "living" weapon of the Allfather himself
1. Partially inspired by "The Great Flood" of Syfy Dominion series - Legion angel movie spinoff
• Less a traditional roleplaying build then a personal roleplay, aiming for her own specific idea of the ultimate bare-handed speed-fighter while fascinated with the idea of "the glory & terror" of a destroying angel, "a being (that lives by the phrase) of shock & awe" that's stronger without weapons
1. Was relentless in the pursuit of this idea, not unlike Touch Me - "only grown stronger and stronger, driven by an insatiable greed for class combination efficiency"/"sought out the best job synergies to min-max his performance to the point of obsession"
2. One who (unwittingly) holds THE LEGEND OF PUNCHCAT high in her heart - has no interest in learning magic, since spellcasting would occupy a valuable punching hand
3. A glass cannon speedster/striker + dodge-tank, designed to deal out absurd damage while tap-dancing circles around enemy blows and spells, & manages it to a level she claims she has transcended from a mere glass cannon to the superior Tin Gustav, i.e. - "f*ck your glass cannon, you will address me as the 'Tin Gustav'" ~ Grievous
4. Her non-speed based defensive abilities were in accordance with her classes
5. Had a friendly rivalry with the other heavy hitters of Ainz Ooal Gown (Ulbert, Nishikienrai, Takemikazuchi, etc), competing to see who could deal out the most destruction. How she gained her Thorsdottir class? As thanks for this "aid," she gave Ulbert an item that allowed him to temp reduce his MP (was a debuff/restriction item, so something they played with to help his build), Takemikazuchi a piece of prismatic ore she had in reserve and Nishikienrai a special cosmetic she found.
• Joined early in the formation of Ainz Ooal Gown - 15th member of the 42. One of the more "excitable/fun"/mad members who generally needed others to act as her brakes before she learned. Was one of those who voted to charge into Nazarick
1. Met them by hunting Touch Me - "I wanna see what happens if 1 person kicks the asses of all 9 World Champs. Personally, I'm betting on a hidden boss with kickass drops - Huh? Whattya mean, what do you mean? Think about it, if 'the 9 strongest' go down, that sounds like the trigger for an apocalypse, right? So I thought I'd max the chance by beating you down on your own turf!"- offered recompense items for an on the spot 1v1 pvp, or to lend them a Resurrection Penalty Minimization Ring. Had a grand time fighting him - whether she won is on you -semi-alt idea:already fought Touch Me prior to his forming of Nine's Own Goal
2. If shown, describe her with a different appearance to show her earlier build. Probably more mechanical back then, with a silvery body shot through with circuit-pattern gold veins & a "smooth mirror-like plate" for her "face" - kinda like mrAPX Theia?
3. After learning from teamwork with her buddies, she's also grasped how to act as efficient support, one example of which being her abundance of Scrolls
4. If The Undead (King) Oh! is anything to go by, she'd have a great time around Pero & find him hilarious. Would have thought & argued that he should give Shalltear a proper set of tit*. She'd also lash back at Teapot for trying to talk sh*t about her brothers tastes, as she's the woman designing borderline bikini armor for a legal shota
• Was one of those close with Luci⭐️Fer, starting with him having a clearly kickass sense for what a "fallen" angel should look like
1. Close enough that she's familiar with all of his golems & other antics throughout the tomb, & how to control them
2. Nicknamed him Feri - yes, pronounced like furry
• Acted as both one of the Guilds physical attackers & scouts using her flight and sheer speed. Would sometimes act as a carrier, dropping her allies in areas with teleportation countermeasures (before she got Divine Traveler) & carrying them to blitz through traps
1. Experimented with carrying her guildmates, such as Takemikazuchu with 1 or two of her wings to see if it could be used to counter his slow speed
2. Discovered the possibility of a "hurling sneak attack"/fastball special on an unknowing victim. This led to a tactic known as "Doomslinging/slinger," where she hurls both Herohero & Nishikienrai at the unwitting victim before very swiftly crashing into them herself to massively f*ck up their day
• Her contributions and influence on the other members + her love of explorating Yggdrasil helped bring another 3 World Items (not counting her Scales) into Nazarick. Liked to be smug on this, and was often shot back with how she essentially blindly stumbled into one of them while causing general havoc, which often got the madder members to back her up as "a blessing of chaos."Option: equally possible her influence may have cost them an opportunity or two, so maybe you could decide to replace one or two canon AOG World Items with some of these
1. Opt 1: Cradle of Twilight: _ - World Enemy transformation item.Note:Going off of the Lord of Sin World Champion, the OP is treating it as if there's multiple Cradles of Twilight which make different types of world enemy transformations, such as one that would make an undead/necrotic type. Presumably there's one amongst The Twenty (tentative title - Terror Beyond History?/New Age Terror?) that's unique in that it allows the user to choose the type, design and skills of the World Enemy they will become, with oversight from the Devs - in the New World, that likely translates into a sort of AI that would give a hard no to utter invincibility.Alt idea:gained the angelic type by her soloing of the 10 Archangels, so Beast of Apocalypse?/True Seraphim?/Wrath Beyond Wisdom?《 Wisdom King reference
2. Opt 2: Drimay Zhel《 from The Immaculate Crystal Garland & what it says Amrita did to Rahu - The user can create any and all forms of plants where they will, such as medicinal herbs, crops, unique & rare ingredients, environmental-hazard & any other non-creature types. These plants can grow and thrive at the user's will regardless of typical limiting factors, like dirt type or nutrition in the soil. Can make plant-type creatures docile towards the wielder & those they designate
3. Opt 3: Atlas (this description was refined/added onto via discovery of the Rod of Mountain Mastery item) - The ultimate environment/terrain controller. A map scroll whose design shifts with terrain, which allows the user to manipulate the terrain on a grand/map-rewriting scale, such as shifting/warping mountains, reordering tunnel/cave systems or opening/closing canyons, flipping cities as well as manipulating the weather. Able to do things such as inciting wide-range effects similar to Earthquake, Mold/Move Earth, Stone Shape & the like, though swift enough to trap & injure most creatures, and to manipulate the ground to imitate relevant spells, e.g. Avalanche of Devastation or (D&D Unleashed The Elements and Beyond) Seismic Jaws. This swift manipulation is most easily accomplished in areas within their sensory range, though it can be expanded via methods such as Divination spells. Atlas primarily functions on whatever makes up the majority of the area it covers, affecting anything that makes up the minority of the "grounds" to a lesser extent - on a primarily water/liquid world/plane, it would work mainly on those oceans, and the atmosphere for a gas giant or an elemental plane of air - when dealing with non-solids it can force them to act as if another state of matter, much how Silver Dragons are said to make cloud castles for themselves. Can overcome/cancel/dismiss/redirect spells/effects from the terrain it controls, and passively protects it's wielder from such - ex: Hungry Pit/Stone Wall spell. While traveling on/within this primary terrain, Atlas provides its wielder an extremely high bonus to detect things on/within the primary terrain (e.g. a tunneling monster beneath them) & a multiplied variant of the effect of the Surefooted Stride (or most relevant equivalent) spell for movement over said terrain.Note:for all it's control, Atlas does not inherently provide any ability to change the environment it dominates, like changing a volcano to a cryovolcano or a desert to a verdant jungle, barring certain features such as lightening or intensifying gravity
4. Opt 4: Chimera Midnight?/Anzu Brine?-Ooze? - the user can summon & control up to 50(0?- for really broken as may befit a world item) of any creature from Yggdrasil at a time, including bosses (save World Enemies), or special NPCs, such as merchants with unique items that normally have conditions for selling, or even admin avatars, like the Lords of the nine worlds. Whether they've been defeated or would have some other restriction to their use is irrelevant. The user must be aware of the creature in question to summon it
5. Opt 5: Calamity Arybal(from Pithos - Pandora's Box inspired) - POP monster upgrade. While assigned to & within a Guild base, it increases the possible level of POP monsters up to the point a base can spawn monster scaled to fight (groups of) level 100 players, and can even scale large groups of monsters to fight creatures that exceed the typical leveling system《 indicates need of groups, rather then producing creatures that can 1v1 World Enemies. In Yggdrasil, it had the bonus of allowing these monsters to move out & act up to 30 miles away from the Guild base - naturally not limited with the freedom of POP monsters in the New World, so this is no longer an issue
6. Opt 6: Star of Orenda - Can either be carried for a single user or attached to a location to take effect. Allows those assoc with the base it's keyed to to cast spells without the need to spend mp while within that location, doubles mag def & both cuts the casting time of Super-Tier Spells down to 5?/10?seconds + users can also renew their daily limit of Super Tier spells within this area over several minutes (per spell?). Massively reduces effectiveness of magic counters used against those it's keyed to/used by the unallied within this area, with even full-on/the strongest magic cancel/erasure only being able to reduce a spell by up to/no more than 9% within this area, and only temporarily. This anti anti-magic effect remains in effect for any spell cast in this area even if the spell effect leaves said area, such as a summon or Undead creation spell - does not extend to magic items made there, but it can still restore & reinforce them in the area. Grants users a magic ward during the moments of casting a spell. Attack spells cast by the attuned allies upon/that happen to hit one another within this area restore the allies mp instead of inflicting damage. Reduces the cost of spells with extra requirements - such as exp or gold - to a 100th of the normal price. Attuned location is immunized against any & all detrimental magic effects, and repels second-hand attempts such as Earthquake. Set to Nazarick, allowing Ainz and the NPCs to cast limitless spells while inside the Tomb and the nearby area - surface level counts, and also encompasses a 30 meter radius from the edge. Requires an attunement period to key to a user/location. Less effective if set as a carried item, with no area of effect beyond their body, a significantly reduced effectiveness of it's anti-magic counter ability, Super Tier Spell cast time being 20 seconds and only a half-off discount to cost-reliant spells. Lore states it as "endlessly generating & reinforcing mana for its masters while simultaneously directing the worlds flow of mana inside it's area of influence for their benefit, with its sheer connection to magic being such that even the Super-Tier spells are enhanced by its aid." Very Elven High Magic - MrRhexx
7. Opt 7: Behemoth《 thought of naming Dundayin because Behemoth was taken by an enemy, but f #k that, this is cooler - User can simultaneously steal all items from targets, either indiscriminately or only those designated, in a very wide aoe. This also works on "assimilated equipment," such as the items of bosses that would not normally be dropped, like certain unique weapons, or armor & clothing that's normally just a part of the bosses model, becoming wearable items that scaled off the boss, such as armor that has their Phy Def stat & their defensive skills, or beautiful robes from bosses with high charm or behavioral disturbance abilities. Restrictions of items stolen this way, such as restriction to a certain class, can be overridden by Behemoth & the item can be assigned to a different owner, and nullify any penalties that would normally be inflicted from the weapon's side, such as a weapon that would refuse to be used by an evil being.Note:the "assimilated equipment" definition does not extend to things like Natural Weapons/Armor, and the penalty nullification will not overcome penalties from the would-be users side, such as a Monk's penalties for trying to wield non-Monk-type weapons or wear heavy armor.
8. Opt 8: Lohan Aursona 》loha chaandee aur sona - literally hindi for iron silver and gold according to google translate - the item creates a massive & indestructible (flying?) fortress, internally containing 3 floors each spanning several miles & complete with powerful defenses, ranging from ingrained weaponry, traps & other environmental hazards, it's own unique POP monsters, and a variety of skills of it's own such as (immunity to forced movement, if decided it can fly), protection from & expulsion of environmental hazards dangerous to it's owner and to respawn it's owner within itself without any item drop, exp loss or other such penalty when they are slain within or close to Lohan Aursona, to name a few. The owner of Lohan Aursona can assign it as their Guild base to further empower it, which also registers guild members for effects like the free respawn. Hidden on the fortress is a secret entrance through which a single enemy is allowed to infiltrate if they find it - further opposition cannot enter this way. The owners at the time can only rely on Lohan Aursona's internal defenses to fight them off most of the way, and are unable to personally go. Should the intruder reach the ships core, the guild master can fight them alone while equipped with an item Lohan Aursona provides as a Guild Weapon, although this item shares the fortresses invulnerability and can be freely summoned to the user - the item is customized to the guild leaders build & has variants of Lohan Aursona's abilities. If the intruder wins, similar to Depiction of Nature and Society, they become the new owner, after which the hidden entrance is randomly changed to one of 40 other locations on Lohan Aursona. The owner can also deactivate the fortress mode, and return it to it's original Item Box-storeable size
9. Opt 9: Gates of Nastrond - the Undead equivalent of the "limitless demon summoner" World item 》see further down for origin of idea. Reading item description also gave thought that it/this series of world items may have bonus effect instead of just endlessly creating undead, such as making a point from which an environmental transformation, in this instance negative energy, spews forth to reinforce it's summons, and the wielder also gains unlimited control over all of the creature type it brings forth - or should that be a separate world item?
• Had good relationships with most of the explorer guilds, such as World Searcher
1. Felt they should have at least appliedsomecreativity to their name, like "Wandering Eyes"
2. With her immunity to environmentaldmaage(a term she instilled) via her Scales, she was able to greatly aid others in return for requests, items or just because she particularly liked them
• Went to aid the Lord of Sin World Champion of Múspellsheim when he was hunted, partly to request info on the World Item he used, partly to pursue her personal quest to slay all the World Champions(as she'd imagine at least one would join that hunt), and partly because it reminded her of the old days of hunting PKers.
1. Also resulted in harrasment operations where Ainz Ooal Gown broke into Guild bases while players were out hunting for the Múspellsheim World Champion & robbed them blind, the alarms of which also helped distract the PKers from the hunt & further eased up the pressure on the guy
2. Option - Maintained a good enough relationship with him to receive his equipment after he retired?/got bored being op and deleted his character?
• While scrolling through mythos, actually found old D&D(related) stuff & introduced her guildmates to that treasure trove of lore, ideas & stories
• Flight of Fancy - An addition to Nazarick. A spatialy separated area that acts as a "floor 4.5," she paid to have an "empty sky" that requires the use of Flight to traverse with only a few small islands. Has the environmental effects of the 5th and 7th floor applied to "both sides" and mixing within, as well as its own storm effects?/A continuous thunderstorm that releases rain & fog to obscure visibility. This space was essentially a "secret boss" zone, with Chaikal drawing the enemies here via a mass teleportation trap if Cabrakan went down before her, triggering his "Brave, the Thunder" skill
1. Invaders who fall into this sky (below or far above the islands) are continuously subject to effects/dmaage similar to disintegration (perhaps by something similar to the Blood of Jormungand, a bit of "primordial sky?/aether?") until/or the tombs controllers can choose to forcibly teleport them out of the tomb. Allies and specified targets are just teleported back up to the islands
2. Chaikal uses her sheer firepower to rip apart the various islands as the battle goes on, forcing invaders (without appropriate counters) to continue maintaining flight as another drain on their mana/item use slots
3. Grievous had a tendency to jump in and use her Sphere of Influence on any group that tried to take too long to rest and replenish on this level, as they "invoked the ire of god killers by thinking to rest easy in our domain."
4. Alt/earlier idea with Gravity & Typhoon Catastrophic Dragons - Starts as a beach?/a small island (of carved stone & pearl?)that leads into a daylit ocean. Teleportation point to next floor is under water. Gravity and Typhoon both f*ck with buoyancy to better screw with their movement and drag them where they wants them. Typhoon would use buoyancy spells to drag them up & control the water to split apart from the victim while Gravity would enforce fall damage - maybe there was some "depressurization" damage the Typhoon Dragon can inflict?
• The 4th floor came under Grievous' inspiration. Ex:
1. Had batteries of Cannon Golems(see ProdigyDuck design) stationed in niches above the lake behind magic illusions & barriers - both heavy artillery, various kinetic & massed Magic Arrow
2. Created small mazes in the walls, primarily to lure victims into hiding so Cabrakan &/or Chaikal can flood them with nigh-unavoidable elemental death
• As a member of a roleplaying guild, she worked to ensure every NPC of Nazarick had their own living quarters to fill in said roleplay function
• Worked with Tabula to create visual?& audio media sections in Ashurbanipal, expanding on his addition of various copyright expired media, which barely amounts to anything in the advanced databanks of Yggdrasil
1. Probably has the audio & movies/shows stored in elaborate crystal & metal items that project the illusions. Or maybe just tv-like crystal &/or metal boards - board design seen in one of the manga chapters that speak of the anime, the Cocytus one
2. Includes web media, primarily rpg campaigns & series which she listed to hear adventures similar to Yggdrasil & for ideas. Ex - TFS At the Table/Stabbyness We Be Goblins!
3. Might actually exist in some form within Nazarick, since none of the npcs seemed confused when Ainz mentioned movies
4. Likely includes recordings of the in-guild pvp matches
5. Explains it to those who ask(Nazarick inhabitants) as "the work of skilled illusionists who employed various methods before recording their work"
6. Has the Guardians watch No Country For Old Men? 》Anton
7. Last of the Summer Wine?
8. Poirot?
9. I, Claudius
• Worked with several members of the Guild to create a museum listing the history of Ainz Ooal Gown all the way back to Nine's Own Goal. Includes pictures containing recordings of various events that viewers can choose to play, such as battles or special events quests, although spruced up with appropriately epic narration
• Option - Gave saturday morning cartoon-esque names to the floors
1. Graven at the Gate
2. Deadly Dance in the Depths
3. Stalkers in the Tomb
4. Brave, the Storm
5. Challenge of the Frozen Waste
6. Forest of the Fallen - Started staking out (preserved) player corpses so the guild members would stop haranging her about it not making sense
7. Shining Land of Glee?
8. Trial by Terror
9. The Final Chance
10. Heart of Evil
• Often went out to gather the materials for her expansion ideas, gaining her some more leeway with the Guild?
• Added (originally named this idea the Mausoleum due to forgetting the canon Mausoleum's name & purpose, and haven't thought of a proper replacement yet), a space where things with a time limit are preserved in stasis, such as certain potions or the corpses of interesting creatures they feel may have some future use - generally unique boss creatures
1. (Should you decide such a limit - she's officially said by Ainz to have a hundred beasts)A secondary purpose is to hold live-beasts in stasis as options for Aura, affording her an arsenal beyond the normal limits of the Tamer class - The Abbatoir?
• Tower of?The Mind's Eye - An above-ground defense for Nazarick, an ethereal tower that exists in another plane. Outfitted with both (de)buffing abilities & automated defenses. Enables spawning of mercenaries & POP monsters up to a certain distance outside of the tomb
1. Named for PointyHat's Beholder variant, The Mind's Eye
2. Alt/probably better idea:Dread Den Diggers - cash shop monsters which can make areas through which POP monsters can spawn
• Helped track down the original pieces/base for the outfit Shalltear wears as a disguise
• Her guildmates fondly mocked her as a "magpie" for her obsession with trying to gather up all the "kickass things" in Yggdrasil
1. Massively expanded the monster data of Ashurbanipal. The was never known by the Guild members, but she collected data on over 84% of all monsters within Yggdrasil. Ensured every one she could had ample data available for summoning
2. Added various in-game lore books of Yggdrasil - magic tomes (especially of race-restricted magic - Elven High Magic, Circle Magic(《Forgotten Realms wiki - collaborative casting), Dragon Spells - not New World Wild Magic, etc), short stories, unique diaries, language translation guides, etc
• Expanded on some of the NPCs:
1. Bumped Eclair up to level 32 - Fighter/Sword Master/Sword Saint. Gifted with "Discard," a legendary class rapier imbued with black hole & metamagic filigree - Inspired by Colby Munro/crit_fails Gnomish Trash Poker. Thought it'd be funny for any who made it to the 9th floor might get oneshot or finished off by an overgeared Penguin. Has a customized Powered Suit called "Imperial Grand," pengiun themed. Sim to Full Metal Panic Bonta-kun?/chulwoon yang Plasma Blade Penguin?recolor?/Empoleon Mech?(- Mamsi)/Chenks-R Mega Empoleon concept?/thirdrategear Raisin? Can unfold multiple bladed limbs(which it can use as insectile legs) from it's lower half while it's upper half has multiple turrets?/back mounted weaponry? Nicko Febriansyah Hazard-like arms? Has Imperial Grand in a quick-change item
2. Bumped the Manservants up to lvl 10?& gave them a mechanic as a "collective creature" that pours amplified power into the remaining members as each is struck down, or they can also choose to fuse for this superior form. Possible ex: Iratus Bone Golem.
3. Stocked up on Powered Suits and had the Homunculus Maid's gain levels suited for wielding them?
• Made it her personal mission to hunt down & solo the 10 Archangels of Sephira - "her duty to hunt such maddened disgraces who think to invoke The End without the Allfather's leave." Became easier when she was able to kidnap them for 1v1 via her Divine Traveler skill
• Went to plunder the guild bases of those who stole the Celestial Uraniuan mine from Ainz Ooal Gown while they tried to defend said mines
• 9 Worlds Breaker - A goal of hers. Wanted to 1v1 pk the full set of World Champions, each on their own world
1. Tracked down & pked (at least) 7 by end of Yggdrasil. Maybe intro could be her killing a 8th
2. One of these were claimed during the invasion of Nazarick. She popped in & kidnapped them to their world with Divine Traveler
3. As their highest items, she claimed 5 World Champion items as trophies for Nazarick, which reside within the museum. Two had Death Penalty Minimization Rings, so she didn't get those. Didn't feel like making an issue out of it. Option - Guild ransomed two of them back for _?

• Expanded Nazarick NPC levels to create her/their children after most of the Guild left?
OP is imagining Yggdrasil had some degree of adaptability, being able to pick up on & enable things the players worked/experimented on to some degree. Grievous is the type who really likes to find out how far that goes. Ex:
• Got Momonga to experiment with his Dark Wisdom ritual on npcs and bosses. With some trial and error, nabbed him an extra 93 spells, including ones unique to certain npcs/bosses
1. The Asura boss of Nazarick
2. Modulate - By casting on a wand, the caster can temp swap the wands spells with one of his, allowing him to cast it at-will for 10 min
3. Spell Star - User creates a hovering star & casts spells into it. If anyone casts those spells at him, the Spell Star auto-counters them
4. Discovered he can use it on magic items when aided by a high-level crafter
• Idea:whether through working his class or as an inherent aspect of Eclipse, Ainz can deal non-type damage with death spells on entities with death immunity
• Medals of Sagacity - One of the projects of Ainz Ooal Gown, objects that they could put exp points into to use in place of their own for whatever may need them mid-combat, such as Momonga's upper tier summons. Members had to supply their own to fill them, and often only gave bits at a time so they wouldn't lose levels, although for those in their build experimentation stage they became a way to shed levels without risking item loss?/can only take exp short of costing levels? Appear as medals stamped with the sigil of the guild member(s) who donated to it
1. Creation method put together from research and experimentation with Avarice and Generosity, also using a Yggdrasil Creator Kit. Was discovered that although one can look into the mechanics of World Items, they cannot alter them. Attempts to broke Creator Kits. Unlike Avarice and Generosity, the Medals are limited in how much exp they can store, only enough for a level 1 player to reach level 20.
2. Incapable of robbing exp from foes, requires a willing user to donate
• Tried to see about using monsters to upgrade Nazaricks POP monsters. E.g. kidnapped over level 30 Undead & forcibly restrained them amongst the first 3 floors to see if their presence could encourage the creation of stronger Undead from the system
• Skull Candies - A Nazarick special, primarily serves as a healing item for undead. One applies enough force to crush it against an undeads body(between teeth/in hand/smash against head/etc)to release a burst of negative energy into their body. Resembles the upper-half of a whistle-shaped cartoon-style skull, although exceptions were made for other cartoon-bone pieces(a trend amongst some Undead players was to carry a "lucky (insert species here) bone foot") for extra payment from customers
1. Made a tidy profit selling to undead players, esp the ones who appreciated their cutesy appearance
2. Multiple levels of Skull Candies exist just like healing potions
• Performed experiments with the guilds summoners to see if certain inherently incorporeal species, such as spirits, elementals or angels, could be enhanced by attempting to summon them into objects such as suits of armor or golems
1. Ex - Fellforged
Ex of additions to Nazarick - not only the result of an extra member that really liked experimenting & going out looking for cool sh*t, but also of her decision to drag Ainz out to continue having fun & both their attempts to bolster Nazarick against other players as their guildmates retired
• (Momonga's) Dragonbound Sash: Gravewyrm (name taken from a Forgotten Realms CR 45 dragon) - Discovered from Grievous' curiosity on what might happen if one inserts all types of data crystals from a high-tier foe into said enemies material - naturally, this is limited to creatures high-tier enough that their material can take all their own data, like upper-level Dragons. Cannot equip more than 1 of such items. Grants its user the skills, reistances & immunities of its former owner. Pieces above a certain size can manifest a single appendage of the creatures body at a time, such as an arm, a tail or a head which can use their breath weapons. This Sash is generally curled around Momonga's arm under his sleeve - yes, Ainz can raise his arm and have a (relatively) mini Dragon head peek/lunge out from his robe
1. Create Shadow - Creatures slain by this dragon produce a Shadow. A normal Shadow if below level 40, a Greater Shadow if above
2. Death Eater - A Gravewyrm can devour corpses & undead to restore its hp
3. Deathless Tyrant - Undead attempting/being made to attack the Gravewyrm are subject to a Rebuke Undead-like effect
4. Draining Strikes - Living creatures physically struck by the Gravewyrm are subject to the effects of Energy Drain, though this hits for twice the normal rate
5. Entropic Breath - A 200 foot long cone of negative energy. Ignores res (but not imm) to negative energy. Creatures slain by this rise as an Undead creature under the users control 5 levels higher than their former selves (capping at level 95?). Does not heal Undead. Undead raised in this manner do not count towards the normal limit of total Undead the user can normally control
6. Ghost Bane - A Gravewyrm can choose to affect/interact with incorporeal/ethereal entities and objects, both physically & with it's spells/skills/etc. Attacks with such traits cannot ignore it's defenses
7. Grasping Grave?/Grim?Aura - Living creatures within 50 feet can't regain hp. Should they die in this area, they rise as a Zombie under the Gravewyrm's control - Zombies raised in this manner do not count towards the normal limit of total Undead the user can control
8. Magic Res - Halves damage & negative effects of magic
9. Negative Energy Affinity - Gravewyrms are affected by positive & negative energy as if it were Undead
10. Shadowborn - The Gravewyrm gains (a level of) res to all damage types save radiance while within darkness
11. Spell-Like Skills - Skills that match the effect of spells (don't think I used the actual Gravewyrms list, so you might want to check that for fun stuff like Demise Unseen) - barring notification otherwise, while these skills aren't halted by anti-magic methods, they're also not enhanced by magic boosters such as metamagic. Darkness. Vampiric Touch. Finger of Death. Unhallow. Horrid Wilting.
12. Summon Nightshade - The Gravewyrm can summon creatures from the Nightshade class
13. Undead Mastery, Mythic - All Necromancer-type class levels provide a (further) boost to user's capacity to control Undead, & the user counts as if they have another 60 levels in such classes, greatly boosting the number of Undead that Momonga can have
14. Zone of Animation - Allied Undead within 80 ft gain a stat boost, 2 levels of Turn Res & Fast Healing. Slain Undead rise again if exposed to the zone for several minutes, though only if recently slain.
• Cask of Time(homebrew)- Barrels that ages & decays inanimate materials at an accelerated rate(homebrew said 5 times). Purpose is to minimize the creation time of fine spirits (though Yggdrasil variant could probably also assist in potion making)
• Chocolate Golems - DnD. See Dungeon Dad - suprisingly badass. Act as aids to Shihoutu in the kitchen - imagine there's environmental traps/equipment (their variant of stoves/ovens/freezers/etc) to incite their skills
• (Pandora's Actor's) Clockwork Dragonling (dm-clockwork-dragon homebrew) - A pet that fits with his desires by being a sentient magic item & being able to help build up the treasuries stores, as feeding the dragon metal produces silver, electrum & gold coins, so just gold for the Overlord version unless you can think up a reason for alt currency types
1. Left it's name blank, feeling PA should name it himself
• Corpse Wax Candle - A consumable item for a Guild base. Added Devouring Mist's & Hungry Fog's(a gaseous Ooze infused with neg en - heals Undead) to the types of POP monsters that the tomb spawns
• Gloom Golems - Can be a Nazarick original. Golem made from death realm river clay(DnD was River Styx - prob Helheim for Yggdrasil, so would be one they have limited amounts of and would probably have to retrieve the material to remake them). Check Dungeon Dad for more interesting abilities - soul eating-weaponizing/resurrection prevention/gem of silence for stealth
1. Yggdrasil version probably has ability to create spirit type undead tiered to the level of the souls it eats - level 90 player = level 90 spirit-type. Its initial formation may have included multiple low to mid tier spirit types
2. Option - Greater variant that continually empowers its trapped souls into greater & greater spirit-type undead as an aid to Necromancers - probably caps out at level 90/95 after extremely long periods
3. Clay Baking - A method to improve clay type golems, raising their defense, improving the damage of their physical attacks & having the glazed surface of their enchanted bodies able to Spell Turn
• (Sebas'?/Yuri's?/Pestonya's?- original page gave req of good alignment) Golden Canary(homebrew)- A small bird construct seemingly made of living gold. Once bonded to, it can use the form and abilities of a Young Golden Dragon (homebrew limited this to once a month)
• Guild Weapons - Had a habit of collecting them from defeated Guilds. Encouraged amongst her guildmates, even if only as a way to get particularly good material. Wanted to have her guildmates look into finding a way to use them, or repurpose them into other sorts of superweapons if not. Ex - could one use a (magic) guild weapon as a power source or otherwise insert it into some sort of super construct?
• Hoard(er) Dragons (Forgotten Realms) - Undead dragons that possess/animate their own hoard
1. Naturally, these would be Pandora's Actor's backup & assistants within the treasury
2. Able to make use of & incorporate items around them, possibly even robbing opponents of theirs. This also means that invaders who made it to the treasury would have to face down the power of the guilds collective armory & World Items before they could claim victory - these dragons were carefully programmed not to make use of any single use World Items except as a last measure
3. Perhaps a few were scattered through Nazarick as traps?
4. Check 5esrd/d20pfsrd Amalgamation for a similar idea
• The Manubia(poster Appolyon homebrew idea) - A group of aerial golems. High tier variants created from a combination of various golem crafting methods & experiments in combining them with things discovered in the Valkyrie's Downfall expansion. Primarily designed aroundmass-firing Magic Arrow
1. Perhaps resembles the EDI jet of the movie Stealth?/FormandVoid Cherubim Cruiser?/Sylizar Krioridan Cherubim Warfighter
2. Like to see you refer to the Fate Knight of Owner description of the jet as ex of their capabilities/Sparkling Zerureusu?
3. Metamagic Filigree - Intensify. Boost. Tripl
• Menhir Dragon (poster Appolyon homebrew idea. See Trollfeetwalker Smaugust: Mythology) - A draconic Druidic Golem for Mare. Amplifies Druidic magic. Can inflict Slow and/or Petrify as a cone gaze attack
1. Check Hordes for ideas
• Neothelids?- Yggdrasil equivalent added to Neuronist Painkill's area (as her "dumb 'big' brothers?") Generally spend time in hibernation until awakened by their "sister." Outfitted with items? Can perform a ritual to form their own POP monsters in the form of the short-lived Seugathi which they spawn in waves, forming a nasty suprise for invaders who insist on searching everywhere - can only form these when active
1. An alt to the Neothelids is Intellect Devourers & Thoon Hulks.
• Obsidian Skull - Similar to Corpse Wax Candle. Added Stone Cursed
• RuneScratch sineaterwol/The Crown of the Immaculate - a Sin Eater sitting on a throne. Look at the throne
1. Seated on the Flight of Fancy hidden floor behind multiple layers of invisible defenses, allowing Grievous to freely & personally enjoy the spectacle of Chaikal's performance
2. Or maybe a flying platform, like that temple-chair DxD anime Kokabiel had, that she can go around on?
• Tyrant Jelly - A slime variant (Ochre Jelly) with a magical Wasp/Bee Queen for a brain. Can control & influence exoskeletal vermin
1. Not only an effective monster but one of the Guilds back in the day attempts to amplify the self-sufficiency of Nazarick by using insects that aid in plant & food production(such as bees), so likely one of Mare's subordinates like the Woodland Dragons
2. The Daily Bestiary states them as mythicaly rare and has 3 examples of what they can do

Grievous' Avatar
• Voice
1. Yggdrasil - Paid to have an "Enochian echo" added to her voice - color-based as shown by official Victim
2. New world - Contralto. Deep and resounding echo, yet oddly enticing. "A purr of thunder."《Poster is thinking Shadow of the Colossus Dormin female voice.
• DMC Alto Angelo (intro)-like body sound effects?
• Mouth - Opens along a line below her "face" at her chin, exposing a similar texture & evenly spaced golden fangs, with her mouth & throat being a an impossibly vast/deep star-laden night sky - see starryscale/starrscales-art lightwarden Jai/Inedia for ex. As it opens, her head shifts/"draws" back to a shape like an egg on its side?kinda Pennywise mouth?, her jaws large & wide enough that she could take off someone's head, neck & part of their chest in one bite
1. Idea taken from a Sin Eater pic, though I don't know which one. Found it by searching maunderfiend, though further checks don't show it. Please tell if you know so I can list it
2. Alt idea: face "unfolds" to show jaws. Options: Dimitrescu final form; "bifurcated jaws"/X-Men: Days of Future Past Sentinels《 Artstation Gregory Coelho Future Sentinels Head Opening
3. Throne form - splits down the middle of her "beak" & neck》kinda Juubi
4. Alt option - "chin" jaw stretched out to a muzzle - KingyWingy0w0 FLIP! - apparently oc of SkyAero on
5. In new world, can technically eat as an Angel, but doesn't taste anything (perceives it as an awareness of whats in her mouth - she "knows" if it's sweet/bitter/etc but she doesn't taste it) and what she "devours" "vanishes" in the vast "night" within her mouth
• Tail - MobileSuitGio Xyralis whip?- more "solid" like the Hybrid-Upgrades variant tailchibi variant/pamansazz Regis Phoenix?
1. Only one in Angel form. Becomes 2 as Virtue, and 3 as Throne
2. Marked?/tipped?with the Caelum eyes?Peaco*ck-like?
• Wing eye designs
1. YuukiMokuya Mash*t - eye-tipped feather pattern?
2. FlyingCarpets Batty - several clusters across wings
• Eyes leave comet-tails of radiance?when flying?
• Option - CaelumartistLain lightwarden caelum(1/2《 deviantart - no spaces for numbers). Tumblr has a closeup - sim "mask"-eyes on neck while face is bare "gold" + circling her head as her halo?-5 evenly spaced on her halo?-purple shards that resemble the Caelum eyes ring her halos to give them a bit of a star look?/overall "veined" design applied to Forgiven Discordance?all forms?, kind of beak-like, stretches out in Throne - Scales of the World Serpent are the white?
Throne Form
• AuroPenumbra Eumeleia Forgiven Discordance/Dissonance - the big one
1. Uses wings & "tails" as limbs
2. Larger body - longer neck, bigger wings, etc
3. "A statue of som akin to marble that bent as easily as their own skin, shot through with living veins of gold"
4. Some purple mixed in, such as shading like Forgiven Trickery
5. Alt/mix with?:Arlinka Viljoen Seraphim. Likely more eyes
Virtue Form
• lukkistar Forgiven Trickery/lukkiarts Sin Eater Solumbraalso
1. No Caelum "eyes" on her face in this form/scattered between the gold?
2. Wings generally curl up around her waist like a long skirt when at rest
3. Gold compl engulfs hands and feet? Singular pieces?- not segmented
Angel Form - the closest to human she can look
• damagepersaku Sin Eater Forgiven Paenitentia
1. Can shrink her halo down to a more normal size
2. Caelum eyes ring her neck?

Optional World Enemy Form - slifertheskydragon Lightwarden WoL/Lightwarden Slifer
• Add "light spikes" that jut from the side of her tail, akin to centipede legs?

Sigil - KelbremDusk Ophanim? 》probably works better as it looks like some sort of fantasy knuckle-duster/flatw00ds Burning Throne? 》have wings folded in?/Make a circle with 6 folded wings & a jagged(sim to lightning bolt shape & the upper portion of the guild symbol)arrowhead-shield made from 2 pieces in the center

• Writer
1. Popular. Not Agatha Christie, but still one of the financially better off members of Ainz Ooal Gown
2. Better at on-the-spot and long term bullsh*ting then Suzuki, but she doesn't have his business experience
Personality notes
• If Momonga/Suzuki was "the wildcard" of Ainz Ooal Gown, Grievous is an "engine of imagination," the sort of person who finds all sorts of weird, insane and/or useful things by virtue of a "mad" thought process, curiosity and eagerness to experiment
1. Brütal Legends Eddie Riggs
2. Punitto Moe would occasionally consult her to see if she could put together/see odd-weird-unorthadox tactics either for their own use or that their opponents might have - DnD Shorts The Kraken Nuke/Power Herd Kill/Harry Potter and the NUCLEAR FIREBALL OF DEATH/etc. Such ideas were the initial inspiration for a year-long plan to "conquer" a world, trapping powerful monsters, storing them in that "not mausoleum" idea mentioned above while locked in polymorph, and after setting up methods to level both respawn & teleportation points, and then let loose a huge army to absolutely wreck Midgard, the most pro-human(oid) world.Sub-idea:may be that successfully "genociding" a realm in such a way nabs them the Undead version of the "endless demon hordes" World Item - Gates of Nastrond?
3. One of her early goals was to see if she could "reverse a waterfall" with a strong enough punching build. Success
• The sort of person who can have far more fun with a game than even the developers intended
1. Recommend looking to RageGamingVideos for ex. Ex - Bogabadorumu 11:52
• Particularly liked PKing enemy players who decided to dumb down their Angel avatars to only be "pretty human/elf with wings" (- even included in her roleplay lore how she's "acting out her gods genocidal loathing of foul pretenders who play at being actual Angels" & refers to these "fallen" as "Michelangelo's Bastards"), especially with the Winged Human race already existing. Spent a fair chunk of time trying to convince none-hostiles not to be so "unimaginatively bitch basic" (using that exact term. While not such a dick that she'd kill themjustfor that, she is especially vicious to enemies with such designs: there's even been instances of her hunting some of them all the way down to level 1, and telling them to try again). Ended up creating her own "strike force" of inhuman angel players before she joined with Ainz Ooal Gown.
1. Her views and drive on Angels may have even influenced the devs, as future updates that expanded on the Angels also included far more alien creatures - also would've used some of the lesser request items if she got them, like caloric stone, to influence them towards this end
2. DnD Angels of Protection/Valor/Battle/Vengeance - check Dungeon Dad for better description
3. There are good reason why Angels have to repeatedly reassure people and tell them to not fear in Bible... I prefer most Angel to look like this instead of some whimsical cute being or oddly attractive man/women, you want your army terrifying, maybe leave a few forgiven obscenity here and there for PR purpose - reddit Verpal about FF Sin Eaters
4. THIS is how angels are in actuality described in religious texts. They are NOT just people with wings on their backs, they're horrifying, eldritch monstrosities that are meant to convey the power of the one who crafted them. They're not sweet, they're not innocent, and they're only kind when the person in question deserves it or they're ordered to be. Angels are ENFORCERS first and foremost, and messengers second.

This is about as accurate to angels as it GETS in terms of aesthetic appearance - reddit PeanutBrigade about FF Sin Eaters

5. Overlord Blood Knight description of Angels: large, almost alien looking entities. Large armored beings with even larger wings floated above the militia. The armor was pristine, of a bright white plate with gold trim. Their armor seemed to radiate a light of their own. From their, what some would say, divine aesthetic suggested, they looked like holy emissaries of some even greater being. The wings themselves seemed to have a not quite flame quality, almost wispy.
6. Overlord the Golden Princess, descriptions by Gazef & Renner: "They are orderly creatures, Your Highness, made from sharp cuts of… magic. To be honest, they almost look like machines. Nothing like what you would imagine."

Mechanical embodiments of the heavens? That does not seem unbelievable. An extension of doctrinal perfection into the forms of its arbiters. Interesting.
• Used to call Momonga "shovel head" due to his avatars chin
• When it comes to the flower field, Grievous would have vehementaly disagreed on the other 3 female members of Ainz Ooal Gown's opposition to weaponizing it with plants & hazards that would be stimulated by fire
1. At least partly thinking of how cool she'd look fighting amidst such a thing as burning flowers and danger filled the air
• Would tend to easily go along with certain misunderstandings from Nazarick inhabitants, and fiercely shut down others
1. Very firm to prevent the slightest hint of "fail and you'll be dismissed/killed" from the Guardians 》Official Comic ch3
2. Would tell the guardians not to use the term "insect" as an insult given how many Insects they closely work with
3. In the Shalltear incident, she would tell them why she's refusing to let them fight her is because she doesn't want to see ...(OP actually stopped and had trouble thinking of how she might consider them) fighting each other
• Is more willing then Ainz to rebuff the Nazarickians smothering on occasion
1. See below "dogs" note for ex
• Adores Pandora's Actor. Enjoys his behavior and finds him just as cool and entertaining as Ainz is disturbed. Would probably be found wearing a matching costume as his and (practicing) dual poses
1. Destroyman "kill you twice over" pose. Maybe include Dumah (naturally in a customized variant of the uniform) for "thrice over" - "You have someone with this kickass fashion & the ability to look like you. What sane, reasonable person wouldn't practice poses"
2. Her Truespeech skill should allow her to speak German, so could probably have some fun with that
3. The only thing she wouldn't like about PA is the mustard yellow uniform. Gave him other colored outfits (prim black. Black & red - seemingly titleless art of Ainz & PA standing side, black & gold - horocca - パンドラズ・アクタ)
4. Maybe would see/ask about giving him a "smile" during his creation - ex: 錆壁課 Pandora's Actor. You can find several others in this manner. "Oh, come on, Shovel Head, just think about it - the lucky few left teleport in, tired & on top of the world from barely surviving the thrashing we gave them, and then they look up to see that knife-edge grin greeting them with a bow - OOH! - or maybe mocking applause"
5. Would be eager to encourage him as Dumah & Lupara's big brother
• Chuuni. Very "Eminence in Shadows"
1. Zeruel Boast (with music)
2. Section 8 "I feel like lightning?"
3. Fimfic Glory to the Overgoat for several ex . . . maybe also Sunset Shimmer is Dating Who!?
4. Ibushi "I am Storm Incarnate. I shall wipe the land clean"
5. "I have no gender. Only Rage" 《 don't remember where I got this, but I appreciate you random internet commentor - something she would tell someone, like if they comment on her kids. Posters favorite idea is in a conversation with the Lizardmen, like while wanting to bring Dumah around so he can learn about beings outside Nazarick while with Cocytus, after Zaryusu and Crucsh have their kid
6. Would absolutely adore the Crimson Demons of Konosuba, such as in the Isekai Quarter crossover
• Would want to go as an adventurer with Ainz
• Crafters and builders would probably tend to like her due to how sheerly delighted she seems over "what we mere mortals craft from the world and the earth"
• Hoarder - Holds massive amounts of items in her (massively expanded) Item Box
1. Always kept a very large, personal reserve of fireworks, which she would also light & chuck as part of killing blows into an enemy
• One of her methods to relieve stress is to play & laze with Nazarick's various Slimes/Oozes
• Chuck Lorre vanity card 267
• Learned the art of speaking rapidly. The primary purpose of learning this skill was to say things like "diediediediediedie" at extreme speeds as an attempt at psychological warfare, wondering if it would throw someone off, annoy them or break them down to have their audio filled with "unrelenting malice"
1. ERod Fedora Freddy?
• During Lizardman subjugation, she'd thank Demiurge for the throne, and tell him that at some point she's(/might be?) going to stuff it full of fireworks and chuck it at someone to see if she can create a panic/urban legend about a new type of Undead
• If she ever got her hands on one of the system-changing World Items(before transfer), one of her first ideas would be to do away with the penalties of Heteromorphs against Humanoids, such as for killing Humans, so they can more freely murder "the pitiful arrogant apes" as befitting Monsters
• In the new world, her bodies immunity to acid would have her consider using Solution (or some other slime) as a disguise/fake human form《 one option for how she joins Ainz as an adventurer; see further down
1. Figures it might be good to pair up a heavy hitter like her with someone specced for detection & tracking skills
2. She'd probably take enough of a liking to Clementine's face to have Solution replicate her, and also imagines walking around with said face might lure out something interesting - uses the more pinkish-red eyes of light novel
• Starts to imagine the Floor Guardians (& the rest of the Nazarickians) as dogs - partly just her mindset, but she also finds it makes it easier to deal with their fanaticism, and recommends it to Ainz
1. Use pic of same name (The Floor Guardians as dogs) for reference and just to see the original inspiration
2. If she pets one, she might express a mildly agitated apology as she fusses to restore their hair
3. When it comes to the clingy maids, such as when they want a moment to themselves, Grievous is willing to physically pick them up & put them out of the room, tell them to stay, wait a moment to ensure they listen, and then pet them with a "good girl"
• Would order Shizu to ease up on her grip while handling cute things, such as getting her to stop squeezing Eclair so tightly
• Will enact the names of Shallchair and Couchytus with Ainz after those respective events, and will then talk about how they have to get him on AlBedo
• Has a fondness for Kyouhokou due to a temporary glitch early in his creation causing her to perceive him with a bulbous, Squidward-like nose
1. From/inspired by Silver co*ckroach Golem pic
• Would be blunt(ly open) with the Nazarickians about certain things
1. In Undead Oh! & Official Comic, Mare wonders about why Bubu had him crossdress - Demiurge makes his own theory in Official Comic & Ainz tries to make up an excuse in Oh! Grievous would just tell him "Oh, that? I think it's a fashion type she liked to see. I believe the terms are tomboy(/otokonoko?) & tomgirl(/otenbamusume?)?" - would Ainz cut her off?
• Maurice Chevalier fan
1. If using Valerie idea, she def sings his songs - Living in the Sunlight
• Mental status effect - serene apathy + destroyer
1. A sense of indifference to anything that doesn't peak her interest, not unlike Renner. Mostly countered by her sheer capacity for fascination for a wide variety of things, but still shows in a blatant lack of care for most creatures outside of and unrelated to Nazarick - less Ainz & more No Country For Old Men Anton. She spots this in Renner and calls her out on it? Option: Perhaps make this part of her original persona before becoming Grievous, someone "empty" who latched onto Yggdrasil and the friends/"family" she made there instead of a single person. Like Renner, is smart & sensible enough to realize acting yandere would only turn away targets of her affection. May have (helped?) avenged Bellriver's murder? Would probably have a demented rant(to a Worker group?) over how much she "hates those bastards who abandoned everything"(former 40 guild mates), before crying and saying that "despite that..." she still wishes/"wouldn't mind if"? (some of) those bastards were here, and she wouldn't trade this place or those who live here for anything
2. Mental stabilization aspect of above summarized - somewhat similar to Ainz's forced stabilization but applied differently, she doesn't feel for anything that wouldn't raise any interest or emotion below a certain level. If Ainz's forced stabilization is a "from the top down" effect, hers is "from the bottom up"
3. A possible example for this mental suppression in a situation is her letting things that others would find uncomfortable to a degree continue as she now lacks the "instincts" that would trigger her "eww" reaction. Ex - some wild beast showing affection by slobbering on her wouldn't get much of a disgusted reaction, nor would she be bothered by the features of a bloated corpse
4. Her construct-like body feels extremely different to her - for one, she doesn't have the same feeling as exerting force with muscle, she feels it more like a gauge, a more "cold, mechanical strength"
5. Venture Bros Red Death?ex of her mental effect as "divine calamity"?controlled bloodlust?
6. Develops an according indifference to creatures that normally disturb living creatures - completely unfazed by Kyouhukou and his family, as well as the rest of Nazarick's "5 Worst," & by the hyper-detailed examination of organic features her new senses give her. Theorizes Ainz is still bothered by such things due to (presumably) still having a "human(oid) base" for his species as an Undead, while she has no such base as an Angel, especially one with her class lore
7. Destructive Drive - A state in accordance to her roleplaying and her Mashchit class, a capacity to "space out" after she begins killing a sufficient number of beings in quick succession, thoughtlessly massacring anyone she doesn't know & crosses path with as she moves to "purge the area" until snapped out of this fugue - would probably describe it as similar to "spaced out driving"/highway hypnosis
8. Had a thought that her image outside of Nazarick is rather stoic and subdued

Total Level - 100(+《 World Enemies apparently have higher level caps)

Racial Level - 40
• Angel Fighter《 AniNews Cocytus video theory of necessity for Natural Gear - 15
• Dreadwing Virtue - 10《 elemental power & spirit of motion
• Meteoric Throne - 5《 chariots of god
• Mashchit - 5《 destroyer Angel
• Spawn of Divine Destruction: The Garuda - 5
1. Molten?/Boiling?/Blazing/Apocalyptic Essence?: Scorching Radiance equivalent of Firebleeder's mechanic(/alt:a variant where her body breaks off/sheds pieces that "deform/burst" into her true essence) + amps just her own?fire + radiant damage & effects? - elemental powers are physical things like this & a Lunagaron/Rajang-style addition to melee)
2. A divine monster/god of absurd strength and speed. Thinking class was gained in an event pitting her against other "holy destroyers"(who've managed to 1v1 kill a World Champion?), or just by happenstance by beating such classes out in the wild
3. Burn - deals bonus fire damage with melee strikes. Those affected are also at risk of catching on fire, subjecting them to continuous fire damage/alt idea:lights creatures or objects on fire when it deals fire damage. Creatures that strike the burning creature with unarmed strikes or natural weapons (or otherwise physically interact with them, such as attempting to pat out the fire) are similarly at risk of catching flame
4. maybe refer to The Spawn of Divine Destruction?- make the below an ex of req for Sp of D Dest -lore idea:in Yggdrasil, a Spawn of Divine Destruction is essentially a "young/'lesser' World Enemy"
5. (Anthony Vallozzi) Path of the Wildfire
6. ejacul*tingbees Path of Roaring Flames?
7. Chief Terror of Dragons/? - Can incite an irresistable Fear status in Dragons, Serpents & other creatures of or connected to those types. Prevent fear & other mind-affecting?-type effects from them. All damage boosting effects qualify against and are amplified even further towards those types of entities -Semi-alt:(TheSigmaFox's) homebrew Omukade Dragon's Fear - gains bonuses to landing attacks against creatures of the Dragon-type, & every successful attack deals +30 points of damage. Quarters the effect & effectiv of defensive skills like Resistance, the Res stat, Phys Def and more against anything from Grievous, & can ignore any?-their primary?elemental imm/any imm to fire?
8. Equal of Yuga - Grievous can have her fire-imbued melee? attacks inflict Divine Damage, which ignores resistance to both damage types and treats immunity to fire as instead a bonus to resisting fire damage
9. fist-fighter equiv of World Disasterbased on d20pfsrd (PF2 SRD)/Pathfinder (mythic) Flamestrike
10. Heat - Gr radiates so much heat that her mere touch inflicts bonus fire damage. Metallic objects she comes in contact with(up to a certain distance?/within 5 feet?) also conduct this heat, acting as if under the effects of Heat Metal for 35 seconds - had a thought that thrown metal can carry this -sub-idea:Heat amplifies melee-carried fire damage
11. Must rise to level 80 without inflicting any damage using weapons or spellsphys enh spells are allowed
12. Must slay a guild of at least lvl 60 players & destroy their guild weapon with unarmed damage
13. Must take at least 40% of a World Enemies health with bare-handed damage
14. PK 3 World Champions
• Option - World Enemy: The Flood and the Fury - (+-)

Job Level - 60
• Martial Artist - 10
1. Curr idea:this class already has the benefits of Single Blow as a perk for it's ki-lessness, or it's just a successor of Single Blow, or maybe Single Blow traits were added under her pursued racial fighter classes?
• Óðr(- pronounced Othr) - 5
1. SSS-4th rank Berserker class over the typical three: Berserk, Fury and Frenzy
2. Normally one of the main prerequisites would be a mix of holy (specifically devoted to The Allfather, God King & Lord of Frenzy, Rage and Madness) & berserker classes, which would reduce the overall attack power, but Grievous got around this by being an Angel(ic Fighter)
• Thunderchild: Thorsdottir - 5
1. Given their enmity with Odin, the various anti-giant skills could be something of Óðr
• Others - 40

Throne form (grounded/baseline) stats
HP - 100
MP - 0
PHY. ATK. - Exceeds limit
PHY. DEF. - 41
• Assuming these don't account for natural armor/weapons
AGILITY - Exceeds limit
MAG. ATK. - 0
MAG. DEF. - 64
• Assuming this is "not magic" things, like Monk Ki
TOTAL - 277 without phy atk & agility 》967
1. Assuming these are supposed to be baseline stats accounting before any equipment boosts or other skills(triggered, passive or reactive)
• Akin to Black Clover Rufel(season 2 spoiler character)& Meroleona/Primal Night Feeder in action
1. YaBoyRockLee BC 109 - Jack
2. The proverbial juggernaut: if she gets moving & you get caught up in her hurricane-like momentum, you are dead
3. A speedster who can also teleport & hits like a ballistic missile
• Given her general being, I imagine she fights like one of the nuttier/a Yakuza character
1. Ultraman Red King(his haymaker-lariat punch)/Gomora - Red King vs Gomora-King Joe Black/Gomora vs Gomess & Magura
2. DYNAMAN Anonymous?
3. Tough Ou Shimei
4. Raging Phoenix Meyraiyuth?
5. Fullbody fighter - 2003/Legends Grievous
• The type to roar, laugh & "talk" through her fights
1. Booyaka! ~ common last heard sound before Hoppered-style assassination by Grievous
• Not a planner like Ainz or one who uses complicated setups, more capable of using what she knows how to use extremely efficiently & how to best apply it against enemy plans, with a vaguer picture of how she's want a fight to go then Suzuki could make: very capable at battlefield improv - very Meroleona/Galand. This simplicity also means she doesn't lose effectiveness when berserk
1. Hate the comparision, but think GoT Cersei - terrible at long term planning, but vicious & absolutely devastating in short term. Tactician, not strategist
• One of the top 5 Angel & unarmed melee players, and arguably the top dps-focused player
• Most of the new worlders wouldn't even perceive a blur or afterimage from her movements. The force and speed of her attacks would make it look like her victim just vanished without even leaving bloody mist, perhaps only marked by a vacuum bang as air fills the void where they stood
1. Begone with the Thunderclap
2. Probably be a note about how freakishly clean she looks after a fight (as another horror aspect?), since her force would overwhelmingly repel any gore from splattering her - may take to pausing mid-fight to apply blood to herself like war paint; would give herself a smiley face if the mood struck her
• Assuming her displays of strength (in the same way they seem to be toning down-visually restraining them in the story when compared to "squishy caster" Ainz's (non-Perfect Warrior strength feats) should visually seem on par with BClover Dante's "amalgam arm" slam and Nanatsu Galand
1. Can create powerful wind pressure if she "exerts" herself while casually swinging an arm or finger. To her construct-like body it feels like turning a dial or using a lever to set her exerted strength - turned up, even snapping her fingers or closing her hand can hit like a heavy explosive
2. What we're showing given that even a caster build like Ainz's can exert superhuman strength, like kicking a ditch into the ground

Skill note: there were some instances where Grievous' build would grant her the same skill from both her racial and job classes. The author did not always bother to include this.

Garuda-Mashchit-Throne/Racial Class Skills
• Ability Damage Imm
1. D20pfsrd universal monster rules Empyreal Lord
• Ability Drain Imm
• Acid Imm
• Acrobatic - bonus to jump, leap, flight maneuvering & similar such movements
• Action Surge - Doubles the characters action rate for the next 10 seconds. 7 per day
1. Action rate is the OP's term used for "process speed," with other well known action rate enhancers being a Monk's Flurry of Blows or a Rogue's Cunning Action
• Aerial Mastery - High bonus to flight, agility, dodging & to resist forced movement while flying
• Afterimage - Grievous can create illusory copies of herself while moving at least 75% of her base speed. These copies can confuse targeting methods & disrupt accuracy bonuses. They only last for up to 3 seconds, and have limited capacity for independent movement from Grievous.
• Agile Fighter - bonus to acrobatic movements & dodging. Can deal melee damage normally even while not directing her attacks properly at her target, e.g. striking while dodging back from opponent, without a solid stance or anime flippy sh*t
• All-Around Vision - Grievous can see in all directions at once. Opponents cannot benefit from flanking her
• Animal Fury - Deals bite damage as if she were a size category larger
• Avoidance - Grievous takes no damage nor effect from near, glancing & partial blows. Ignores/Unaffected by "range widening" skills/effects/spells/items/etc 》Naruto Frog Kata-like things
• Be Not Afraid - Grievous can protect herself, her allies & other designated targets from the effects of holy & Holy Terror skills, spells and other such things
• Behavioral Disturbance Imm
• Beyond Reach - Thrones can use agility to defend against & avoid things such as instant effects, spells or abilities, like debuffs, locks, instant death spells/skills, auto-hit attacks, damage reflection(as in the superpower) or marking (area) effects such as Faerie Fire/Glitterdust, creating the possibility for them to "miss" despite their nature. Enhanced when properly moving. Can evade & escape homing/autostrike spells/attacks, aoe effects that reach her, magic traps even after triggering them & "dodge through" laid down field effects - "enter this area & _ will _ you"
1. yes, she can dodge/sidestep Magic Arrow(/Missile)
2. Basically, "can't miss" things can't touch her
• Blindsight, Greater - 90 feet
1. See (Druid) Remane
• Bludgeoning Damage Res II - Can cancel out bludgeoning damage, as per Body of Effulgent Beryl, 4 times per day
• Boundless Flight - Immune to Flight Negation. Far faster than normal Flight. Bonus to agility & speed when flying. Can make instant adjustments and freely move in any direction - ex: an instant 180° turn or reversal without slowing. (Selectively)Immune to forced movement by environmental type effects, such as intense wind, and has a very high bonus to resist other forms of forced movement while flying
• Breach Sense - Grievous can sense the presence & location of extradimensional spaces, including those made by portals to other realms, Portable Holes or spells like Gate, Mage's Magnificent Mansion & Rope Trick
• Brutal Pugilist - If both hands are free, she can choose to make her unarmed strikes count as if she was 1 size cat larger. Her unarmed strikes do not receive penalties to use while Grievous is restrained. When she grapples or pins, she can apply her unarmed strike damage to the act. Grievous counts as 1 size cat larger against/to prevent creatures, items or other effects trying to swallow/absorb/(otherwise)intake her, & receives a bonus to attack such things
• Bull Rush - Grievous gains a bonus to push/shove & to knockback/down when charging, which she can apply continuously to any foe/object she contacts. Adds 15% of overall agility to impact damage while charging
• Calamity Karma - the karma equivalent of a natural disaster. Karma value of +-. Unnaffected by karma-based/affecting/reliant abilities/spells. Does not take extra damage or other effects for karma, & takes no damage/effect for attacks/effects which attempt to scale with karma. Ignores any karma-based damage reduction/res/imm/defense
1. Option - see d20pfsrd Mythic Heroes》Beyond Morality for idea to modify
• Can passively buff allied Angels/holy types
1. Less potent than what one with proper summon enhancements can do, like Ainz for his Undead
2. Allied NPC Angels inherently fight with more ferocity & skill in the presence of this "grand destroyer"
• Celestial Mandala - Her "holy light/aura," while still recognized as such, is noted to have a "harshness" to it, like staring at the sun. Cash shop/Garuda class?upgrade of an Angels Celestial Halo - one of the requirements for Garuda?《》Blazing Mandala(in place of Halo)? upgrade to Halo of Blazing Glory, which grants:
1. Alt idea:Maddened Star Mandala - Angel Óðr class upgrade to the cash shop upgrade Celestial Mandala
2. The basic effects are properly raised, and the radius of light is raised to 60 feet of bright and 30 feet of dim
3. Can use Crown of Stars?/(Pathfinder)Starlight spell as skills
4. Blade of the Sun - Can release a 60 foot line of radiant & holy damage
5. Blazing Rend - Her halo can release one to five line of scorching radiance(see Yautja Blazer/Shrine Fireliner for visuals) at a time as ranged touch attacks(ignores armor, shields & nat armor) up to 160 feet, with these lines inflicting extra damage to creatures weak to slashing or piercing damage. These lines can be moved as she pleases, such as raking sweeps to attack multiple enemies or focusing on a target for continuous damage. By focusing either several or all of the lines, Grievous can form larger beams that both inflicts greater damage, with 3 focused lines also creating explosions where it strikes - potential for internal damage: refer to OPM Orochi & Fire Force Nataku for visuals of said "internal" expl. A creature/object/struc that takes damage from two of these lines within 6 seconds has any fire/radiance res temp reduced by 2 levels(doesn't stack), with those immune to fire or radiance being reduced to fire/radiance res IV
6. Alt Blazing Rend idea:when she's able to inflict fire attacks with her melee, the fire deals bonus physical damage equivalent to said fire damage
7. Cleansing Flames(Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous) - released as a 20 foot radius burst centered on Grievous. Every enemy in the area is dealt up to 30 points of holy damage. Allies in the area take 1 point of holy damage, but are also healed from any ability score damage, blindness, confusion, and dazzled, exhausted, fatigued, nauseated and sickened conditions. Additionally, it dispells all diseases, poisons and curses from allies
8. Scorching Radiance - Fire & radiance from Grievous ignores res/imm to radiance unless the target also has res/imm to fire & vice versa. This light treats weakness to fire as weakness to fire & radiance. Metallic objects struck by this light act as per Heat Metal. 3?times per day she can release an AOE burst centered on herself. Cosm mod to violet to match Caelum eyes?
9. Scorching Press - Can superheat the immediate area, which amplifies the fatigue & exhaustion rate of those who suffer such things. Grants Grievous concealment as per the Blur spell
10. Garuda idea:this scorching radiance can deal damage that scales to the targets strength score - maybe replace with (& mix some things from?) Blazing Rend?, to fit with the close-range melee effects of Garuda
• Channel Rage - as a champion-beast of The Allfather, Grievous can arouse feelings of impulsive anger, hatred, and bloodlust, inflicting the Berserk status as a non-mind-affecting effect on par with a fully leveled Fury (essentially the rage of one with 15 levels in Berserk followed by the 10 levels of the next Fury job class) 15 times per day
• Channel Rage, Communal - by burning 5 uses of Channel Rage, she can inflict it over a 30 foot area, either centered on herself or on anywhere up to 50 feet, for up to 3 minutes
• Charm Imm
• Compulsion Imm
• Claws of Steel - Increases claw damage. Claws deal double damage against objects & structures
• (D&DTools) Close-Quarters Fighting - gains bonuses to land her initial attack whenever an enemy attempts to grapple her, even if they have a skill or effect that normally counters such things. If the attack lands, it prevents the grapple, unless the offendee has some special ability to force it through, such as by a super-specialized grappler build, in which case the damage is counted as a bonus to resist being grappled
• Curse Res IV
• Darkness Res III
• Death From Above - Gains a bonus to landing attacks & strength for purposes such as grappling or shoving/knockback-down when attacking from higher ground or while flying
• Death Res III
• Deceptive Dodge?- When Grievous dodges a melee attack, she can create a chance for said attack to strike another of her choice that's within 60° of where she was (with Gr in the middle of said "cone") and within the attackers reach
1. Behavioral Disturbance skill
• Destroyer - When Grievous attacks an object, including a held/worn item or structure, she ignores any Hardness/resilience the object might possess. This also affects (spell) effects, such as Wall of Force or Resilient Sphere, magic-made objects, magical items, magical (or other)-manifested items(such as magic energy weapons), unique artifacts with special destruction requirements & other such special effects. This skill does not affect objects that also count as creatures, such as animated objects
• Destruction Imm - Immune to attacks, spells and any other such effect that erases, nullifies, negates, disintegrates or otherwise attempts to completely "reduce to nothing" (creatures, like) Grievous

1. This does not negate "annihilation" by sheer firepower. This exists as a counter to things like Sphere's of Annihilation and Umbral Blot's

2. Does incorporate the effects of Disintegration Imm
• Destructive Shockwave?- If Grievous only closely misses the target (read: target remains within two feet of the attacking limb after dodging), they still take damage equal to a 20th of her base Phy. Atk. This damage can be affected by Damage Reduction despite Grievous' Mauler normally ignoring such things
• Detect Divinity - Can sense the presence, location & direction of gods or those somehow related to them, such as Angels, within a certain/her visual?range
• Detect Holy - Can sense users of divine power; Angels, clerics, paladins, etc
• Detect Fiend
• Detect Unholy
• Dimensional Lock
• Dimensional Agility - gains a 3 second boost to mov &/or to perform certain actions, such as landing an attack or grappling, after telep
• Dimensional Assault - can incorporate teleportation-induced movement/skills as part of a charge. Extends the time of Dimensional Agility(originally 0.5 seconds) & can stack that boost up to 3 times
• Dimensional Awareness - If a creature is summoned or called near her, Grievous can sense the incoming & choose to make a preemptive attack/action against it
• Dimensional Dervish - Improves teleportation trigger speed; in anime terms, skips the blue lightup. Improves the bonuses of Dimensional Agility & gains a bonus to landing attacks & a slight bonus to attack action rate
• Dimensional Maneuvering - while triggering Dimensional Dervish, Grievous gains a bonus to combat maneuvers, such as trip, disarm, reposition, charge & so on
• Dimensional Savant - while triggering the effects of Dimensional Dervish, Grievous gains & can bestow the benefits of Flanking; she can effectively flank with herself & with multiple allies at once
• Divine Enervation - Grievous can prevent (unallied &/or chosen) faith/divine-based casters or skill users(Clerics/Paladins/Druids/etc) from replenishing them within 5 miles of her. If they spend too long in her range while this is active, they begin to lose their mp & skill use's regardless of use?, & this greatly reduces both the time & effect if they trigger those spells/skills/effects while in range. The drain rate accelerates the closer she is
• Divine Natural Weaponry - Natural attacks inflict nontype damage, but still also hit for extra damage to any creature weak to any form of physical damage.Greatlyincreases natural attack damage. Grievous does not take damage or negative effects for touching/striking others with her unarmed attacks or for grappl/grasping. Overcomes material based res/imm - res/imm to non-cold iron/silver/wood/etc - & res/imm to Nat Weap. Inflicts Bleed when applicable(, which inherantly ignores dmaage reduction - Bleed falls under Biological Penalties). Immune to (Natural) Weapon Break? Amplifies effects of offensive data crystals added to her natural weapons? Each slot for data crystals in her natural weapons is able to hold the highest-tier data crystals without taking up multiple spaces. Data crystals added for:
1. Dessicating Burst - When active, inflicts dessication/dehydration damage as a touch attack(with or separate from normal attacks) - this damage is increased against plant(-type)s & water(-subtype) elementals. Dessication damage amplifies with a critical hit.
2. Growing, Greater - causes her nat weapons to grow by up to two size categories, increasing damage (& reach if appropriate) & reducing penalties to affect creatures larger than her with combat maneuvers. The wielder is able to use the enlarged weapons normally/without difficulty despite the increased size
3. Magebane - Damage amplifier that scales with the targets mp. Ignores 40% of magic-based defenses, such as wards or Mage Armor, with a (strength based)chance to shatter such defenses
4. Maiming - Per-strike chance to inflict -10 reductions to movement, action rate or travel speed - affects each separately based on various factors. Amplifies effect & affects multiple with critical hits
5. Nightmare Fist - Can deal psychic damage with her strikes. Can choose to convert her entire strike to psychic damage
6. Rapacious Rusting - Destroys metal as per a Rust Lord & invokes their Bloodrust ability on relevant victims. Cannot destroy metal weapons for striking her unless she uses her Deflect skills to reduce dmaage to zero & chooses to apply it. This damage and effect is increased against metallic enemies and other creatures with metallic attributes such as (certain) Earth Elementals
7. Ravenous - After dealing unarmed melee damage to a target, subsequent unarmed attacks from Grievous inflict 2.5 times dmaage against that same target. This resets upon striking a different opponent
8. Reach - Extends poss melee range by 10 feet. Grievous can use touch effects, such as Rapacious Rusting, through this, but unless paired with an actual melee attack their effect/rate will be greatly reduced
9. Sharding - Can fire off duplicates of her natural weapons up to 25 feet past her melee range, complete with their abilities & skill boosts. These vanish after either hitting or missing the target
10. Sparkling - Struck targets erupt in a pale multi-colored flame with the effects of Faerie Fire for 10 minutes. Successive hits before this effect ends reset's the timer
• Divine Traveler - check Tawil at'Umr for ideas?
1. Anti-Trace - Gr can't be tracked thr telep. Trackers would have to find her arrival point for a chance to begin said tracking again
2. Cannot be affected by/True Immunity against debuffs, reductions or any other such penalty to agility, action rate, movement, travel speed & other similar things poster didn't think of - like balance
3. Greater Teleportation - At will. Gate level accuracy, 0% chance of mishap. Allowed her to freely travel between the 9 worlds of Yggdrasil & it's sub-planes. Can choose to (forcibly) bring up to 3 others with her using this ability. Can ignore teleportation prev/disabling/neg/reduc/etc, such as Delay Teleportation
4. Freedom of Movement
5. Cannot be forcibly moved via teleportation(-like effects, such as Banishment)unless she allows it
6. Can choose to slow her arrival as per Delay Teleportation
7. Terminal Freedom - If able to continue moving at over 75% of her base speed for long enough, she begins accruing bonuses to/increasing her agility(-related stats/acts), which resets once she stops
• Divine Vision - Thrones have extremely powerful sensory/observational abilities. They cannot suffer debuffs/penalties/restrictions/etc to accuracy & visual senses. Gains bonuses to the use of visual Divination-type spells & effects. Doesn't suffer negative effects for reading/observing something, such as reading a cursed scroll.Note:Her various vision abilities do not render what they see through undetectable to her
1. Cinder Sight - Can see through smoke, ash, flame & the like
2. Deathwatch - can see if something is alive, dead, dying, or undead
3. Detect Negative Energy
4. Detect Poison
5. Detect Positive Energy
6. Divine Truesight - Allows Grievous to see thing as they truly are - can see perfectly fine in normal and magical darkness, detect & pierce visual illusions, see the true form of shapeshifters or things transformed by magic, see through invisibility, see into the ethereal plane & similar "bordering/coexisting" planes, magical concealment, through effects as Blur or others that try to falsely display the targets location, (through point in spacetime of) scrying in her range & the direction/focus of it and so on. Truesight is on the level that it's incredibly rare to find something able to counter what it covers, with it overriding methods & higher level effects that counter things such as See Invisibility. This divine variant also allows her to perceive karma score.
7. Enemy Scan - Detects hostile creatures
8. Exceptional Darkvision - Can see clearly through Darkness, magical or otherwise, including higher versions such as from Deeper Darkness
9. Fogsight - through any natural or magical fog, rain or other weather effects without penalty
10. Greater Arcane Sight - Not range-limited as per the spell, works on all in her line of sight
11. Greensight - thr non-sentient flora. Extends to wooden objectd/structures
12. Keen Eye - Does not suffer penalties to observation by moving swiftly
13. Mistsight - thr mist, fog, heavy rain, and other water or gas-based forms of concealment
14. Motionsense
15. Read Magic
16. Soulsight - can perceive through objects/terrain up to 900 feet?
17. Sound Perception - can see sound
18. Spatialsense - Can perceive clearly through distortions in space-time
19. Status Scan - Can identify levels, status conditions & buffs/debuffs
20. X-Vision - Within 420 feet, Gr can see thr solid objects, including earth, as if they were transparent.
21. Ultravision - Can see enchanted areas, effects & objects as if they were illuminated for her, identify things that have been concealed or altered by magic, such as by a Move Earth spell, and identify traces of magic use, such as areas where spells have been recently cast. Lore origin: AJ Pickett Ice Devil vid
22. Vector Scan - can see the direction, speed and eventual path of what's in her line of sight
• Dread Wings - Virtue Form only. Gr can use her wings to perform Natural Attacks. These wings are semi-prehensile, only able to grasp & manipulate objects in simple ways. These benefit from the effects of her Divine Natural Weapons, such as the infused data crystals. She can perform "continuous flyby-style attacks"(not limited to flying) with said wings - the trope of something cutting through creatures & objects with its wings while flying & not swinging around face-first into said objects
• Electric Imm
• Elusive - reduces accuracy bonuses against Grievous《 from Soulknife. Auto-correct bonuses to ranged attacks do not function against her?
• Evasion - halves the damage & negative effects from line, cone, aoe or any other such "distance covering" attacks/spells/effects/etc if she was moving when they hit. Takes no damage nor negative effect if she was in or manages to reach the "outer ring"/half of the cone/aoe('s effect)
1. Works against melee hitbox expanding things like Inescapable Wrath, but not the central strike
• Extended Reach - Gr can extend her melee attacks by an extra 5 feet
• Feasting Bite - When Grievous scores a critical hit with her bite attack, she gains half of the damage dealt in hp
• Feathered Fists - Throne form only. Benefits from the effects of Dread Wings & can utilize her wings (& "tail feathers") as fully functional prehensile limbs, such as for handling objects or to attack - her wings can now inflict Unarmed Strikes & benefit from Feral Combat Training
1. As a basic functionality skill (use of "arms"), Feathered Fists is not subject to deactivation, penalties, suppression & anything else that would prevent this skills basic function - does not mean she would be immune to restraint just from this
2. Multi-limb is canonicaly possible judging from Amanomahitotsu & Cocytus
3. Learned to use as legs, crawling along like an insect, esp in Throne form - RE Mother Miranda/Bionicle Kriika-Vahi/Star Wars Acklay(- Clone Wars dinosaur-crab)
• Featherweight Flyer - As per Featherweight Fighter(see Valerie), but only while airborne
1. Jumping or other methods of getting airborne also qualify - even the bouncing boxing stance-type movement counts
• Feral Combat Training - Boosts the effect of Nat Weap Prof. Combines her unarmed strike with her natural weapons, and allows skills, bonuses, positive effects & other such improvements to one to affect the other. Can adapt weapon styles to nat weapons
• Fight Instinct - see Magya
• Fists of Iron/Momentous Blows?/Meteor Strike?/Meteor Hammer/Hollow Point- allows her to simultaneously use strength & (skills that apply) dexterity for melee attacks & any variant of the two
• Fleet - Increases Grievous' movement, which is increased further if she's wearing light or no armor. If she swiftly moves 30 feet without pausing, she gains a bonus to her phy def stat while she continues moving
• Friendly Switch - Gr can swap places with allies within 20 feet
• Galgal - Once per 90?hours, the Angel can temp "dispel" it's physical aspect to reveal its true self as an eldritch being of holy might, sacrificing it's physical def for a boost to it's speed and favored attack stat
1. Alt:remake into an upgraded Garuda version, sim to poss for Halo of Blazing Glory?can say Galgal was upped to this 》with the th of being born as an inferno great enough to equal Shiva's destructive dance《 Equal of Yuga. With Vishnu's holy number being 3, maybe 504 hour-3 week cooldown? 》had a th that using with Subject of Wrath actually buffs both, but triples the cooldown time 》maybe also tripled if she's killed & invokes Final Strike
2. Apocalyptic Glimpse?- she can release the effect of a strengthened Flamestrike with her blows
3. Auto-triggers Holy Terror I, II, III & V
4. 20?% boost to all stats save defensive types. Her Phy Def + HP?falls to 0, and it's points are split betw her Mag Def & Resistance
5. Becomes imm to (death by) Massive Damage - cannot be harmed or killed by damage equal or greater then her total hp
6. Cannot use item-based attack or defense skills?/boosts in this state
7. Final Strike?- DnDTools monster feat - maybe Final Form equiv to-expres of the Firebleeder based skill? - If Grievous is killed in this form, she explodes, dealing up to 6 points of damage per point of her total hp that strikes everything within 60 feet. This explosion also has an element-based secondary effect: Fire - (also)releases Light Blasts, which deal up to 6 points of damage (sep from the explosion) per every 2 points of her total hp 》sub-idea:these blasts both strike within the initial radius & lash out around it up to another 60 feet? This is also still affected by her Scorching Radiance. A use of Final Strike would render the corpse unsuitable for resurr methods less then Raise Dead, Miracle or Wish - alth this really isn't a concern for Grievous
8. Gains a destructive variant of Ethereal Form - can choose to inflict non-type damage to objects/beings as she moves through them. Loses phy def stat & def of nat armor, but gains a 54% chance to be unnaf by an attacks or spells that are sufficiently enchanted to affect her
9. Her Halo can release it's Scorching Radiance as a 15 foot aura around her. Can choose to leave a trail of this blazing light behind her?that lasts for 5?seconds?
10. The benefits of Meteors Right is auto-triggered by this state and stacks with its enhancements?
• Gloria - Can release her "voice" as holy-thunder. 10-30 sec cooldown dep on length of use. Ignores silencing, such as from a vacuum. Stuns targets whose defense doesn't block at least half of the damage? 2 options for use. Holy power, such as used by a paladin, wielded by allies will be temporarily strengthened if they can hear or "feel"/in the area of Gloria's use
1. Sound - extended Gigan screech/Fire Force Burns & Joker Adolla Infernal?/person257 Simurgh Scream
2. Attack - Ranged touch attack. Can release as an aura centered on herself with a 30 foot radius or as breath weapon up to 120 feet in the form of singular explosive blasts(which detonate in a 30 foot radius, exploding if they hit the max range), a "flaying cone" or focus into a "drilling sonic line." Ignores res & imm to thunder unless the target also has imm to holy
3. Support - 30 second use. Grants a deflection bonus to herself & allies. Bonus against unholy power & negative energy. Cannot work on Undead or Devil species? Angels & Nephilim receive an extra bonus from this
4. Multiple Thrones can combine their Gloria for amplified effect, & Gloria can also act as an enhancement to other sonic effects, such as Bard skills, or it can "override" other sonic effects that get caught up in it/try to extend into it's area
5. Naturally can use like Shalltear Impure Shockwave
• Graceful Onslaught - If she lands 3 successive melee hits on a target, she begins gaining stacking bonuses to accuracy. If she maintains this barrage for 9 seconds, she also begins gaining bonuses to dodging & it allows longer gaps between blows to account for those dodges. At 25 seconds, she gains a 1.7× bonus to damage & action rate
• Grasping Talons - Gr feet are modified into sets of prehensile claws, able to both inflict Natural Attacks & manipulate objects. Can grip a surface for a bonus to resist charge's, trips, knockback/downs & other such forced physical movement
1. Legends Grievous for visual ref
• Great Rend - If Grievous inflicts a bite & rend dmaage in quick succession(order doesn't matter), the rend is amplified by 12% of her strength stat
• Greater Haste - 3 times per day
• Greater Recover by Holy - Regains 3 hp per every point of would-be holy damage
• Herculean - Greatly increases base strength attribute. Debuffs, reductions & other such penalties to strength cannot reduce her below 75% of her total. Gr can apply 10% of strength boosts as a bonus to her Unarmored Defense? Not impeded by carrying heavy objects - discovered this applies to players and other entities. Bonuses to lift/grappl/push/throw/etc-ing: efficiency, damage & range. Can drag/push/move those grappled with her at full speed. Should she attack such grappled creatures, her attacks gains half again her strength attribute for attempting to pry them off or inflicting damage, after which their speed is temporarily halved. Can efficiently perform combat maneuvers, like grapple, trip, lifting &/or throwing, on creatures up to four size cats larger then her without penalty for said size difference, and otherwise interact with them as if they were equal or smaller then her own base (medium) size cat, and takes penalties over size cat colossal as if going from her own size. Can choose to produce localized earthquakes when striking the ground, a wall or other structure/environment - such as a cliff face, which can "throw" Earth Gliding(-type effect) creatures as per a Move Earth spell, bury burrowing creatures and otherwise shares the effects of the Earthquake spell with a strength-based bonus. Ignores?/Breaks through?4 levels of Knockback Resistance & similar skills
1. PartBoundless Might feat
2. Made a variety of formations consisiting of carrying her guildmates in her wings. Loved employing it on new enemies to freak them out
• Higher Being - Improves/True Unenchanted Damage Imm: Immune to skills/effects that bypass non-magic res/immunity, such as an Elementals natural attacks, a Monk's Ki Strike & the skill Greatsword Mental Focus. Even weapons forged from Unenchanted Imm-bypassing materials, such as the prismatic ores, alone(i.e. without a separate/proper enchantment imbued to it) wouldn't be able to scratch her. Ethereal/intangible attacks(such as from spirits) can't bypass her defenses
1. In short, one needs actual magic weapons or spells to hurt Grievous. The usual bypassing skills don't work here - True Imm ranked
• Holy Protection - A passive defense against unholy, evil & negative energy
• Holy Resilience - Immune to negative effects, such as Instant Death, from Channel Divinity & similar skills or spells
• Holy Terror I - Inflicts Fear. Normally has a bonus to proc against "Devil" species & neg karma holders; Modified by Mashchit for bonus against extremes of all 3 karma types but not Devils in partic
1. Option: Mental Static Aura - Living creatures & Undead within range have greater difficulty casting spells with a thought component. This difficulty raises with each level of Holy Terror
• HT II - Panic
• HT III - Insanity
• HT IV - Zealous madness. Victims turn on one another (after targeting those who managed to resist HT IV) as "zealous lunatics." These zealots gain her Smiting Touch skill while under this madness
1. In the new world, these maddened zealots can fall in under Grievous as fanatics
• HT V - A "release of maddening light." A gaze reliant aura that inflicts continuous non-type, spiritual & psychic damage on those who look upon her. Affects blind, not looking or the otherwise visually impaired within 15 feet
• Ice Imm
• Immolating Blow?《 from Fire Giant Duke (Revised) of the Homebrew Elite Giants - The giant focuses its strength and its fiery nature on a single mighty blow. When the giant successfully hits a target, as a bonus action it can cause raw fiery power to burst forth from its weapon as the blow lands. All creatures within 10 feet of the target, including the target itself, must make a DC 21 Dexterity save or take 35 (10d6) points of fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Any creature failing its saving throw is set alight from the flames. Until a creature takes an action to douse the fire, the target takes 10 (3d6) fire damage at the start of each of its turns.
1. Garuda skill
• Immortal Slayer - Bonus to land strikes on & inflicts extra damage to "outsider"/immortal creatures (Elementals, Angels, Devils, Abberation, etc) & those with "ancestry" of such races, such as Dragons with their partially Elemental nature, Undead & certain Magical Beasts
1. An Outsider is at least partially composed of the essence (But not necessarily the material) of some plane of existence other than the material plane. Some creatures start out as some other type and become outsiders when they attain a higher (or lower) state of spiritual existence.
2.A creature of the Outsider type are from either the upper or lower Outer Planes (And sometimes the Inner Planes). A Few examples of these are Angels, Inevitibles, Demons, Devils, Fey, Genies, and similar planar beings. Petitioners are beings who have died and worshiped/believed in particular deities and visited their divine plane - these also count as Outsiders.
3. Native OutsidersA Native Outsider is from the material plane and has connections to the Outer Planes (or the Inner Planes). Examples of these include Tieflings, Aasimar, Genasi, Gith, and others like them that are planar touched, but with a strong connection to the prime material.
• Impervious to the Divine - Grievous is Truly Immune to holy/divine/faith(-based)/etc spells, damage, effects, skills & so on. She cannot be targeted or found by location abilities of those types, such as faith Divination spells, or perceived through senses sourced from such powers (such as scrying, magical or otherwise)
• Improved Natural Armor - Equivalent of lower level 40's armor. Resists low-tier armor breaking techniques & equivalent level anti-armor abilities( - up to lvl 38 stuff). Added data crystals for:
1. Adaptive Dynamics - Enhances speed & agility. Immune to forced movement via wind or water. Gains speed & agility bonuses while exposed to Wind or Water + for 10 seconds after, this boost amplifying with higher versions/intensity -remove for Brawling & Reforming?
2. Brawling - Bonus to unarmed attack rate/ damage? & to unarmed combat maneuvers such as grappling or trip
3. Reforming: takes up two data crystal slots in Improved Natural Armor - Body auto-restores after damage such as limb loss or natural armor/weapon breakage - does not restore hp, but a bonus of that is that it's not hindered by anti-healing effects. Repels objects that try to remain within her, such as spears attempting to pin her. In the new world, would force out anything trying/happening to go in, so she wouldn't have to worry about dust or rubble getting mixed into herself
• Invincible Might- When Grievous is subject to an effect that tries to reduce, alter, absorb, reverse or otherwise negatively manipulate or take advantage of her strength or Phy. Atk, it irresistably fails, the aggressor suffers unblockable & irresistable damage, which aesthetically manifests on their being as if they've been torn & mauled by great claws(will not trigger skills for specific damage types), while she benefits from the effects of a Strength Surge + half of the aggressor's strength as well as an equivalent boost to Phy. Atk, while said aggressor loses that half
1. An ex of something this would overcome is if, when attempting to smash someone prone, she encountered an ability that would normally flip it back on her.

2. Was found this also applies to things that try to scale off of her, such as certain bosses ability to (normally) always be the strongest in the area.
• Legendary Actions - Grievous can perform special actions fueled by special "points," with her regaining a spent point per minute
Note:usually indicates a special move, though there's others, like Blue Blood, that just use it for extra attacks
1. Free Attack - 1 point LA. Grievous "siezes the initiative," enabling her to launch/"insert" an attack attempt that completely ignores the current flow of the battle
2. Dynamic Entry?- 2-3 point LA. Valstrax Around the World-like attack with an explosion
3. Immolating Blow - from above with the Fire Giant Duke. 1 point LA. Deals Force, Slam & Fire Damage in both the strike & the followup explosion. Grievous can control the radius of the explosion, expanding it up to 50 feet/Alt:combine the original Immolating Blow with Flamestrike, such as dealing once again in (potential) radiant damage
4. Thundering?-Apocalyptic?Firestorm?/Glimpse of Apocalypse?- th was a fire storm that also deals explosive/slam damage? See about dnd spell Destructive Wave?/World-Quaking Movement - insp by Giant Scion Earth-Shaking Movement name. Grievous dashes at least 30 feet, after which this is triggered. While WQM is in effect, Grievous cannot use other skills, deal damage by anything other then it's effect, even by flyby attacks, in any way other then to remove restraints attempting to hold her back. Grievous gains a high speed boost and begins releasing a "bow wave" of force in a 60 feet radius wherever she goes that indeed shakes and damages the environment as well as structures within it, inflicts a penalty to concentration-based abilities (like spellcasting) on top of the inherent difficulties for such a situation, and this effect remains for 25 seconds after moves on. While this is active Grievous can release up to three "sonic booms" of intense force and slam damage up to twice?/thrice?the base radius of this legendary action, which also have the potential for double damage as it's followed up by an implosion
• Legendary Resistance - Grievous can choose to auto-succeed/save against any effect on her that one could theoretically save against with high enough stats (even if beyond the normal capacity to reach the viable stats with the Yggdrasil system)(or via a skill?), certain other attacks, skills or (status)effects & against certain types of "contests" against her, such as to overpower and knock her down, to ensure poisoning, against attacks that have a "full or half damage but never miss" effect and so on. This cannot stop straight attacks alone, such as Spatial Slash. 10 second cooldown.
• Light Imm
• Limitless Vision - Thrones perceive everything clearly along their line of sight & take no perception penalties for distance
• Linked Fists - Can teleport an ally with a prepped attack within 60 feet next to her, and if attacking an enemy can choose to teleport them to any side of her target. Combines with her Divine Traveler skill
• Lost Angelic vulnerability to Evil due to Mashchit class
• Mach Cone - Grievous is protected as if by 50% cover while moving at least 80% of her base speed
• Magic Res II - Quarters damage & (negative) effects from magic
• Meteoric Momentum - While moving swiftly, Grievous' melee attacks and charge can deal damage equal to (a 10th of?)any strength bonus she has?
• Meteor's Right - Adds a perc of her agility to her Phy. Atk. while charging/moving at her full base speed? Can only use while in Messenger's Haste?
1. The stacking bonuses of Divine Traveler affect this
• Mighty Comet - While flying, she can perform "flyby clipping" attacks, such as slashing something with her wing in passing or bashing past something with her Messenger's Haste form, without being subject to recoil, blowback or other typical consequences of ramming into or brushing by something at high speeds. Immunity to damage from things such as falling, charging or crashing/being crashed into by other beings/objects, being thrown/knocked back into things and so on. Not subject to spells, skills or effects that attempt to turn any damage or effect she inflicts in such a manner back on her. If in circ*mstances where she would otherwise take damage if not for Mighty Comet, such as by fall damage, Grievous can instead convert and release the would-be damage as a 10 to 30 foot radius burst (depending on if she's in her Angel, Virtue or Throne form) of fire, force & slam damage
1. General game ruling - if a being sticks out their arm & Grievous rams into it, even face first, this skill protects her, but not if they threw and landed a punch
2. Burst added onto from the Meteor Golem
• Mirrored Gaze - Both protects Grievous from gaze-reliant effects and reflects them back on their user
• Mobile - Boost to speed. Grievous does not trigger retaliatory skills/spells, such as auto-attacks from an opponent upon taking damage or when entering/leaving their reach
• Natural Attacks - Bite(by D&D rules, apparently counts as piercing, slashing & bludgeoning all at once). Claws. Tail - is prehensile, able to hold &/or manipulate simple items such as a lantern or a pitcher (or limbs), but cannot make fine movements or finely manipulate tiny objects with it, such as picking pockets or using thieves' tools
• Natural Weapon Proficiency
• Navigational Awareness - Grievous doesn't become lost, has an inherent sense of direction & is immune to Maze spells or any effect that would cause her to lose her sense of direction
• Piercing Dam Res II
• Piercing Gaze - Amplifies the infliction & effect of any Fear(-type effect)inducing?skills she has on subjects within her line of sight
• Piercing Terror - Entities whose level is lower than Grievous' cannot resist or ignore the Fear status from her Holy Terror I
1. Does not regard stats, so would work on the "level-less" entities of the New World
• Point of Purity - Grievous can release holy power to weaken & ultimately cleanse Unholy, Evil & Neg En power in her presence
1. Given her allies, she usually left this skill off in Yggdrasil & used it in quick bursts against rivals. In the new world, she could probably cleanse most areas of free-floating neg en (like the E-Rantel graveyard) with a quick blast of this, so she'll probably be hesitant to use it
• Powerful Leaper - Can use her strength as a bonus (to speed/distance/force/etc) for acrobatics, leaping, running, dashing, charging or sim such actions
1. Thunderstomp - Grievous can deal Slam damage & potentially pin her victim by landing on them 》is this neccessary with Mythic Unarmed Strike?《 sh it be a separate skill like Mjolnir & Shock Assault?
• Primal Aura: Strength Incarnate - Grievous can share the effects of her Invincible Might skill + Strength & Stamina?Devouring?sub-idea:a blazing candle-type effect - targets have their strength & stamina? doubled, and after some time it begins draining all their strength into Grievous《 Burning Might?-Blaze-Blazing of Glory?
• Ravager - The blows of a Mashchit are not easily forgotten. One can only recover from damage by a Mashchit's holy damage & favored primary/Grievous' unarmed melee damage by being subject to healing spells within an area under the affect of Hallow raised via Boost Magic to Tier 10, although this does not function if Grievous is personally at the same site as the victim, and without her there's a 45% chance of the healing spell failing. Grievous ignores dmaage reduc/neg/imm/res/etc caused by a difference in levels. Erases temp (& any other such boosts to) hp (before dam procs) when she hits
1. Variant of/Insp by Vile Damage. Retains the limit of a hallowed area as an ex of "a god's mercy"
2. Enables her to kill creatures that can survive at and below 0 hp due to recovery skills, such as Regeneration, without need of special methods
3. Ignores/Overcomes counters to suppression/cancel/break/etc of regen/healing
4. Possible low horror/eldritch idea - these wounds don't get infected. Nothing wants to get in where Grievous has torn - feral beasts shy away, ala Mark of Cain
• Recuperation - If Grievous can avoid combat for 1 hour, her hp & any other reduced stats will be fully restored. Once per day, this can also restore her per day skill uses, and?/or resurrect her with the counter-breaking strength of a Wish resurrection
1. Does not restore skills with a multi-day recovery period, such as Subject of Wrath
• ?Regeneration - Grievous recovers 1 hp every 3 seconds. Regeneration sustains & pseudo-resurrects her from 0 hp so long as it is not suppressed when she falls to 0. Grievous' regen can be stopped for a 30 second period by Unholy damage - marked from the initial unholy damage, this timer being reset by successive uses of such
1. Th either remove or keep as a significantly weaker version like 1 hp every 30 seconds
• Rending Fury - Halves the number of attacks required to inflict rend damage. 3% bonus to rend damage - this bonus is not amplified on a critical hit
• Second Wind - Twice per day, Grievous can (choose to) regain 45 hp
• Slashing Dam Res II
• Sly Hopper - Can use her agility to achieve a form of stealth while moving, passing unnoticed amongst those lacking the high-tier observational abilities necessary to perceive her - difficulty to spot her rises with her speed. If active while inflicting charge damage, she can inflict bonus damage as per a sneak attack?once per battle?
1. Closest to stationary stealth this allows is continuous movement across a 5 feet of space》ADHD Fox vid
2. Trigun reference

3. Game effects means she won't kick up winds, let off sonic booms or other usual results of too-fast-too-see speed while this is active
• Smiting Touch - Can inflict the effects of Holy Smite with her strikes. Blinds victims who fail to resist/prevent a certain amount of damage
1. Modified by her Mashchit class to include the effects of Balance Smite(- i.e. smite neutral)? & Unholy Smite( 》smite good)
• Snake Killer - Grievous can deal passive damage when contesting against & gains bonuses to pry off or overcome creatures that attempt to Constrict or use some similar "engulfing" grapple, such as attempting to Swallow her
• Spacetime Awareness - Gr is aware of temporal or spatial effects that occur within her omnidirectional line of sight. Ex: awareness of Telep(incoming & outgoing), info of how many are teleporting, their appearance (as subject to her Divine Vision) & the destination of those who teleport, Dimensional Locks, Time Stop & so on
• Spatial Res IV
• Spell Dancer?/Slip - Grievous can "shake off/shed" effects on her person, such as Lopsided Duel or debuffs, by moving
• Spell-Like Skills:
1. At Will: attack skills in this category have a 6 second cooldown - Bless. Comprehend Languages. Holy Word? Message?/Demand? Meteor Swarm - Grievous did some programming so this can be fired from her various "eyes" rather then her hands. Sacred Flames? Thaumaturgy. True Seeing
2. 3 per day - Blessing of Fervor. Consecrate. Dimensional Lock. Flame Strike?potential damage is higher then a normal flame strike, up to 72.
3. 1 per week - Miracle: initial thought was able to use the effect of any spell, rated as Tier 10 if not already & with any other metamagic that may be applied to it, but the result cannot be out of line with the nature of the user's deity - ex's on 5esrd & d20pfsrd. Meteor Storm?wide-area massed Meteor Swarm. Storm of Vengeance
• Sphere of Influence - As a high-tier Angel & a high-level player, Grievous can summon & command Angels of lower(/the 2nd and 3rd - up to lower 80's npcs) spheres. She can also command npc Angels of lower spheres, including those summoned by others
1. Can keep these Angels from being banished by their summoner or dismiss them at her own will, but does not affect their normal time limit
2. Angels summoned by Sphere of Influence can last many hours, up to the better part of a day, but trying to summon over the max limit will dismiss earlier summons
3. Bestows her Angels with several of her skills, such as Calamity Karma & Smiting Touch
4. Favors Virtue Expidite(- Mantis like 2nd Sphere angels that buff the travel speed, agility, accuracy and crit rate of allies - Anethum Graveolens/NootofBoot sineaterwol Asura - actually kind of looks like it'd fit with Overlord Angels, so bonus. Bionicle fans should recognize this body type) & Chalkydri(- magic enhanced (strikes bleed raw magic damage + physical) brutes who wield holy fire. Immense knockback capacity - Berserker attack beasts that are good at breaking up formations. Receive stat boosts upon being exposed to fire, higher when holy. Gold fluid is a substance that begins leaking when they berserk, a "holy venom" that inflicts zealous madness on those it touches - Bypasses non-racial res/imm to mind-affecting if they pierce the target with their tusks while berserk. Sweeping Blow - can affect every creature along its path of attack with full force - i.e. a swing of the arm to knock back an opposing line. dragon_junk?/Syphons/apocalypsegay God's Everlasting Embrace/Agape Lightwarden). Also makes use of the Dominion-type Angels when she needs some magic versatility
5. Idea: One thought for extending the time of, or even making permanent, the summon time of angels was to attempt rituals on hallowed ground (likely originates from & was designed using the principles of one of the special magic types mentioned here, such as Circle Magic). While not costly, it's fairly time-consuming. A New World experiment for a quicker method may be that holy spells/clerics/paladins might be able to supply energy to extend their time - knowing Nazarick, might be experiments to see about harvesting "faithful brains" as organic batteries, perhaps by projecting a "field of faith" - probably what happens to Roberdyck after Ainz is finished, if he's not inducted as a Warpriest of the Allfather under Grievous《 one of the faith experiments may have been to expose him to Holy Terror IV to see how that affected his Cleric abilities
6. Option: Perhaps having them reside in Angelic Vessels (d20pfsrd) for a time would allow them to remain until dismissed should they "shed" them? With the average OoDW Angel mindset, such possessed are more likely to have their minds & wills crushed under the Angel's relentless, machine-like thoughts like a bulldozer over a rabbit than be tempted or bribed into assistance - having strong will is more likely to be "this is what barely lets me mentally survive for some time" rather then override the Angel, as the Angel in questionwillbe relentless, and is still the one controlling and doling out their power, and even more driven if ordered (the possessed in question also won't have any special seal to help them against the Angel) - while writing, this description kind of reminds the poster of one of the ways they described the Jokers & Mageddon's thought process - crushing, reptilian, convulated to others seems a straight A to B for them.Sub-idea:one of the methods used to try and take advantage of New World unique skills, such as Martial Arts
• Subject of Wrath - Marks a single target as "the victim of divine retribution," with the sky & earth announcing "For the great day of wrath has come, and who is able to withstand?" Grievous gains offensive & defensive bonuses against her chosen victim, and any resistance the victim has to holy power is replaced with/treated as doubled damage to it while under this effect. Grievous can choose one of her targets defensive skills to deactivate while this is active. The target cannot parry/deflect any of Grievous' attacks. The target loses res/imm to the mental/Fear effect of Grievous' Holy Terror I. Grievous can choose to auto-correct glancing & partial blows into solid hits?/Grievous gains bonuses to landing blows, and the target takes damage from glancing & partial strikes as if they were solid hits? Lasts until Grievous kills the target, Grievous is killed by the target or until 7 days worth of time have passed - in Yggdrasil, this timer was put on hold when one of the parties logged out or entered a combat-restricted zone, & continued in any situation where rapid resurrection was employed or where the target attempted to target Grievous within the first 20 hours of the cooldown period. 168 hour cooldown
1. Those who survive this gain the title "Survivor of the Fury"
2. List of bonuses - only works against target: Damage Reduction(+)10 that ignores normal-less then Divine class? Damage Reduc bypassing methods, a stacking 30% boost for-applied to every accuracy/attack landing & dodge-enhancing effect on her, a boost to action rate, immunity to status effects,
• Subject of Scrutiny - At will. A number of Grievous' "eyes" focus on a single target. The victim is subject to the effects of stun for as long as Grievous can maintain this glare. Grievous must remain stationary for this to remain in effect
1. This skills effect & success rate stacks with other Throne's use of it
• Suparna - Grievous' various defensive skills, such as her resistances & Oðr damage reduction, cannot be ignored by weapons, weapon skills/effects & things applied to or produced by weapons. Grievous is completely unaffected by guaranteed damage(effects), such as percentile damage, instant kill effects/powers & similar such "undefiable destruction."
1. This also applies to atypical weapons, such as weapon-type constructs formed/supplied by skills or magic
• Superior(greater than Improved) Natural Attack/Impr Nat Att V?
• Temporal Protection
• Thoughtsense - Grievous can sense & locate conscious creatures within 90 feet. This sense can distinguish between sapient & non-sapient creatures, but otherwise provides no info about the creatures it detects
1. Not mind-reading: senses existence of thought &/or sapience, not what those thoughts are; not hindered by Mind-Affecting/reading Imm
• Tremorsense - 240 feet
1. Erase because stonesight?
• Turn Imm
• True Daze Imm
1. True Immunity indicates an immunity that's not subject to immunity bypassing and similar effects (with the one obvious exception). It is one of the possible perks largely afforded to heteromorph species & some Demihumans, with most ways to get it requiring a racial class or a job class built off of racial classes, for example, Ainz's Eclipse is likely the only class that affords True Death Immunity. While there are non-race-based job classes that provide True Resistance, even those are exceptionally rare when one doesn't have a synergy with the proper racial classes
• True Dazzled Imm
• True Fear Imm - Garuda
• True Fire Imm
• True Radiance Imm
1. Thinking replace this and fire as part of the Molten Essence idea
• True Sensory Interference Imm
1. Blind/deaf/etc
• True Wind Imm - Garuda
• Unearthly Grace - Thrones/Grievous ignore effects and abilities that would add a miss chance, provide dodge bonuses & similar such things. Opponents do not gain accuracy bonuses on Grievous for any particular distance. Grants perfect balance, she never takes a penalty because of obstructed, slippery, sloped, or unsteady surfaces, which she can move across without hindrance, and can similarly move without issue through certain effects, often environmental, that would normally interfere with movement, such as intense winds or the ground-disturbance of an Earthquake.
1. Idea - d20pfsrd Mythic Heroes》Trickster》Feather Step
• Unenchanted Damage Imm
• Unholy Res IV
• Unrelenting Violence - If Grievous kills, she gains either a successful auto-attack against another within reach or a doubling of her base speed to close with another - stacks with Rush
• Unyielding Essence - Immune to any spell or effect that would alter her form, read her thoughts(/Yg terms: draw certain types of info from her data), determine if she is lying (naturally was limited in Yg to things that could be recorded, such as if she knew the location of som in-game) or influence her thoughts or behavior
• Walk Unseen Amongst Mortals - A stealth skill unique to certain Angels. Enables them to assume a state that supresses their holy energy, auras and the like to avoid spells or skills that detect positive energy, holy power, heteromorphs (esp Angels) or similar types of detection abilities. Prevents use of those type abilities in this state. Not invisible, and does not indicate a change that would pass as another species
1. Visually appears as her wings curling around herself. Resembles a hooded robe (Ben 10 Big Chill-esque) with semi-segmented edges - in her Angel form, people would probably assume she's a human(oid) wearing a mask & partial armor while like this, while her Messenger's Haste form warps into a bowling ball-sized sphere of overlapping wings. In Virtue form, her halo-crest recedes into her head to present a more humanoid shape/allow the hood
• Warrior of the Gods - When subject to a spell, skill or effect that has the sole effect (& capacity, see Singular Essence) of reviving her, both Grievous & the user only require a 5th of the normal costs & backlash (such as mp or (the already reduced) exp loss) that it would normally exact
1. In Yggdrasil, also reduced the backlash of her own respawning
• Wing Storm - Gr can fire continuous (cylindrical?) blasts of air from her wings to knockback/down everything in the target radius, or dedicate them to continuously increasing the wind severity in the area. Either effect lasts as long as she maintains it, but the windstorm's dying down period depends on how intense the winds she whipped up became
1. An aspect of Wing Storm is that, especially with her absurd stats?, it's especially good at repelling, redirecting & even reflecting projectiles
2. Does not deal direct damage, but can inflict suffocation with enough intensity, and causes fall or other impactful forced movement incited or aided by the storm to deal Slam Damage
• World Stilling Wings?- a skill of Garuda (wings that can stop the rotat of the worldscan dispel elem + weather effects?) from her wingsAlt:can cancel out/halt terrain, weather & other environmental effects and effects on them?
1. Ex - could stop waves, undersea current and the like in the area while over a part of the sea. Can suppress a forest fire
• Wrathful Rebuke - If Grievous is targeted by divine or holy-type spells or skills(such as used by Clerics, Paladins, Druids, Rangers & Angels), she can cause those spell/skills to backfire on their user, inflicting that damage, penalty &/or debuffs that ignore job class-based res or imm to their own power. Does not harm/debuff/penalize Angels or gods, but still retargets them with the backfire

Option: World Enemy - The Flood and the Fury Skills
1. Acts as a 4th form. Was used sparingly in Yggdrasil, kept secret from other players & generally unleashed as part of large-scale operations. Became known as a wandering world enemy that could pop in anywhere to wreak havoc before vanishing - after some time passed, this was probably used on at least one of the guilds who cut them off from the mines as subtle revenge
2. Size cat Colossal - Grievous really enjoys getting to roleplay a kaiju
• Anathemic Secrecy - Cannot be targeted or detected by any divination magic or perceived through magical senses, such as scrying. Cannot be targeted by magic: casters have to free aim
• Colossal Creature - See Chaikal for description

Damage Threshold - 66
• Glory Fall - The Flood can dismiss it's summoned Angels with an explosion of radiance & holy might. This burst deals damage in accordance to every 2 hp the dismissed angel had
• Hammer of Dawn - Can either release a powerful & extremely wide-range pillar of holy power or multiple smaller, but still huge, pillars. Can choose to move these smaller pillars. Inflicts extra damage that temporarily negates healing to/for beings with over 400 karma in either direction?
• Holocaust - An effect that can be applied to her holy energy. Rechargeable skill. If an attack enhanced in this way kills a target, their corpses are immediately consumed in holy fire which brings forth 3 Angels, each scaled to the victims level. Victims of this skill can only be resurrected by True Resurrection, Wish, Miracle or similarly high-tier variants
1. Requires the skill to be active from the 1st damage tic of the strike all the way up to (if it) kills them - will not trigger if only activated at the last second
• Holy Singularity - Has a bottomless reserve of holy energy to call upon for abilities that use such things. Can release this energy as attacks, such as a breath weapon - either a 4?mile line, a 100?-foot wide 16,200?-foot cone, or explosive spheres
1. Homebrew The Light Bearer?Can cancel out magical darkness
2. Divine?Frenzy Surge - A skill suited for her build, being able to use her newfound bottomless holy might to charge up her physical abilities - charges it over a period of time, and then enters a temporary state of enhanced power, with both the time & power boost being decided by how long she charged/being able to direct more of this charge either to maintenance or enh, allowing for options like a stronger but shorter state?
3. While Grievous has practically no magic capacity, she discovers she can channel holy power to others in close-range to fuel spells that use it, such as Pestonya's holy magic, which is seemingly the only application of this ability she can use in her lower forms
• Kuriakós - The Flood's presence warps the area, distorting others who attempt to enter from other realms. Creatures brought forth in/similar to the manner of summons are distorted into holy monstrosity variants, loyal to The Flood and it's allies
• Omen of Destruction - Her Holy Terror skills can ignore res or imm to their effects while this is active, with HT V now also dealing damage to all unallied within a 70/200?(depending on which form she's in/or just accept 70 feet for both?) foot radius. HT V gains a cooldown effect while this is active?/requires the focus of Holy Singularity for the World Enemy version?
• Onrush - Continuous summoning of up to 2nd sphere Angels. Can maintain up to 10 1st Sphere Angels, being able to replace any destroyed after 120 seconds
• Planar Anomaly?
• Radiant Armory - As an Angelic World Enemy, Grievous posseses the sum total of holy energy attack class (spells as) skills while in this form. Performs as if under Maximize Magic?
1. Holy Smite
2. Purifying Javelin
• Relentless Purge?/Unyielding Wrath?- The motes of light that slain Angels dissolve into produce Radiant Essence's (holy Ooze, so if you wanted to make a Holy Slime story, here's a start), with multiple Angels slain closeby forming into larger & stronger versions. These Ooze's are similarly enhanced as the Angels that produced them were
1. Alt - the motes reform into groups of Angels based on their collective levels, with 1st Sphere Angels forming groups of 2nd Sphere's & so on
2. This does not apply to Grievous herself?/Also applies to The Flood?
• Slam
• Sphere of Influence is enh, able to summon limited numbers of high-tier 1st Sphere Angels & massively extend her Angels summon time. This enh can be used in her lesser forms
• Towering Presence

Job Class Skills - operating under the guess that builds that completely sacrifice magic are flush with skills to compensate, & even more so for builds that sacrifice weapon & armor use
• Ability Score Penalty Res V
1. Originally from Martial Artist Physical Res skill - lists Ab Dam, Ab Drain & any other ability score penalties
• Adamant Knuckles - Can cancel out/prevent an attack, spell or other such things and their effects by striking them with a melee attack before it lands
1. Punch Parry tv trope
2. Alt or prerequisite:from Worm Endbringer Quest The Last Among Beasts! 》Undeniable Might- You are strong, so strong that you are able to apply your might to the very dimensions which divvy the world with naught but your own massive strength. You are capable of affecting all forms of energy and their motivating forces directly with your strength 》alt idea: a skill that provides supreme leverage to anything she applies herself against
• Adrenaline Rush - Grievous can trigger this for a 30 second 35% boost to attack power, res, action rate & speed when she falls to/past 30 hp
• Anti-Tank - Physical attacks ignore 45% of Phy. Def, defense from armor and def from shields - counts against armor & shields separ. 5 times per day, Grievous can completely ignore the defense of & any enhcement gained from armor, natural armor & shields for one hit
• Anticipate Dodge - helps counter dodge (bonuses)
• Armor Use Penalties, Severe - Extreme enough that even using divine class armor would be like lower level 50 armor
• Belligerent Savagery - If the creature Grievous is attacking reduces the damage she deals in any way, she can double her attack action rate against them
• Beloved Child of the Raging Sky - Stats rise under/within/from exposure to storms or storm(-causing/like/type) abilities/spells/etc. Speed incr by a further 50% in intense variants of such weather. Can summon such conditions once per 72 hours
1. Spells/attacks with storm effects, such as Lightning, do not trigger this unless the effect is maintained
2. Semi-alt:by staying still, Gr can whip up & control stormy conditions as if ritual casting the spell Control Weather - can amplify/quicken?this process with her Wingstorm. Her control & the storm's reaction time to her commands are severely reduced if she tries to move while using this - inspired by Path of the Storm-Wielder skill One with the Winds
• Berserker Brewery - Able to produce Berserker Brews.
1. As Oðr, can also produce the ult variant - see main equipment
2. Alt:remove, but she can still produce that golden substance, which a sufficiently skilled Alchemist can refine for the highest tier
• Big Game Hunter - Gains a bonus to landing attacks & dodging when in melee with creatures larger than herself
• Blood Frenzy - Grievous gains a boost to attack power in proportion to how much blood she's coated in
• Blood From A Stone - Immune to spells/skills/effects/etc that drain her health &/or other stats for another's benefit, such as Vampiric Touch
• Blood Haze - When 70% of Grievous' body is coated in blood, she gains the effects of Haste
• Bloodhunt - After inflicting 27 points of damage, Grievous & nearby allies with Berserk-line classes can track that victim for the next 3 hours. In Yggdrasil, this timer is put on hold if the victim logs out
• Bloodied and Unbowed - Grievous gains a 20% bonus to Phy. Atk. and Resistance while below half hp, as well as 30 temp hp which fades after 1 minute
• Blood Maddened - Gr gains a boost to attack power in proportion to the amount of shed blood that she can perceive & a 5th of said boost to movement, whether splattered, dried or still spilling from the torn bodies of her victims
• Bloody Whirlwind - Swarms, hordes & similar enemies operating under such "massed/group templates" cannot halve, reduce, nullify or otherwise avoid damage from Grievous by dint of said "template." Grievous gains a bonus as if she were flanking such groups when she is near or amongst them. She can crit against such groups, but instead of dealing amplified damage against a single target said crit instead kills a number of the group based on the crits damage, and spreads any leftover amongst random survivors
1. This also triggers against groups benefiting from teamwork-type skills/effects, such as when under Commander-type classes
2. Alternative Meat Grinder name option was deemed better for a Tank skill that deals passive damage when being attacked (by groups?)
• Boasting Taunt - Grievous can incite a creature to attack only her. She can also test as if to intimidate them, which if successful they are Shaken, which remains in effect while she is visible unless they manage to land an attack on her.
1. Language-dependant Behavioral Disturbance skill
2. Found she can amplify the range & possibly affect multiple creatures?by combining with Gloria, although this combo may?negates Gloria's damage?
• Bonebreaker Discipline - Grievous knows devastating techniques to brutally maim her opponents when she crits or inflicts a 5th of her targets base hp in damage with a strike. These "mutilations" last until the victim is subject to a healing effect that restores 10 or more hp - partial healing will not undo the effect, i.e. healing 5 hp & then a further 5 will not fix the effect; naturally this pairs viciously with Ravager. A creature that lacks the necessary anatomy, such as bones or eyes, cannot be affected by the relevant technique, while those with an abundance of such parts may require multiple or particularly intense &/or creative applications. Potential victims must struggle against her Strength to resist being mutilated? List:
1. Blood Eagle - Rips out "supporting structures." Reduces str & agility. Intense bleed & continuous risk of Gutted effects
2. Breakdown/Breathtaking?《 5esrd Breaker feat - Targets lung equivalent. Suffers 1 lev of Exhaustion. Can't kill victim via this
3. Concussed - Subjected to the effects of Daze for 1 minute, and then suffers the effects of Shaken for a further 35 seconds. Victims also suffer extra difficulties to attempts at using non-skill abilities, such as magic/Monks ki abil/etc
4. Contorted - Bending parts in ways they were never meant to, reduces the victims action rate & hinders reactive actions
5. Crazing - Delivers shock to disrupt internal structures. Creates possibility to crit in creatures with Critical Hit Imm, and greatly raises crit chance in creatures withour
6. Fractured - Suffering from shards or spurs of something broken (bone, shell, etc), the victim takes internal/bonus damage when being struck on or moving said part. Said damage is reduced but still procs if suffered through defensive objects such as shields or armor, though this state can be applied to armor to affect its wearer
7. Gouged - Tears opponents sensory organs 》overcomes typical immunity to things like Blinding
8. Gutted/Disemboweled? - Reduces resistance stat, Staggers & victim suffers Bleed damage. Continuous risk of separate and continuous crits unless victim devotes a limb (or finds another method) to holding in
9. Heart-Stopping - (Not limited to said organ, aiming for any organ of similar vitality). Victim suffers suffocation damage & receives a penalty to their action rate + strength, agility & resistance stats
10. Shattered - Snapping bones, breaking joints & tearing muscle of a limb, the victim suffers according to the limbs function. For limbs used to attack &/or grasping, the victim drops whatever they're holding, can't hold items with that limb & suffer penalties to attack with any skills or actions that rely on said limb. For limbs used for moving, the victim's speed for that method of travel is halved, if not disabled, & again suffer penalties to actions using/that rely on said limb
• Brick Breaking - Grievous' unarmed melee attacks deals double damage to objects & structures. Overcomes 50% of object/structure hardness. Construct(-type creature)'s are subject to this
• Brutal Critical - increases crit damage
• Burst Through - Grievous can move through space occupied by her allies or non-hostiles without disturbing their stance or position. Can do the same to enemies if her strength &/or agility is higher than theirs
• Combat Prescience - Bonuses to combat-related "wisdom/intelligence" type acts & to predict/react to others, such as predicting & dodg their attacks. High bonus to overcome Feint-type skills & other such "combat data deception"-type effects. Ex:
1. Luthor Strode "meat vision" 》alt based on this:limited access to other's "combat data" to predict their moves in the near future?
2. The S-Classes That I Raised ch83 Battle Foresight
• Combat Reflexes - Agility-based bonus to atackt & action rate when she has opponent on the back-foot
1. Alt:can use retaliatory skills - whether for entering her melee attack range or attacking her, such as Cross-Counter, on up to 5 targets simultaneously. She can choose to mix and match as she pleases, such as using Retaliation on 3 and Cross-Counter on the last two, but still only one per target
• Counterpunch - By dodging an opponents strike she gains a bonus to melee accuracy ag those in range
1. This works with Reach
• Crippling Strike - Blows that reduce targets agility, action rate & strength
1. Alt: Crippling Blow- (When using her Mighty Blow skill?)by forgoing all of her(/other?) damage boosting skills & taking a reduction to her potential damage for the strike, including things such as any Bleed damage her strike would have incited, Gr can instead deal Ability Damage to the target's Strength & Agility equal to a 4th of her inflicted damage?/5 + 1 point of damage equal to every two Berserk-type class levels she has?
• Cross-Counter - A timing reliant skill. She gains a boost to attack, accuracy, damage and crit (rate & damage) if within half a second after closely dodging their attack she strikes back at her opponent. This boost is amplified by 40% of the opponents attack damage if done while/after taking a hit from said opponent - this later version can function with her Avoidance skill, though only for 5%
• Crushing Blow - A successful Stunning Fist reduces the targets phys def stat for 1 minute. Does not stack, but can renew
• Crushing Fist?- Gr can temporarily "break" res & imm to physical attack damage
• Damage Reduction - 7
• Danger Sense - Gains bonuses to detecting things such as spell(effect)s, hidden enemies or traps & to avoid damage & effects from them
• Death Imm
• Deflect Arrows - chosen from Martial Artist bonus Monk feat. Once per 2 seconds while she has a hand (or other such limb) free, she can choose to automatically deflect a ranged weapon attack that she is aware of instead of having to reduce the damage first
• Deflect Blows - Grievous can use her unarmed body to "catch"/parry/slow a melee strike to reduce it's damage. If reduced to 0, Grievous can immediately leverage the offending part to forcibly move the striker
1. Nat combines with her Avoidance skill
• Deflect Missiles - Gr can use her unarmed body to parry/slow a projectile weapon attack to reduce it's damage. If reduced to 0 and she has a free limb to grasp it, Grievous can immediately catch the missile without negative effect. If Grievous chooses to throw this caught instrument as an attack, she gains bonuses as if it were a Monk-type weapon without suffering her normal penalties for weapon use
1. Learned to combine with Inescapable Wrath
2. Nat combines with her Avoidance skill
3. Found that it can also be used on non-solid projectiles via things that make her imm or res to som or gives som ability to interact with it, such as her Light Imm or Heavenly Hands for ethereal/intangible
• Devastating Punches - When Grievous solidly strikes her target, they cannot trigger retaliatory skills for that strike, and are affected as if Stunned for the very brief duration of said blow. If size category Large or smaller, whenever she inflicts a 3rd of her base damage she can knock them (flying) back or knock them pronehardfor extra dam. If larger than Large, she can instead push them back up to 15 feet - this stacks with Thunderous Blows
• Divine Protection - 3 times a day can completely cancel out/prevent a spell, skill, effect or attack(or any comb thereof that's in one go) that attempts to affect her
• Energy Drain Imm
• Epitome of Rage - Grievous can break the rage of other berserkers(save other Óðr's) by striking them: prevents them from raging for 3 hours ~ also affects racial Rage(-like) skills, Rage-like effects (such as from the spell of the same name), & so on, while she herself is immune to things that can cancel out rage, such as Hazing Strike. Can inflict mental effects through other, lesser Berserk-line classes. Berserk builds can recognize, understand & are not required to attack her while Berserk, affected by Rage(effect/skill/spell/etc) or otherwise inflicted with a "(may)attack allies/indiscriminately" effect
• Exploit Weakness - By observing her target over time, Grievous can accrue combat bonuses against them, such as being better able to overcome an objects hardness, pierce defenses, improve her accuracy, predict actions or identifying vulnerabilities & locations on their body that would incite critical hits
1. With her Bonebreaker Discipline, Grievous can confirm which of her mutilations would be most & least effective on her target
• Evade Reach - Grievous can choose a single creature within her sight. That creature's reach is treated as if it were 5 to 35(depending on their size, increasing with greater size categories) feet shorter for the purposes of reaching her
• Excessive Force - Grievous gains a stacking 2% bonus to strength every time she knocks back/down, throws or otherwise forcibly moves an opponent, which lasts for up to an hour after the battle ends
• Extra Attack - Passive. Doubles attack action rate
• Fa Jin - Reduces the motions neccessary to perform actions, i.e. inflict effects of a full strike with less movement or launching into/accelerating to her full speed with far less effort. Halves effectiveness of/Overcomes? "softness"-type defenses, such as a Slimes racial resistance to physical damage. Can "focus & build her power" into a single strike which automaticly crits if it lands
1. Likes as a Kamen Rider-type finisher: Evening-Night-Zai(from Jap Sai/Zai for disaster/calamity) WolfKveldulf
2. Alt:Dragon-Thunder Riot?/Silent as the Stars-Starry Silence-Silencing of the Stars《》Rokuogun inspired - a focused attack that can only be used on targets within super close-quarters - this range cannot be extended, such as by Reach. If it hits, it auto-crits. Normally hindered by a setup requirement, but typically gets around this by either incorporating it into a charge - hence the KR ex above - or teleporting to her target with it already prepped
• Fast Movement - Adds 10 points to agility when Gr is not wearing armor
• Fear Imm
• Feral Instinct - Gr can tell the difference in stats & levels between herself & others. Allows her to sense when she's being observed by another & from what direction
1. Original was an Initiative boost & a suprise counter
• Ferocious Tenacity - When raging, if struck by an attack that would reduce her to 0 hp, Grievous can spend time off her rage to reduce the dmaage by up to half
1. Nat pairs very well with Persistent Rage
• Fight Response - Gr gains a 5% bonus to phy atk, res & movement for every 10 hp lost
1. Nosgoth Tyrant Enrage
• Fighting Spirit - Attack Power & strength rises by 0.5/1?% per point of hp lost
1. Partly Nosgoth Tyrant Enrage
2. Continues with her "total health" via Óðr
• Fire Imm
• Five Point Exploding Palm of Death - By sacrificing 5 uses of Quivering Palm, Grievous can inflict an attack that deals half of the targets total health in damage. Ignores res & dam reduc. 10 minute cooldown
1. Successive uses cannot kill a target within a single battle 》will only deal half of their current hp in damage. Can only insta-kill a target if it lands while they're already at or below half hp
• Flashy Footwork - Grievous gains a bonus to dodging and her attack action rate while she's "pushing" her opponent
• Giant Breaker - Single-strike skill that can can apply the entirety of her stats as damage. Stacks with other amp skills.
• Giantsbane - Triple damage against creatures 2 or more size cat larger than her base medium size, and her strength is similarly tripled when in combat against them
• God Slayer - Inflicts double damage to divine-type enemies. Ignores imm's & res's of such entities. Such entities cannot trigger auto-restoration skills for damage from Grievous, such as restoration of hp upon dropping to 0, even by alternate methods such as entering another form, auto-resurrection & so on
1. This deals half-again damage, but otherwise applies as such to Demigods & other such "part god" entities. It also has a varying effect on classes directly imbued with divine power, such as godly champions, depending on how "advanced" they are
• Greater Defensive Roll - 3 times per day, when taking damage that would reduce her to 0 hp, Grievous can "roll with the damage" to ignore it
• Greater Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
• Greater Weapon Specialization: US
• Greater Uncanny Dodge - Others don't gain bonuses for flanking/surrounding her. Not subject to the damage bonus of sneak attacks unless the striker's build is over level 90 & highly specced for assas. Once per 7 seconds, she can halve the damage of an attack on her - unlike a Rogue's, she does not need to see the attack coming
• Ground Boxing - Grievous can move & fight without penalty when in altered positioning, such as prone
• Hardened Body - Ki-less, permanent variant of Iron Skin. Amplifies effects of her Partial Training skill. Imm to being Staggered or Shaken. Resists (potential) backlash from her own attacks?
• Hitman - An "alternate attack mode," reduces her potential damage to a 5th of her base but greatly amplifies her attack action rate and allows her to strike opponents up to 5 feet past
1. From Jabbing Style feat
• Indomitable Might - Grants a high bonus to succeed at any contest of strength, such as to lift, push, pull, or break something, to force her body through a space, or to otherwise apply brute force to a situation
• Inescapable Wrath - Can make her physical strikes aoe with a 5 foot radius: both harder to dodge & can hit multiple foes full force with one blow. If close enough, allows her strikes to ignore defense and bonuses to defense from Cover and cover-like effects
1. This expanded range does not include the effects of the data crystals added to her natural weapons
• Insanity Imm
• Intimidating Prowess - Grievous can use her strength stat as a bonus to intimidation & infliction of Fear(-type effects)
• Intuitive Evaluation - able to "feel" the strength, hp & level of others. Ignores over half of the skills/magic that would obscure such knowledge
• Involuntary Rage?- If Gr survives taking 50 points of damage (after/before? res & dam reduc), she gains the base benefits & defensive detriments of Berserk(the base version/not Óðr)
1. This can stack with (other forms & methods of) actual rage, such as Óðr
2. Alt:Pain Mastery - You take damage normally, but every 50 points of damage you take (if you survive the attack) automatically increases your Strength by +2. This bonus lasts until the end of the encounter
• Iron Jaw - Damage reduction 1 (8 total with normal DR). Immune to subduing/nonlethal damage & cannot be Dazed, Shaken or Staggered
• Iron-Piercing Palm - Gr can choose to strike objects/structures/substances up to a certain thickness and have the entire force of her blow delivered through it to a target within it or on the other side
1. Anti-Cover skill. Can work through shields, but does not ignore armor
2. Can be combined with Percussion Aerodynamics for greater range to use on the structure/object/substance in question, which also erases the need to be standing within base melee range of the object in question
• Kiai Shout?- Opponents who hear this & are within 30 feet can be Shaken &/or Panicked for up to one/2?minute. Only affects targets with less total hp then Grievous
1. Found it can be combined with sonic breath weapons, such as Gloria, to increase the range
• Kip Up - Grievous can freely auto-correct her stance
• Knockback Imm - Grievous is definitely the sort to take advantage of skill's toggleability to decide if she wants the forced movement.
• Lingering Adrenaline - Gr retain the strength bonus(es) of her rage for 10 min after she ends one, but not other effects such as from Rage Powers
• Linnorm Death Curse: Tor - When berserk, Grievous can add 3 points of bonus fire damage to her melee attacks. Should she die/fall to 0 hp, her attacker will be struck by The Curse of Boiling Blood: gains vuln to fire & are permanently staggered
• Lunging Strike - Melee attacks can reach up to 10 feet
1. Cosmetically modified to look like remote effect/telekinesis-like. Tries to limit within 10 feet in case of need to catch someone off guard with her Reach
• Martial Arts
1. When Grievous is unarmed or using Monk-type weapons and she isn't wearing armor or using a shield, Grievous can use a portion of her dexterity/agility stat alongside her strength to amplify her attack attempts and potential damage
2. Unarmed Strike - Increases the total potential damage of Grievous' unarmed melee attacks
3. When unarmed or wielding a Monk-type weapon, Grievous can "fit in" one extra unarmed attack every 6 seconds - can look like her limbs splitting for a multi-attack, like another just launches out of her barrage like a snake lunging from cover, and so on
• Martial Arts Master: Thrashing Dragon - High bonus to martial actions & skills, such as maneuvering through combat situations. Has access to the techniques/maneuvers of the Thrashing Dragon combat style, and an extremely high bonus to perform and succeed with them
• Masterful Feint - High bonus to overcome/counter predic-type skills/effects, to get thr def actions & to deceive reactive effects
• Mauler - Grievous' melee attacks reduces Damage Reducion & Damage Threshold by up to half of her berserker-job line levels(17) once every 10 seconds

• Melee Evasion 《 DnD Tools - Once per 10 seconds Grievous can potentially nullify a single attack upon her & any effects of it if she was trying to dodge when it hit
• Metal Res V
1. The 1st 3 levels of this(& Fire Imm)are (counted as) the True Res mentioned below - the resistance skills here are specced on the idea that they cap out at V, and going over that is immunity - imm does not stack, so having classes that share imm will not grant any type of True Imm
• Mighty Blow - Once per minute, Grievous can choose to attempt a deadly blow: should the inflicted damage be at least double the targets defense, it becomes a critical hit
1. Also found 5esrd Epic Berserker Massive Swings for something similar
• Mighty Rage - Greatly amplifies the rage bonus to her strength & Resistance stat
• Mjolnir - any melee attack from Grievous can deal bonus thunder damage. The thunder of Mjolnir shares the benefits of any other thunder-affecting or thunder-type skill the user may have, and deals extra non-type?damage to beings normally resistant to thunder. This thunder deals bonus damage to & ignores half the hardness of stone, metal, crystalline or other such "earthen" objects & entities. Gr can also apply this effect to objects she throws
• Monastic Legacy - Counts non-Monk job class levels as a bonus to unarmed strike damage

• Mounting Fury - Gains a +1 boost to her base attack power, strength & movement for every 30 seconds spent berserk. This shortens to every 5?/10 seconds while below 0 hp
• Muscle Memory - Grievous can apply part of her strength stat as a bonus to launching attacks/combat initiative, vastly improving her ability to react to unexpected strikes & to "quickdraw"
• Mythic Unarmed Strike - Greatly improves her unarmed melee damage, & can also register as Slam damage - Yggdrasil meaning: amplified physical damage with a higher bonus against objects/items/structures/environments/etc. Allows Grievous to make her damage non-lethal/subduing. She can choose whether her blows also have the chance to inflict knockback or if they just do damage. Her unarmed melee attacks and their damage are not subject to deflection, reflection, conversion, inversion or other such attack or damage-altering effects from others. Deals 100% physical damage through absorptive skills/effects. Overcomes any res & halves imm to her unarmed melee damage, even for others attacks towards the target for the remainder of the battle? This Unarmed Strike can be treated as both a manufactured & natural weapon for the purpose of receiving benefits from spells and other effects that enhance or improve either manufactured or natural weapons.
• Necromancy Res III
• Necrotic Damage Res III
• Óðr《 Old Norse term: Divine Inspiration-Madness - Ultimate/super-rare/epic version of Berserk. Does not die & is able to continue moving & fighting once reduced to 0 hp - opponent must inflict twice her normal hp (200) past 0 in total damage to put her down while she's raging, & she can keep fighting for 1 minute after that - Óðr take 1 point of unblockable & unreducable damage for every 10 seconds spent raging when below 0 hp. Gains 3 temp hp per berserk-class line level while raging, which fade after 3 minutes. While raging, Óðr can resist hostile attempts at dismemberment, such as reducing the effects of attempts to cleave off a limb regardless of the damage, & similar effects on them that would hinder their actions, such as some of the Bonebreaker Discipline applic. Doubl/Tripl?es her attack action rate. Grievous can direct herself via 2nd person commands when berserk - the "clarity of divine madness" - & is able to distinguish between friend & foe/is able to select her targets rather then indiscriminately attacking all around. Óðr auto triggers when exposed to abilities that (in Gr case) would otherwise bypass her immunity to mind-affecting, behav distur, confusion, insanity, fear or similar effects, which also fail & their user receives psychic damage for their efforts. Gains True Psychic Dam/Mind Affecting/Behav Dist/Fear/Confusion/Insanity/Metal/Fire Imm & Spell Res(her variant could stop up to tier 4 for caster-focused builds) while raging. Only takes a 10th of Bludgeoning, Piercing & Slashing Damage while berserk
1. While raging, Grievous cannot communicate (verbally?), use intelligence/wisdom-based skills or trigger (non-emot trig) items, e.g. scrolls. Fully capable of using combative skills/maneuvers/techniques
2. Grievous style: Silent-machine death - KR Build Hazard《Nightmare Fuel tropes》e21

3. Berserk-line classes note - the past 0 idea scales with the classes, with Berserk using half again your hp, Fury using an amount equal to your normal bar and Frenzy using once and half again, so back when Grievous was using those classes (at least scaling off her curent hp) it would've been 50, 100 and then 150.
Óðr/Garuda bonus rage skills
1. Berserk Fury - Any enemy who see's Grievous raging must struggle to not be Shaken for the duration of her rage. Each berserker allied to Grievous in the area is both granted this effect and adds a small bonus to the test difficulty
2. Last Stand - Once per day while raging, when Grievous falls to the last 10 pseudo-hp of her "below 0 bar" due to damage from enemies, she becomes invulnerable for 25 seconds
3. Mythic Rage - Removes the time limit of her Óðr, continuing until she dies or she ends it. Grievous instead gains 2 temp hp for every 15 seconds she would have been able to otherwise maintain her rage
4. Rage Beyond Death - Grievous cannot die to the passive damage inflicted by Berserk-line classes/Óðr when below 0
5. Raging Inferno《 Garuda skill - if triggered, manifests Grievous' Rage as a 10 foot Burning Aura. Everything within range takes continuous fire damage equal to her Berserk-line job class levels(35). This fire can only be put out by ending the rage, Grievous being knocked out or if she's killed
6. Wanton Carnage(- Axe of Karash archetype. Presum homebrew) - By spending another use of rage while already berserk, an Óðr can deal an attack that uses double her strength & deals double it's damage, stacking with any other such boosting skills or effects. If the target is slain by this blow, all enemies within 60 feet who see/perceive the attack have a high chance to become Panicked.
Rage Forms: found from Legendary Barbarian class - something different from Rage Powers, which also only function while raging, but she can only select one to use at the start of a rage & cannot change it for the remainder of said rage 》Note: thinking that for Yggdrasil, Rage forms are amped by how many Berserk-line classes they get, so as one who's reached the Frenzy class Grievous would get the 3rd/Mighty level - this is not increased by Óðr.
1. Battle Meditation《 d20 Legendary Barbarian - High bonus to attack accuracy, landing attacks, sensory detection/awareness, preemptive actions & dodging. Combines with and amplifies combat-based skills and effects that deal with things other then damage, such as her Combat Prescience, Avoidance & Exploit Weakness. High resistance to infliction of non-physical penalties, such as reduction of accuracy, and can reduce those that get through down to 0 over time
2. Dueling Rage - Can spend a use of rage while already berserk to challenge one target in sight. Gains bonuses to attack accuracy & damage against her target, to parrying, blocking or dodging their blows & is treated as if not having the berserk-induced penalty to phy def for attacks from them. If the target is killed, Grievous can spend another use of rage to mark another target to challenge/alt:Terrifying Rage, but focused more on/mixed with the Fearsome Defender's Silent Threat skill & the Battle Roar non-lethal damage effectmaybe Heart-Stopping Rage?
3. Enlarging Rage - Gr can adjust her size cat by up to three levels - can grow larger or back to normal as she wishes. As per all size-altering effects, growth also incr things such as the radius, range & damage of things such as auras & breath weapons. Also increases her Unarmored Defense to match her growth.Sub-note:her Divine Traveler cancels out the penalties to dexterityor sh this be a function of Enlarging Rage?
4. Óðr option - Fury/Furies? of the Gods - able to summon large groups of Spiritual Wolves & Ravens(Level 50-range creatures?). These creatures are affected by any Berserker-buffing skills or effects of Grievous'/Alt:can repeatedly lay down Mordenkainen's Faithful Hounds with a cooldown for further use
5. Reckless Rage - By taking drawbacks equivalent to twice that of Reckless Attack, Gr gains an equivalent boost to Strength & Resistance. She can also further overexert herself to deal amplified damage & boosted effects, such as strength feats beyond even her prodigious might, while taking part of that damage herself for this overclocking
Rage powers
1. Avatar of Violence - Once per day, Grievous can enter a state of Pure Wrath for 1 minute. During this period, she gains a level of resistance to all damage types, she can rapid-fire Circle of Violence & deal a pinpoint version in retaliation against beings who try to use mental abilities against her, her melee attacks gain bonus force, slam and necrotic damage, and she can wield her Channel Rage skill as a passive 30 foot-radius aura. Before 30 seconds have passed, Grievous can instead choose to spend this in a devastating explosion that damages as per Circle of Violence + any damage type built into her racial classes, after which Avatar of Violence immediately ends.
2. Blood Rush - For each creature Gr incapacitates or kills while raging, the potential damage she can deal gains a stacking +1 bonus. This bonus lasts until the rage ends
3. Circle of Violence《 5esrd Path of the Violent - Grievous can channel her rage into violent waves of force in a 15-foot cone which deals force and necrotic damage equal to her Berserk-line class level(35). 25 second cooldown. Can be combined with certain types of ranged attacks, such as Mjolnir, Percussion Aerodynamics and Gloria
4. Devastation Sequence - Single-target once per rage attack skill - attack action rate enhancement. Launches a devastating & continuous barrage of blows within a fraction of the normal time it would take for as long as she can maintain it, such as until the target escapes or someone manages to break the combo - can choose to continue the sequence after the target is dead, rending them to pieces for a high bonus to intimdation and the infliction of Fear-type effects.a power available to successful monk-berserk hybrids
5. Eater of Magic - When Grievous manages to resist a spell, such as by her mag def, Spell Res or any other such magic counter she also gains temp hp equal to half of the spells tier
6. Feast of Blood - Twice per rage, Grievous devour one of a targets vital organs - heart/brain/kidney/liver/lung(s) (in humans and creatures with similar biology - other creatures may have something different) - and on top of the typical biological penalties (a reduction to their phy def, strength & resistance stats & begin taking bleed damage), she heals herself for half of the donors hp (any excess over her own limit translates to temp hp which fades after an hour) & to temp gain any imm & res that the organs former owner possessed. If she rages and uses this again within an hour, use of this will not grant further copied resistances and immunities.《 sub-idea: she keeps the gained immunities and resistances for as long as she maintains the temp hp?

7. Flesh Wound - Whenever she takes damage while raging, Grievous can perform a "test" using her Resistance stat. Ig she succeeds, half the damage is converted to non-lethal damage.
8. Frenzied Fervour - Grievous can add 6 + half of her total Berserker-line classes as (23)points of bonus necrotic or radiant damage to her innate attacks《 mainly melee, but can also affect things like natural breath weapons 》chooses which when triggered. Can only trigger at the start of her rage, not later
9. Raging Flier - Bonus to flight while berserk
10. Rolling Dodge - gains a bonus to avoid ranged attacks
11. Shattering Blows - Objects and structures are weak to damage from Grievous
12. Shattering Strength - Grievous can attempt to apply 1 of the "mutilations" from Bonebreaker Discipline whenever she deals damage with a melee attack. She can only inflict 3 successful mutilations per rage
13. Smothering Fury - Grievous can project a 60 foot aura around herself that shares her immunities to Psychic Damage, Mind Affecting, Behavioral Disturbance, Fear, Confusion and Insanity with allies, and cancelling out such effects from others
14. Spell Sunder - Grievous can use her strength and Phy. Atk. stats to test against and break spell effects & ongoing spells by striking them. If she succeeds, she ends a magic effect &/or ongoing spell, such as a (de)buff or a set Drifting Mine spell. For those with a reactive function, such as a Drifting Mine or a Magic Seal: Fireball, Gr does not trigger said effects by breaking them. Doing this also takes up the entirety of Grievous attacks, so if Grievous strikes at a spell or magic effect on a creature or object, it will not receive damage(unless the user has and applies Sunder)
15. Sprint - Once per rage, Grievous can move at 6 times her normal movement/travel rate for 15 seconds. Doesn't affect action rate
16. Strength Surge - Once per rage, Grievous can double her total strength & any strength boosting skills already in effect at the time
17. Suffocating Grip, Greater - Should Grievous grab a target, that victim can no longer speak or breathe while grappled & immediately begins suffocating. Does not affect creatures who have no need to breathe
18. Swift Foot V - Gains a +50 bonus to speed & agility
19. Thunderous Blows - Grievous can choose to push a target (her choice of up to) 15 feet (not counting other knockback methods, such as by raw strength) per-blow by striking them, angling them in a direction of her choice
20. True Violence (《 Path of Quaking Fists) - Whenever she is dealt damage, Grievous gains a 5th of the damage in stacking temp hp. Once per rage, Grievous can spend all her temp hp, from this power & other sources, as bonus damage to a single unarmed attack
• Pain Points - "Widens" the areas that trigger critical hits for Grievous's attacks, increasing her crit rate. Grievous is able to innately identify crit spots. Increases success rate & effects of Stunning Fist, Quivering Palm and Paralyzing Strike. Receives a bonus to damage if she strikes these with nonlethal damage. Receives a bonus to infliction chance & duration if she strikes these with an attack/effect that stun, daze, paralyze or some similar effects
• Palm Blocks - Bonus to her Deflect skills. Adds a 3rd of her agility stat to reduce damage from physical damage when using such skills. If dmaage is reduced to 0, Grievous can choose to auto-grapple or knockback/shove whatever was striking her without suffering - if she grapples, she does not suffer any damage or negative effect from it/the offending tool for the duration of said grapple
1. I.e. You try to hit her with sword, she reduces damage to 0, she can grab sword without negative effect/damage from it until after said grapple is broken
2. Learned to comb with Ines Wrath for a pseudo-barrier
• Paralyzing Strike - Monk technique. Can paralyze a foe for 6 seconds
• Partial Training - Ki-less, permanent variant of Natural Steel Weapon. Allows her to use her forelimbs as shields
1. Affects (outer half of)her wings when Dread Wings or Feathered Fists are in effect
• Patient Defense - A defensive stance. Gr gains a bonus to Deflect, defensive skills & dodging, while her opponents suffer a penalty to land attacks. Grievous cannot use attack action rate enhancements while Patient Defense is in effect
1. Yggdrasil variant doesn't require ki
• Percussion Aerodynamics - a chargeable & rechargeable skill to attack at range, "firing" the force of her attack up to 30 feet past her base melee range. Can launch (relatively) low-power attacks continuously (fastest attack rate barrages are a 10th of her base attack power), or charge for full force with a cooldown. Ignores most counter-projectile defenses
1. Can combine with Inescapable Wrath for "wide impact artillery fire," and/or enh with Mjolnir
2. That 30 foot range is set to extend from her melee in a way that can be combined with Reach
3. Only deals raw damage; does not include skills such as Anti-Tank, damage boosters or effects from data crystals or items
• Persistent Rage - Grievous' rage cannot be interrupted or ended early, continuing unless she dies or chooses to end it
• Power Attack: Infighting - By maintaining striking distance to a target without attacking, Grievous can build up bonus damage to her next strike. This bonus cannot exceed her base attack power
1. Does not combine with Reach
2. Alt: buildup potential bonus while within striking range to be released as "invisible massed blows" after stopping/target escapes - visual examples for reference: Anarchy Reigns Oinkie/RV Ginei
• Precision Striker - Enables her to identify and take advantage of weak points in her opponent. Ignores bonuses to?/can get around? defense from partial Cover & cover-like effects. Allows her to focus her attacks to targets to avoid damaging others or the surrounding
1. Discovered she can combine this with Inescapable Wrath for a "surgical group strike" - precisely hit every target in the aoe without hitting anything else. Good anti-hostage technique
• Predation?/Brutal Finish?- Creatures Grievous has mutilated via Bonebreaker Discipline are Vulnerable to damage dealt by her
• Primal Champion - Doubles the defensive bonus of Unarmored Defense & guarantees Grievous will always at least partially succeed at any strength-based action
• Primal Might - Triples strength boosts gained from rage
• Qinggong《 lightness techn - Grievous can "move lightly," which provides a number of effects, such as avoiding triggering traps that go off by someone standing on them, walking on surfaces or objects that would normally be too fragile to support her weight, avoid leaving tracks in softer material such as dirt and so on. It also provides a "pseudo-bonus" to her agility and (in certain situations) strength by nullifying her own weight and any possible penalty on her own actions that would be incited by her weight, such as pinning or cratering via gravity magic.
• Quivering Palm - Grievous can "lodge the damage" of her strike into a target. She can leave this "unfulfilled blow" dormant within the victim, and can choose to (remotely) set it off anytime within 120 hours. Should the victims physical defense fail to take/sufficiently reduce the damage to a certain minimun, the victim will instantly die. Should they be able to succeed, they take the original attacks damage with a 1.5 times multiplier that ignores dmaage reduc & armor
1. Cannot insta-kill creatures with a racial immunity to critical hits
2. Can use 25 times per day, but can only have one active at a time - can still use the others if she triggers them instantly
• Rampage - for every 30?/50?strikes dealt in a battle, Grievous gains stacking boosts to attack action rate, potential damage and crit chance.
• Rampant Slaughter - For every creature Grievous kills, she gains a +3 to her Phy. Atk. This bonus lasts until the end of the current combat encounter, but she cannot go longer then 30 seconds without attacking a creature or she also loses it
1. This skill cannot be triggered by killing baseline non-hostile npcs, such as summons provided by allies, even if they were ordered to attack Grievous
• Reaping Strike - Grievous can choose to make a "single" attack which strikes all targets within reach. A critical hit can only proc for one target in this bunch per hit, but Grievous can choose to reapply the crit to any of the potential victims. 45?second cooldown
• Reckless Attack - In return for reducing the protection of her Unarmored Def & her dodge bonuses, Grievous amps her attacks speed, accuracy & crit rate/chance
• Recover by Electricity
• Recover by Thunder
• Relentless Combatant - when she misses with an attack, Grievous gains a +1 bonus to landing further attacks up to +100, which is lost when she finally hits the target or attacks another. Every successful attack adds a +1 to damage inflicted up to +50, which is lost if she misses or attacks another target.
• Retaliation - When struck by another within melee range, Grievous can auto-attack that target in return with a bonus to accuracy. Cannot be combined with Cross-Counter, and does not include damage amplifying skills
• Rush - Grievous' base speed doubles for the purpose of chasing or closing in on a target
• Savage Mentality?- amplifies damage for attempting to read Grievous' mind or telepathically communicate with her without her leave & adds an infliction of Rage to the user that causes them to indiscriminately attack those around them
• Shock Assault - When using a teleportation skill, she can choose to release a blast as per the spell Thunder Step, and decide whether the boom is released where she left or where she arrives
1. Has a cooldown that stacks if she attempts to use more then 3/5? in quick succession
• Snatch Arrows - When using Deflect Arrows, Grievous can instead choose to auto-catch the weapon instead of just reflecting it. Grievous does not take damage or other negative effects from the caught weapon, and gains accuracy bonuses if she chooses to throw back the caught weapon at the attacker
• Spearhand - Grants/Amps piercing & slashing damage from her unarmed attacks, and she can choose which type of attack her unarmed melee inflicts
1. Kengan Devil Lance/Fate Grand Lancer Romulus
2. Can also combine with Percussion Aerodynamics - ex: Tempest Kick
• Steadfast Slayer - If the only one fighting in melee with a creature larger than her, Grievous receives a 5% bonus to damage/all stats? for every size cat larger her opponent is. This amplifies accordingly if fighting solo against multiple applicable targets
• Strike Transition - After Grievous successfully strikes, she gains a bonus to either grapple or shove that target as her next action. Does not stack
• Stun Imm
• Stunning Fist - at will
• Sunder - After breaking a worn item, such as a weapon, shield or armor, she can apply any dmaage not absorbed/taken up by its destruction to the items wielder
1. Greater Sunder feat
• Sundering Force - Grievous' strikes can deal Force damage in place of bludgeoning (or other physical) damage. When she strikes a creature, she gains a stacking +1 to landing attacks and to damage per hit against that creature. This bonus lasts until combat ends, until she hits another creature, the first strike of which will not benefit from this & gain the +1, or if more then 10 seconds passes without hitting the initial target
1. Path of Quaking Fists
• Super Heavyweight Striker - Her unarmed attacks always deal a minimum of 40% of her base damage regardless of targets defenses or defensive abilities. Ignores Physical Damage Res. Physical Attack Immunity(& similar skills/effects) only prevents a maximum of 35% of damage, or 50% against this skills defensive counterpart
• Thunderclap?- As per Chaikal's, but only as a cone & determined by her Str stat. Requires her to "clap" two of her limbs together to trigger
• Thundering Blows - When Grievous misses with a melee attack, she can deal up to 6 points of thunder damage to all enemies in a 10 foot radius. 10 second cooldown
• Titan Felling - For every size cat her target is larger than her by, she receives a 10% bonus to strength for purposes such as lifting, pushing, knockback/down, drag, grapple, trip, hurl & the like. 3 times per day, she can auto-force size Large or larger targets prone
• Titan Strike - Grievous' unarmed attacks inflict base damage as if she were a size cat larger. For every size cat larger than her the target is, she receives an 8% bonus to her phy att. Overcomes dmaage reduc/neg/imm/res/etc caused by a difference in size &/or mass, such as the Colossal Creature skill
• Tranquil Fury/Self Discipline? - can regulate her berserk tradeoff + output. Can overcome berserk action limits, such as communication, at 47% & lower
• Unarmored Defense - While not wearing armor, Grievous gains a bonus to her Phy Def
• Unarmored Movement - Grievous gains a boost to her Agility when wearing no armor
• Unbreakable - Res debuffs/reduc to phy atk, phy def, resistance & agility
1. Respec as Physical Penalty Res I?V?
• Undying Ferocity - Upon hitting 0 hp, even when brought there by things like Death effects, instead of dying Grievous auto-triggers her berserk. Increases damage past 0 req to kill her by once again her hp - 300 with this. HP loss boosts apply to her past 0 damage
• Vanquished Foe - If the one slain by Grievous is protected by death ward(or a similar effect), when brought to 0 hp the death ward ends & provides no protection. When Grievous kills a foe, they cannot benefit from any resurrection spell/effect less than True Resurrection (such as raise dead/reincarnate/revivify/etc) without her leave
1. Alt - prevents quick ressurection & other "recover from 0 hp" things, such as 2nd forms
• Weapon Focus: Unarmed Strike
• Weapon Specialization: Unarmed Strike
• Weapon Use Penalties, Severe
• Wolf-Skinned Warrior - these skills are only in effect/accessible while Grievous is wearing her Sacred Wolfskin
1. Bestial Constitution - Prevents any further damage from attacks after the initial damage - i.e. will not suffer continuous damage from weapons lodged into her, nor extra for attempt to "drive it through." Other features are useless for her race
2. Bloodhungry - Grievous gains bonuses to attack targets without full hp
3. Blunting Hide - Weapons that strike Grievous are inflicted with a 8% debuff - once per weapon (though does stack with others like this, including others with Blunting Hide), though procs again if the weapon strikes after being restored.
4. Can benefit from & use skills/items/effects normally limited to Wolves, Wolf-like & other Canine-like races
5. Form of the Wolf - Grievous can assume the form of any type of Wolf(Animal/Magical Beast/Fiend/etc, although this does extend to canines in general so Dogs are on the table)-type species of equal or lesser level as herself that she has encountered (favors the Garmvvolf); if she chooses one of a lower level, then she can choose to amplify it's level, stats & effects of any skills it may possess as if it were increased anywhere up to an equivalent level(100) as herself. While she is transformed, she cannot use any skills that directly contradict her new Lupine form, such as Messenger's Haste or her Halo of Blazing Glory. If her chosen transformation has a skill that Grievous does not, then she must "trade" one of her own skills (that she could still use while transformed) to be able to use it while transformed, & deactivate said acquired skill if she wants her original back; naturally, any such trading is rescinded should she transform again or retake her original form. If she does share skills with her transformation, then they stack
6. Fanatic - high bonus to (unlocking/researching/accessing or otherwise using) knowledge on religion. If she invokes religious knowledge, this provides a bonus to herself & allies to resist & overcome mind-affecting or behavioral disturbance effects
7. Grants/Enhances Bite and Claw Natural Weaponry, which also gains the Armor Piercing quality
8. Humanoid Killing - Deals 118% bonus damage to Humanoid races, and 236% against Giants & Giant-kin
9. Lupine Frenzy - While raging, Grievous' bite inflicts its base damage as if she were three size categories larger. Stacks with Animal Fury, so Colossal - regardless of her normal stats & boosts, she baseline bites as if she has the jaws of a creature in Godzilla's weight class while raging
10. Lupine Senses - Bonuses to senses, searching, observation, tracking & the like. Grievous does not receive penalties to tracking while moving at a fast pace
11. Rake - Grievous can freely melee attack those she's grappled with or those within her melee range while otherwise restrained
12. Run With The Wolves - Grants the ability to commune with & a charm-like effect on wolves and wolf-like creatures; affects any creature with similar type, such as Dogs, Hellhounds & Lycanthropes. Similar to Eternal Death's Fear, this is not a mind-affecting ability and so ignores imm and res to such. Can buff such creatures under her command, granting them both Óðr-like ferocity, Wolf-Skinned Warrior's skills (save Form of the Wolf), immunity to fear(-type effects) & a bonus to mov & phys att while under her. Their attacks count as armor piercing and magical for the purposes of dealing with res and imm.
13. Savage Jaws - When Grievous successfully bites a creature, she can choose to auto-grapple with said bite(in New World terms, her teeth would hook and hold rather then annihilate or tear out). She can apply the entirety of her strength to this grapple
14. Tear Asunder - If 2 or more creatures allied to Grievous (or Grievous & one of said creatures) grapple a single target with their bite attack, they gain bonuses to inflicting damage per allied grappler, and inflict base damage from natural weapons as if they were two size categories larger
15. True Fire Res III
16. True Metal Res III
17. Wolf Pack - Allied berserkers & creatures that are subject to her Run With the Wolves skill within 50 feet of Grievous gain bonuses to attack &/or grapple anyone hostile to herself or one of them, as well as to evade their attacks. Those affected ignore damage reduction, res or immunities caused by a difference in levels?
• Zealous Presence - thrice per day, Gr can unleash a battle cry filled with divine energy. Up to 20 creatures of her choice within 60 feet gain bonuses to landing attacks, breaking through defenses and to resist effects
1. Found she can combine it with Gloria, using the chosen method as an aoe delivery method instead, bestowing the bonus on allied creatures caught in the blast instead of dealing damage

Miscellaneous Skills - See Valerie for explanation
• Caster's Champion?
• Die Hard?- Prevents excessive damage to a certain degree. At most, she can lose her health in 21 point intervals.
1. Gained from massive amounts of skin of her teeth combat victories where she was reduced to low health
• Run - When running, Grievous' base movement speed is amplified if she is wearing medium, light or no armor

Rejected Grievous skills
• Berserker's Cry - 5?/7?times per day, Gr can unleash a powerful, bloodthirsty scream of battle lust and fury. Allies who can hear this (including Gr herself) gain a bonus to resist mind-affecting, behav disturb & fear & a bonus to attack accuracy & damage. Not stackable
1. Found she can amplify the range via Gloria
• Clawing Frenzy(Megapede) - Gr can deal a single simult claw attack to every creature in reach. 15?second cooldown
1. Th of as a rage power
• Lashing Defense - Grievous can use her tail('s) to reduce damage of attacks similar to Deflect Blows/Missile. Should she reduce the damage to 0, Grievous gains a bonus to her next tail attack against an enemy in reach
• Violent Display - After landing either a sneak attack or critical hit, Grievous gains bonuses to intimidate/demoralize any surrounding foes
1. Trade for Fearsome Finish?
Thunderchild: Thorsdottir class skills
• (Former)Mjolnir - Can release powerful shockwaves - sim to Shalltear Impure Shockwave Shield. (Re)Chargeable skill: recharges by physically striking another being or object?full after 5 attacks?- can release a number of "smaller" blasts, or spend anything up to the full gauge for a bigger one. Can also fire as focused shockblasts and channel them into her physical blows. Deals extra damage to beings normally res or imm?to Thunder dam
1. For this fic, "thunder" is the collective Yggdrasil term for shockwaves/vibr/sonic/etc, although just like other elements one could specialize for different sub-types of thunder
2. Alt:listed with curr

Rejected class
• World Breaker: Disciple of Sun Wukong
1. Chinese literature has a character, and a rather famous one at that, who is a Barbarian-Monk. Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. The Monkey King fights with a simple staff and with his fists, as a monk does, and possess many supernatural abilities, as a monk possesses. He even joins a monastery at the end of his journey.

But he is a being of endless passion and burning rage. He storms Heaven when the gods offend him, and causes so much damage that the Buddha himself has to intervene.

So if you want to play a barbarian-monk, there's as good an inspiration as any.

Basic Angel Race Traits - An Angels nature is of an entity of holy power and (usually) light that is formed into an armor/statue/construct-like form.Construct-like creatures - see PointyHat Angel video for ex
• Acid Res
• Alien Mind: Angelic Legionnaire - Mind-Affecting Res IV, Behavioral Disturbance Res IV, Psychic Damage Res III. Creatures that try to read an Angel's mind or attempt unwarrented telepathic comm may (chance dep on their wisdom stat) fail & suffer Nonlethal & Psychic Dam for their efforts, & may become Confused
1. The list above are the effects of base Alien Mind, and other users of Alien Mind are not subject to the negative effects of this base version. Subtypes, such as Angelic Legionnaire, provide further "restrictions"/a further layer of defense so it works against both the base variant and other types of Alien Mind, and may even deal amplified backlash to particularly incompatible would-be intruders - Angel minds are hyper-orderly, and tend to crush chaotic & "disorderly" - Grievous may have a further sub-type via Mashchit
• Behavioral Disturbance Res II
• Biological Penalties Imm
• Celestial Halo - Angel's haloes shed light as bright as daylight in a 10 foot radius, and dim light for another 15 beyond that. Creatures, objects, effects and what-have-you that take penalties for bright &/or daylight also take them while within the inner radius an Angel's light, save for damage. A Celestial Halo's light can dispel Darkness-inducing spells from the first 3 tiers and darkness effects from up to level 15 entities or lower-level items, and also carries the effect of the Invisibility Purge spell
• Crafted Race - Angels have bonuses to resist & overcome effects that attempt to forcibly alter their form, such as Transmutation effects or Baleful Polymorph
1. Found from Boarfolk Rager
• Critical Hit Imm
• Darkvision
• Disease Imm
• Doubled Damage by Unholy
• Eating, Drinking and Breathing are unnecessary
• Evil Vuln V
• Evil & Desecrated Areas Vuln III
• Elec Res
• Exceptional Brightvision - Able to see clearly in overwhelming/blinding brightness. Imm to flashbang-like items/effects. Works on magical light. Imm to blinding via light, patterns, dazzling, and other such light effects, even from even higher variants that can blind even Brightvision users
• Fire Res
• Flight - 1.5 times faster than normal flight/Flight spell
• Heavenly Hands - Natural attacks from Angels can overcome res/imm/dam reduc and similar defendes to non-magic, non-silver & non-cold iron. Angels can affect/interact with incorporeal/ethereal creatures & objects
• Holy
• Holy Being - Those who are weak to/take bonus damage from Holy only take unblockable damage with a 3x damage modifier & ability drain instead of gaining benefits if they use an aborption/drain ability, such as Drain Energy or Life Drain, on Angels
• Hover
• Ice Res
• Light Res III
• Messenger's Haste - Angels can "compact" their body for a boost to movement, travel/flight speed & res to flight counters. Prevents normal limb use while active. If an Angel's Flight is interrupted while in Messenger's Haste, they're protected from fall damage as if by Featherfall
1. From anime Archangel Flame
2. With her design, Grievous' body "bends, collapses & warps" into a spherical drill/bullet/warhead-like shape covered in slits which seem to expose "the suggestion of eyes"(see Lightwarden Philia/Forgiven Betrayal for ex) while her wings move back and arrange themselves like an array of stabilizers(kinda jet-like) - Bayonetta Worship for a partial reference. skullmoonconcepts Sin Eater Kirin/kirin pinion?
• Mind-Affecting Imm
• Natural Armor - Akin to Golems due to construct-like manifested form. "Armor" repairs with HP. Cannot wear armor not designed to bond with/be incorporated into their bodies
• Paralysis Imm
• Petrification Imm
• Physical Penalty Res
• Poisoning Imm
• Protected Gaze/Senses? - Unaffected by negative effects from perceiving on the user/object
1. Ex: A Medusa's Petrifying Visage/reading cursed text
• Psychic Damage Res IV - See Mind Blank(apparently strong enough to counter Wish) spell & Unyielding Essence above for example of full psychic imm
• Recover by Holy
• Sensory Interference Imm - Immune to being blinded, deafened, or other such methods of interfering with/cancelling/manipulating their senses
1. Does not protect against sensory overload, such as by overwhelmingly bright light, on it's own
• Singular Essence - An Angel does not have a dual nature, with its soul and body being one & the same. Immune to "soul affecting" spells & other effects - one cannot make Undead(especially spiritual) from Angels, tear out their souls, possess/switch bodies with them, etc. Angels do not leave a corpse when they fall. Normal resur methods, such as Raise Dead, Reincarnate & Resurrection don't work on Angels, requiring Limited Wish, Wish, Miracle, True Resur & similar or higher variants to allow the benefits of resur. Immune to anti-resur via body destr
• Sleep Imm
• Speak Enochian
• Thunder Res
• Truespeech - Angels can communicate with any creature that has a language
• Unenchanted Damage Res III
• Water Glider - Angels can move at their flight speed & act unimpeded while in/under water or similar liquids

Main Equipment
1. Used Creator Kits to remove the "presence" of her items, making her appear unarmed to the eye. In the new world, they essentially don't seem to exist to others until she unequips them, making their abilities seem like skills
2. Out of a bout of paranoia against thieves & item breakers, she strived to retain multiple of whichever ones she could
3. Obviously, this is not the complete list of Grievous' equipment, and like any competent upper-level Yggdrasil player, she has counters to reinforce her even further against things like instant death & time-stop
• Adrenaline Shot - can both bestow the effect of an Action Surge and trigger any action-rate enhancing skill the user possesses. User will take 35 points of damage after the effects wear off.
• Amulet of Greater Mortality - adds 50 hp. This bonus still counts for her "lose hp" triggered skills
• Assurance of Brokkr's Forge - A rune-marked mass that works from her item box. Prov high res against item-breakage and item-breaking effects on items she has equipped. Slowly repairs broken/damaged items within her item box
• Band of Kirin - Bonus to speed, agility & action rate. User can move on gases, sim to the spell Air Walk, but at full speed. High bonus to ignore wind
1. Add Storm Hunter?Rain Linnorm Rain Hunter skill
• Barbaric Totems of Sekhmet - all 4《 Stolen boss item. Collectively counts as a belt.
1. Grievous is bolstered by the touch of flame. While raging, she gains 3 levels of Fire Res, and for after coming into contact with fire (damage-inducing effects, e.g. Heat Metal), she receives a point per would-be damage, which she can temporarily apply to her stats as she pleases
2. Doubles bonus of Blood Frenzy. Grievous can boil spilled blood and bleeding wounds within her range of perception, similar to Heat Metal/Can choose to imbue spilled blood and bloody wounds with an elemental effect from her build?
3. Inflicts a random disease on random enemies within 50 feet every minute, save those with disease wielding classes. These plagues ignore item-based Disease Immunitu
4. Multiplies Phy. Atk. and Mag. Atk whenever she takes 25 or more hp in damage
• Berserker Brew?- enh effects of Berserk & any skills affected by it. Temporarily grants a Rage skill effects on drinkers without the class
1. Gapþrosnir Draught - Highest variant of Berserker Brew, which Grievous can manifest from her body (3 times?per day?/18 per week?) as "golden blood." Can use on herself through this despite normally being unable to consume items. Grants Fast Healing while in effect?
• Champion's Insignia - Event item. Adds 15 feet of reach to her unarmed attacks. Adds 7 points of potential damage to her unarmed melee attacks for every unarmed melee combat class she possesses
• Crown of Diwonuso - 1st-attempt boss soloing item. Greatly amplifies "madness-type" mind-affecting effects & the infliction of them, such as the Rage spell or Insanity-inflcting skills, to the point of being able to affect beings normally unfazed by them, like (other) level 100 entities. When it comes to effects that (may) cause the afflicted to randomly lash out at those around them or that assign specific targets or focus solely on one, Grievous & what she designates are excluded as potential targets. The owner of the Crown gains an increase to the benefits of any "sense robbing" skill, such as from Berserk-class skills like Blood Frenzy or her racial Fight Instinct/an incr to Phy Att, Str, Agility, Mag Res & Res? for everyone under the influence of such effects within 120 feet
• Dragonbound Sash: Sunwyrm - Felt thematically appropriate. Brilliant energy - a substance that completely ignores/passes through nonliving material such as armor or shields, and as such is devastating to living creatures. The downside(depending on how you look at it 😁) is that this extends to ignoring & passing through unliving creatures such as Undead & Constructs
1. 120 ft auto-success Blindsight
2. Breath Weapon - A 90 foot cone of brilliant energy. Random 6 to 24 second cooldown. Deals nontype damage. Ignores energy res & imm but not damage reduction. Cosmetically altered so it can emerge from her mouth or any of the "eyes" on her body - also takes to overlaying/"forming" the head either around her head & shoulders or emerging from her mouth for dramatic effect
3. Brilliant Aura - Can emit an aura of light that brightly illuminates the area up to 240 feet. Increasing chance of blindness (for up to 30 minutes) as one gets closer to her without hiding their eyes. Can potentially affect one without racial immumity to blindless through objects hiding eyes(such as eyelids or light-blocking items) within 30 feet
4. Brilliant Weaponry - Can turn her natural weapons into brilliant energy so they completely ignore nonliving material such as armor or shields
5. Energy Form - can transform her entire being into brilliant energy, able to completely ignore nonliving material and move through such like a ghost. Gr is unable to inflict physical dmaage in this state, and living creatures take no damage for coming in contact with her energy form. She always moves silently and cannot be detected by hearing unless she wishes it
6. Keen Sight - 4 times bonus to sight in low-light, and in normal or brighter light can see eight times as well, enough to overcome invisibility or light-warping visual effects
• Fists of Brilliant Titan - Alt to Midas/Pure combat gloves. Bestows the Burning Touch skill, as per Dumah's. See the feathered arms of Sin Eater design 》cccshutdown/graffiti-kingdom SinEaterWoL/sin_eater Savah
1. 3?times per day, Grievous can utilize Burning Touch as a ranged?/aoe?touch attack?/attach their effect to a ranged attack, th the gloves temp lose their Burning Touch skill
2. Disorienting - the "feathered" texture of the design is the material shifting (think iron sand magnet stuff). Draws the eye & imposes penalties to combat observation, attempting to land attacks or avoid hers while she wears these
• Hands of Midas the Mighty - (Most common use)Gloves. Magnifies cash drops. Item breaking chance boost & stat reducing by turning what she strikes/touch attacks (the gloves cannot inflict an individual touch attack, though she can substitute the effects of one of her own to incite this) to gold. A higher Resistance stat from her would-be victim requires more strikes to fully employ, but targets who manage to resist a complete transformation are instead affected as per the spell Slow via a partial transformation, although only by up to a 10th of what said spell would do per proc, depending on their Res. Will not inflict a second transformation/slow for 3 minutes after a failure. If she kills beings affected by this partial transf, then they still transmute into a gold statue as per a success
1. Once per day she can "overcharge" The Hands, and for the next half-hour they affect beings normally immune to transmutation as if it was a partial transformation. After this, the gloves deactivate for 24 hours
2. Naturally, a drawback to The Hands is the inability to harvest anything from the victims corpse other than gold - drops functioned fine in Yggdrasil, but this wasn't good for trying to grab the material for crafting
3. This can stack viciously with her Blazing Rend & Rapacious Rusting - found info (apparently for older variants) stating that Rust Monsterspreferferrous (iron/steel) & magical steel alloys (mithral/adamantite) over precious metals, but they can still fully affect non-ferrous things like gold. Going with that option
4. Grievous keeps the golden remains of her favorite foes amongst the museum of Nazarick - looked into if animating these transmuted corpses would be possible, and if they retained any of their skills. Also had checked if golems made from transmuted remains got any bonuses, like maybe some of their skills
• Remnant of Mercurial Wings - The "remnants of a dead god," cosmetically modded to appear as "silvery(points of?)starlight" within her bodies "gold." Mixes with her Celestial Halo skill: Grievous & allies gain both the ability, if they choose, to normally interact with and bonuses to affecting hostile astral/ethereal/intangible/etc creatures in the area. Accuracy & agility boost. User ignores debuffs to & reductions of accuracy, flight and agility. Adds a percentage of her agility to attack damage when moving at over half her total base speed. True Spatial Res V - does work on "space-breaking" things like Spatial Slash. Expands type of areas that can be reached via teleportarion? Divination-like glimpse on areas user intends to teleport to?
1. Relativity of Space - Attacks towards Grievous and her allies get a 15?% miss chance. Attacks from Grievous and her allies that would encounter a miss chance from their target ignore 60% of it or any miss chance effect with a lower percentage then 60%
2. Spatial Spear?- a unique teleport skill. Enables user to "attack mid-teleport," "prepping" blows to land instantly on a target in range upon reappearing/Veiled Moon Warp Wormname Wormhole Wreckage?
3. Spatial Stalker - Allows Grievous to remain "mid-teleport" for longer, and while there acts as pseudo-intangability, enabling her to observe things around her destination & move through objects. If she can react, while within this in-between space she has several moments in which she choose to interact with/attack others should they teleport close enough to her, from or to a space she can reach within 5 seconds. Can choose to alter her teleportation destination from within this space once per teleport
4. Spatial Tear?- teleport ripping/cutting idea from AJ Pickett Blink Mammoth vid commenthowda
5. Trace Teleport - Grievous becomes aware of the destination of any teleportation, gate or similar effect that occurs within 140 feet of her
6. Warping Implosion?《 Aberrant Mind Sorceror - When Grievous teleports, she can choose to form a rending anomaly where she left. Creatures within 60 feet are pulled towards where Grievous left the anomaly, taking up to 45 points of force damage. If they are pulled into the center before the effect ends, any damage they take is tripled. Note: targets have to be pulled at least 30 feet for the central effect to work, dropping them point blank won't work. Grievous cannot form more then one at a time, and must wait at least one minute before she can form another
7. Perhaps use the kirin pinion design as the gods "feathers?"
• Rings of:
1. Ainz Ooal Gown - Gen not worn outside Nazarick
2. Anti-Detection
3. Anti-Theft, Grand - Prevents theft from those below level 90, & can cancel successes by those over 90 4 times per day. Tracks those who succeed & auto-reclaims a stolen item upon striking the thief. Prevents thieves from reading the titles/stats/info of her items
4. Courtaud's Signet - Enhances natural weapon & bite damage. User can inflict a Lycanthropic curse (or "blessing," depending on the target-s build《 partially insp by Wolf of Gubbio story) on their victims - feral types, not sapient like Lupusregina. Bonus to charm/control-like skill effects over wolves & wolf-like creatures - that last effect requires preexistence of such a skill in the user to function. Buffs said types when allied. Loup-Garou?(Werewolf Bers rac class?). Curse-warped beasts, humanoid base resembles Howl/The Cursed/RE Varcolac Werewolves
5. Enchantment Sundering - Every time she strikes an opponent, there is a chance that one of their magical items will have its abilities suppressed for 1 minute. This chance is greatly raised against one specific item should she strike it directly. Further strikes both reset this timer & form equivalent chances of shutting down other items, and still carries the raised chance when striking specifics - a second item, then a third & so on
6. Foxfire - Enhances Faerie Fire & similar effects, both in intensity & range, such as Grievous' Sparkling extending several feet beyond her hands/natural weapons. Grievous & those allied to her can choose to apply a mid-level "auto-correct" effect to their attacks & effects against the marked victim. Allows her to add a Faerie Fire-like effect of Sparkling to any fire or radiance damage she inflicts
7. Mageripper - Eats mp from the victim per hit equal to the highest spell tier they can cast. User gains temp hp equal to the spell tier. The user can also apply this against a spell or spell effect with extended duration, such as a curse, Wall of Force or Drifting Mine, eating away at them unto nothing - unlike certain skills or powers, this ring alone will not prevent things like Drifting Mine from going off on it's own
8. Obscurance - prevents reading of her stats, status or skills
9. Recover by Negative Energy - Less effective than the true Undead ability on its own, but moder boosts other methods of recov via necr dam/neg en. In Yggdrasil it doubled as psuedo-damage reduction against certain upper tier necrotic attacks tendency to ignore damage reduction
10. Resurrection Penalty Minimization
11. Vampiric Touch?/Necrotic Feast? - Gains hp equal to necrotic damage from user. Ring does not provide said damage/Crimson Strength?《 name from Accursed hombrew. 2% bonus to str per 10 hp inflicted in damage 》Alt:Amplifies Blood Frenzy & similar skills《 make a ring of Sekhmet's Crimson Strength?/Fury
• Sacred Wolfskin - Enables her Wolf-Skinned Warrior skills. Prevents any of her Berserker class line skills or levels from being nullified/removed/reduced/etc. Doubles the Damage Reduction skill gained from the Berserk class line - 15 total with this. Does not hinder her Unarmored Defense skill. While transformed(such as by her Form of the Wolf skill), the Sacred Wolfskin cannot be stolen, & is not subject to anti-item effects; cannot be destroyed/broken/deactivated/etc
1. If lost or destroyed, Grievous can replace it via a 3 day ritual with the pelt of a wolf she has killed
• Scales of the Nine-World Serpent - a World Item, or more accurately, a "set" World Item in the form of scales that could be crafted/fitted into something. Grievous found a way to imbue it into her Natural Armor, which essentially fused it/them to her character. Provides total/True Imm to elemental (which also encompasses things like gravity & light, and judging from the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown, also time & moon) attacks/effects, anything that carries elemental power(Hellfire/Undying Flame) as well as environmental attacks/effects of/(even if)unique to whatever world/plane she is on, even from forces that would normally ignore such imm, i.e. renders entire branches of magic & elementally focused builds/monsters directly useless against her. Only positive energy, negative energy, non-elemental physical damage & raw magic can hope to scratch her. Grievous can also choose to store, replicate & continuously/endlessly use up to 9 elemental effects/skills/attacks/etc that she came in contact with (like by an attack landing), such as elemental attack spells or special boss attacks, including any special effects or skills imbued to that particular use, such as a Grand Fireaball enhanced with buffs and metamagic, or even the effects of an elemental Super-Tier Spell.
1. 3 (currently) claimed elemental powers - Saturn Meteor《 from the Asura boss》alt idea:has a massed meteor breath weapon from a Jawzhar bossFalling Star-Star Felling Breath - visually looks like continuous aoe gattling-fire of white bolts - darkness?, fire, force, radiant, slam - ignores resinsp by The Elements and Beyond Magma Elemental Meteor Breath - th add Elements and Beyond Magma Elemental Meteor Breath effect of dealing full damage to ev unequipped object in the aoe & igniting what's flammable. Ragnarok?《th a fire attack from either Surt or one of the Eight Dragons》Yuga? Ravenous Acid Wyrm - an upscaled version of an Orium's construct-making acid breath from one of the Eight Dragons/The Green Lion?, can form up to 10 of these acid-snakes at size cat huge, 25 large or 50 medium, they're able to grasp objects or beings and Grievous can choose for them to temporarily suppress their caustic nature when handling things -sub-idea:has an infectious acid-type skill, where after being subject to an effect that would normally counter or cleanse acid from a target, after a period of docility it would bubble back up (dealing) even more intense (damage) then it would have if left on its own
2. Grievous can choose to interact with elemental forces without triggering their/any effects, ergo her tactic of carrying the normally contact-triggered Delayed Blast Fireball
3. Grievous is one of the few players ballsy enough to openly carry a World Item - while useful, partly treated it as her personal "Come at me, bitch" sign - likes to tease Ainz about how, for all his caution, he likes to do the same. Had it before joining Nine's Own Goal
4. Idea was originally for a previous Overlord oc idea, an illusionist demon, the face of Berserk's Black Beast with an outfit reminiscent of Persona Arsene. Was going to craft the scales into said suit
5. Their inclusion does not improve her Natural Armor's defense outside of their elemental supremacy
6. User can ignore elemental hindrances, such as being able to move clear through both normal dirt or a Wall of Stone without slowing. She is not subject to the typical counter-methods of such movement, such as Move Earth to repel her when she moves as if Earth Gliding
• Scrolls - many, enhanced with metamagic where applicable, especially Boost Magic & Penetrate. Given her loadout, if needed/desired mid-fight Grievous would pull out & utilize combat scrolls, even things like Mist of Super Acid at point-blank range, or holding a Delayed Blast Fireball & then punching/headbutting/holding in her mouth & biting them with it once at a desired point of buildup. Ex of favorites:
1. Blessing of Titania
2. Blight - DnD
3. Body of Effulgent Aquamarine
4. BoE Beryl
5. BoE Heliodor
6. Deeper Darkness - DnD
7. Delay Teleportation
8. Delayed Blast Fireball
9. Energy Drain
10. Evil Eye
11. Glorious Beard - Pathfinder
12. Grasp Heart
13. Greater Rejection
14. Healing - multiple levels
15. Heat Draining Vortex - homebrew
16. Lethal - multiple levels
17. Mind Spike - DnD
18. Mislead
19. Mist of Super Acid
20. Nuclear Blast
21. Regeneration
22. Revivify
23. Silence - Version that can be centered on objects & creatures. Her favorite method of assassination
24. Slow(, Mass)
25. Spell Turn
26. Strike Echo - Dragon's Dogma & Overlord fanfic inspired. Creates a point on a target if it hits, which others can attack. When the spell goes off, it deals amplified bonus damage of the same types that hit it.
27. Ultimate Disturb
• Scholars Degree - Cash item. Allows her to use scrolls despite her lack of caster classes, though at 45% effectiveness
1. For Lupara instead?
• The Shadow/Blazing Sun? of Pax - A special item crafted by the evil minds of Nazarick. Releases a hyper-intense stacked version of the Rage spell & other berserk-inciting things. Up to 3 "generations" of it's victims can spread this effect, 1st gen's 3 times, 2nd gen's twice & 3rds gen's only to one further victim. The wielder can control the effect radius, able to reach over an extremely wide area
1. Includes parts of The End-Singer & Grievous' Gapþrosnir Draught
2. Insp by The End-Singer & Firefly Reavers
3. Alt idea:a booster for her Channel Rage skill
• Shards of Laevateinn - a set of seemingly/aesthetically cracked rings on her upper arms & legs. When active, prevents damage recovery skills/effects up to a certain level & greatly reduces the efficiency of those above that level - beings who can recover from 0 hp will not be able to survive with Grievous. Enables her attacks to ignore damage reduction, damage threshold, dam neg and similar effects/skills. Ignores counters to ignoring damage reduction + damage negation. Also ignores counters to those counters, and so on. Her attacks reduce her targets Max HP
1. Back when she still showed her gear, she used a Creator Kit to add a kintsugi aesthetic to better match her body
2. Alt?/add-on?to anti-damage ignoring:Ruin - deals bonus damage equivalent to what they would have blocked by what the Shards of Laevateinn override - if she deals damage that would normally be blocked, such as Slashing Damage Imm holder being hit by a sword, the blocked damage is instead dealt as bonus damage
• Skull Candies - Both as an aid for Undead allies and to weaponize against enemies. Generally throws them in handfuls for clusterbombing
• Spirit Master: Martial Artist - The soul of a Monk. Her unarmed strike damage & Unarmored Defense boost are both treated as if she had another five Monk levels. Increases her daily use limit of Stunning Fist
1. Based on something made in discussion with the author of Berserker, the idea for that being the soul of a ki master which would allow a Berserk build that has Ki Master classes to still use ki powers while raging. This version is based off the Monk's Robe wondrous item
2. Also acts as a free oc if someone wants to add someone in without thinking up a build
• Talisman of Annihilation - Cash item. Immunizes Grievous against destruction spells, disintegrate effects, Sphere's of Annihilation & similar effects that completely destroy (living) creatures
1. It would provide a high bonus to control over Sphere's of Ann, but Grievous lacks the magic for that
• Trodden Remnants of Hrungnir - A "ranged item" that can be used to reduce the stats of it's/a single?/up to 3? target? Appears to clog their joints with stone?
• Voice of the Father - A buffing item. By speaking certain types of phrases, she can build up a "percentile pool," which she can apply any portion of to her actions, such as speed or attack power. Alt, she can spend this pool to either deal psychic damage that ignores res (but not imm) to such things or to inflict a debuff that also distracts an opponent & disrupts or weakens their action & when fully charged can?temp disrupts item-based?Mind-Affecting Res?& Imm?
1. Inspired by Dire Dad. Further refined through discovery of homebrew Dad class
• Wand of Message - 7 uses per day. Has 45

Adventurer Persona/Atl Account - Valerie Vetal
1. Second account idea from Staying Behind. In sticking with the spirit of Ainz Ooal Gown, the Guild members who joined in chose to avoid humanoid races and picked Demi-Humans for their 2nd accounts - Suzuki made Rezarim, choosing a toxic sub-species of Lizardmen, and advanced the racial classes enough to develop both a "poison shot" breath weapon (Cobra-like venom spray &/or splashing balls of poison) & toxic barbs on the body which he can retract or extend for an array of dagger-like spines, which (in the new world) he can clatter against his scales for intimidation?- probably gives him the Lizardmen equivalent of "face of a thug" - see koutanagamori Lizardman for poss base? (Note:can probably still mess with Ainz's unable to eat thing by giving him different taste buds from a human, & this could prob extend to Valerie as appar there's a Japanese thing about how cats can't handle hot food & drink.) Went for either magic rogue(prob refer to D&D Unleashed for interesting class spells) with smattering of a fighter(Nightblade?- d20pfsrd《Shadow Assassin? Perhaps remake as a darkness elemental type Lizardman instead of poison?) or Rogue-Fighter hybrid(sim to Headhunter Rabbit) job classes - maybe look into the Slayer hybrid build?, again d20pfsrd, that site includes archetypes for further customization. Suzuki didn't put as much effort into Rezarim as Grievous did into Valerie, so Rezarim isn't higher than 55 - Still strong enough to utterly brutalize Hamusuke, Clementine &maybeOlasird'arc on physical ability alone, and his scaly body being at least as tough as a Gigant Basilisk's, likely a lot more - They find that their primary accounts still seem to have mental effects on their secondary, albeit to a lesser extent - Ainz still has his mental state forcibly stabilized, although he has a higher limit before that would kick in. They theorize it may be due to the difference in levels and/or "the difference in depth," with their primary accounts having far more history, experiences and effort placed into them. Seem to include other mental states based on their playstyle? Grievous is likely more baseline vicious as Valerie, but also lacks the mental stabilization

2. Grievous etablishes Valerie as an eccentric who likes to wonder around whatever town/city she's currently treating as home and the surrounding country, to both explain her presence in random places and why she might not always be around Momon - (Uses as an excuse to?)Stumble into Renners raid on Eight Fingers?
3. Gen fights with Art of the Possible in her right hand both as a limiter and so she can reveal "I am not right handed"《or sh this just be crap she makes up & she repeatedly switches which hand she is not before blitzing the opposition
4. Alt idea - Bird Man female?- luigiix Tsukohari - maybe an experiment between Grievous and Takemikazuchi into a "speedster weapon wielder?"
• Aion Abyss Plate Armor?/Noble Tac Officer Plate?uses male vers but slimmer
• Ya Lun 王国花园的下午?/红白骑士团-莉娅?/云海的守望者-北?
• Spellblade (Mozziconi)(The Graceful Art?+ The Tandem Art?)+ College of Swords Bard + touches of Rogue?/Spellsword Bard?-
1. A spellsword is more magically adept than a half-caster, better at melee than most full casters, and not as hardy as a martial character. They move quickly to make the most of good positioning, switching between weapons (often magically enhanced) and spellcasting as needed. A striker, not a tank.
2.The magical power of spellblades is remarkably thin, almost infinitesimal when compared to the might and fury that other spellcasters wield. Rather than harnessing and unleashing raw power, spellblades prefer more skillful and tactful wielding of their spells. They train their bodies and their minds together so that the act of casting a spell is as simple and as ingrained in muscle memory as a thrust of a sword or the loosening of an arrow. Augmentations of steel and body have a place in the repertoire of many modern spellcaster's, but few focus the entirety of their arcane practice on such a trivial thing. This is where the spellblade does their work the best - the thin line between the martial and the arcane.《if using this, would probably indicate Valerie's use of sonic magic would be suboptimal if it wasn't a Bardic Spellblade
3. Valeries direct magic damage output should not be as potent as Ainz. Rough guess, someone like Shalltear's Spell Resistance could probably ignore up to 5th or 7th tier from her, while Lupara's would either go up to 8th or 9th

Songs - Loaded thousands?/hundreds into this account for quickplay - Was inspired by Suzuki's ex as a caster to memorize her songs position. Translated into the new world as a mental library she can easily call up and play with as she wills, which collectively bleeds over into her psyche for bardic talent
1. Reenact rpg campaigns via illusions?- TFS At The Table/Critical Role/One Piece D&D(Rustage Xevil's Luck rap) - som she uploaded to watch with her friends in downtime?
• Danerei Milos
1. Firecracker
2. Maw of the King
• Annapantsu
• Uk'otoa Sea Shanty
• Deerstalker Productions
1. Bardic Inspiration
• Oathbound
1. Snow Beast
• Shadow Stalker
1. Cold Drake
• Aetherial Expanse trailer song
• Clamavi Di Profundis
1. Boic Bravesoul
2. Song of Hammerdeep
3. When the Hammer Falls
• The Longest Johns
1. Hoist up the Thing
• Esper the Bard Vicious Mockery/Bardic Inspiration
Other song types
• Brothers of Metal
1. Berserker
2. Prophecy of Ragnarok

• Log Horizon Nyanta?- sim species?
1. Also ideas for equip
• Will claim to New World people that she got this good at what she does through "great talent, hard work, a love for life(, a couple reincarnations) and sheer, stubborn(, batsh*t-on-a-cracker?level?)insanity!"
1. Listen, all the really strong people tend towards, what people generously gloss over as, 'eccentricity'

• Avatar - EurusSama Tiger oc?/Britishark Azāri Feere/luigiix Yuechel lxliang?-Symarra?-Katherine?/WhitePhox Shui?/SnowTigerBlue Shana?/Rassilon001-Csium Zarina (Aureus Grayclaw)
1. Medianox Tabaxi bard Velvet - festival dress?
2. Athletic build - More built than Lakyus, but nowhere near Gargaran. Ex: Luigiix Katherine

Total Level - 73

Racial Class - 6
• Cait Sith - 4
1. A race of catpeople with Fey ancestry
• Half-Golem - 2
1. Assuming this may be possible(there is Lich Dragons in Overlord, alth that's a New World thing), as half-something has to be half something else, so long as one keeps the "half" race low, raising it higher than the other race completely overrides & "erases" it, so this would probably be one of Grievous' experiments with her second account

Job Classes - 65
• Rogue - 4
• Fighter - 5
• Duelist - 8
1. Addex 1st 2 Swashbuckler things to this
• Sorcerer - 4
• Wizard - 4
• Arcanist - 3
• Spellblade - 5
• Spell Sniper - 2
1. from DnD feat
• Bard - 10
• Bard Archetype: Arcane Duelist - 5
• Bard Archetype: Daredevil - 5
• Warsinger - 5
• College of Swords - 5

Racial Skills
• Alchemically Hardened Body - Enh for her body to support & maintain Golem prosthetic. Boost to phys def & strength. (Minor)Res to effects that alter her form. Critical hit res/Lightly Fortified Body - 1-in-4 chance of a crit failing
• Cat's Fall - Ignores fall damage below a certain distance. Can auto-correct to land on her feet
• Darkvision
• Feline Agility - DnD
• Fey Descent - Immune to Sleep(-like effects). Resistance to Charm effects.
• Ignores non-magic diff terrain
• Mischievous Tail
• Mystic Stride?- can move at full speed even through thorns, briars, and overgrown areas that are enchanted or magically manipulated to impede motion
• Natural Weaponry
• See Invisibility
• True Cats Grace - Bonus to agility, accuracy and critical hit chance. Can walk and run quietly, making it difficult to detect her by sound. Great climber

Job Skills
• Abundant Casting - A 14% bonus to mp
• Acrobatic Combatant - Does not suffer movement penalties for wearing light or medium armor
• Arcana Break(er?)- Can cancel a spell or magically inflicted status on herself by focusing on and grinding it down with her own magic
• Arcane Armor - Valerie has proficiency in medium & heavy armor & can cast spells while so garbed without penalty for wearing them
• Arcane Bond - Gains the arcane bond ability as per the Wizard skill, using a weapon(Art of the Possible) as her bonded item. (With her level)6 times per day she can use her bound weapon to cast a spell she knows without draining her mp, although these cannot be enh by metamagic. Any magic properties of her bound weapon only function for her as the owner. If Art is damaged, it is fully repaired when next Valerie regains her mp. If destroyed, Valerie can perform a ritual costing 200 gold to restore/replace it.
• Arcane Riposte - Gains a 3 second boost to action rate and physical attack after taking or blocking/parrying a spell or magic-imbued attack
• Arcane Talent - Can cast up to Tier 2/3? spells without using mp. This free use is nullified if she enhances the spells with metamagic - this limit is for personal casting, doesn't trigger for item-induced metamagic?
• Bane of Silence - Immune to silencing effects. Songs can work on deaf(ened) creatures. Ignores 1 level of res to thunder damage
• Bardic Performance
• Basic Harmony - Can provide a bonus to others singing/performance. Can stack with others who have such a skill
• Blade Flourish - gains a +10 to her Agility stat while attacking, & can spend a use of Bardic Inspiration to choose (the effects of) one of 3 moves & add the worth of that Bardic Insp to her damage for the next 5 seconds
1. Defensive Flourish - adds the BI number as a bonus to defensive maneuvers, such as Parry
2. Mobile Flourish - pushes her target 5 feet & simultaneously move up to 5 feet in any direction
3. Slashing Flourish - if her attack lands, she can land a simultaneous 2nd attack for the same damage on another creature she can sense within 5 feet
• Blind Fighting
• Bound Weapons - A Spellblade can summon their main weapons
• Canny Defense - While wearing light or no armor & not using a shield Valerie gains a dodge bonus
• Combat Casting - Valerie can effectively cast spells despite disruptions that would normally prevent or cancel them without invoking greater dangers
1. Refer to Combat Casting feat for ex of such disruptions - injury, violent weather, entangled, etc
• Cutting Words - DnD. TFS Eloy
• Deflect Arrows - Applied through use of light or one-handed weapons
• Deflect Blows
• Disruptive - Enemy spellcasters have greater difficulty casting (defensive?) spells when within her effective attack range & she is aware of them. This difficulty increases as she closes to melee range
• Elaborate Defense - If she chooses to fight defensively, Valerie gains bonuses for this for every 2 levels of Duelist
• Enhancement Layering - Can stack up to 5 buff spells of the same type on any one person. Allows one extra buff from another caster
• Extra Attack
• Fancy Footwork - if Valerie attacks another creature, she is temporarily not subject to retaliatory skills/effects for those (attempted) attacks, such as for moving away from their attack range or retaliatory skills for attacks
1. Ex - Prevents use of skills like Grievous' Retaliation
• Featherweight Fighter - Can use her agility stat in place of physical defense to avoid taking damage, "rolling with punches." Valeria can attempt to convert some or all dmaage from melee weapons (or appropriate ranged attacks, such as the explosion of a fireball or a bludgeoning magic blast) into movement. If she "rolls," she's launched 1 foot for every would-be point of damage, in a straight line in a direction of Valerie's choice, though not farther than Valerie could reach within 10 seconds by her fastest inherent movement method (which would be running, but not things like Teleport). Should she collide with a creature or object of her size or larger and fail to stick the landing, she takes up to 6 points of?/slam?/any unconverted points of damage, falls Prone & is Staggered
1. Goblin feat Roll With It
• Fencing Grace - Valerie can use her agility stat to decide her base damage instead of phy atk
• Fey Performance?
• Font of Inspiration - Greatly amplifies the passive recovery rate of Bardic Inspiration
• Force of Personality - High-res (bonus) to mind-affecting & behav distur spells/effects
• Grace - Bonus to agility while wearing light or no armor. Ignores non-magic difficult terrain
• Harmonized - Reduces necessities to cast Bardic or thunder spells. Her thunder spells/attacks are enhanced when under/(going) in(to) water & cannot be blocked by other thunder-type spells or effects
• Jack of All Trades - Has basic proficiency/competency in all skills
1. Ex - buff-granting cooking
2. Nat inferior to what actual classes would provide
• Kip Up
• Language of the Birds - Reduces mp consumption by using verbal components
• Light Grip - Valerie is immune to attempts to steal, disarm or break (by physical strikes) any light or one-handed blade weaponry she's wielding
• Light Touch - Makes a singular focused stab that inflicts damage as a touch attack
• Lingering Performance
• Lunging Spell Touch
• Magic Guard - Able to focus her mana into a buckler-like shape to better defend against spells & attacks. Esp effective ag those that are resisted by mp
• Magic Warrior - A specialization of Spellblades warrior path. Buff effects are doubled when cast on a Spellblade
• Magic Weapon Channel - Can channel her spells through her weapon to combine with her physical strikes
• Magic Sunder - Spellblades can dispel magic with their weapon strikes
• Martial Focus
• Martial Rebuke - If she successfully uses her Deflect Blows, Parry or any other such skill, she can add a portion/17%? of the deflected/blocked damage to her next strike
• Master's Flourish - no longer needs to spend Bardic Inspiration to trigger Blade's Flourish, and can instead "roll" a number up to 8(points) per use to decide how much extra damage the move will inflict
• Metamagic Arcana - Valerie's metmagic has a 11% effect bonus
• Mobile Caster
• Old Tricks - Valerie can reduce the effects of critical hits
• Operatic Range - User can enh effective/possible distance of their voice, verbally triggered spells and thunder spells.
• Parry
• Penetrating Strike - When Valerie attacks using weapons she has Weapon Focus for, her strikes ignore 15 points of damage reduction
• Performance Fighter - Valerie does not take penalties for attempting to inflict nonlethal damage with her weapons
• Piercing Words - Warsingers can charge their speech with deadly power, striking opponents up to 30 feet away with intense sonic damage as a ranged touch attack. Multiple words released in a burst stack into a single powerful attack, with res & damage bonuses/reduction applying against it only once
1. Taken from/inspired by Sound Striker archetypes Weird Words skill
• Precise Strike - Valerie can add her Duelist levels to her damage. (Normally)Only works against living creatures with discernible anatomies. Not applied against creatures immune to or protected from critical hits
• Quickdraw - Valerie can quick-equip weapons from her item box
• Rakish Audacity - grants a bonus to attack initiative & allows her to inflict the bonus damage of a sneak attack against a creature if she is within 5 feet of her target & no other unallied entity, and she is not suffering a detrimental effect against her attack attempts
• Reduction Layering - Debuff variant of Enh Layering
• Riposte - Valerie gains a bonus to her attack speed after she parries or avoids an attack
• Riving Strike - If Valerie strikes a foe with a weapon that has the Arcane Strike trait, the victim takes a debuff to their mag def stat for the next 6 seconds
• Slashing Grace - Valerie can use light or one-handed slashing weapons as piercing weapons, and can apply to them skills, spells or effects normally limited to piercing
• Slayers Swagger - Bonus to attempts at intimidation & to infliction of Fear(-type effects)
• Speak Secret Tongues
• Spellblade Parry - Can parry and reflect magic projectiles using her weapons
• Spell Res
• Spellstrike - Can apply her remaining MP as a passive damage bonus - does not cost MP to use
• Spell-Type Focus - Thunder
• Structural Strike - Grievous can use her Precise Strike as normal against enemies normally immune to it
• Subtle Strikes - A high-tier fencer skill. User can choose to inflict damage without her victim being aware of it
1. In Yggdrasil, this functioned as a False Date: HP inflicted on the target, often convincing her target that her attacks were useless
• Tall Tales - Can extend the duration of buffs by prepping the target beforehand with a story. Remains in effect for (up to?) 24 hours and can work with buffs applied within this time.
• Thundercry - Enh thunder spells by using verbal components
• Uncanny Dodge
• Weapon Finesse - Allows Valerie to apply a portion of her agility stat as a bonus to her phys att when wielding proper weaponry
• Weapon Focus: Rapier
• Well-Versed - Unless she chooses otherwise this acts as four levels of resistance to bardic performances, thunder or language/voice-dependent effects

Comb Skills
• Phantom Presence - A mastery of stealthy urban movement. Within dungeons, cities & other such "crafted" environments, Valerie leaves no trace & cannot be tracked unless she wishes to leave a trail

Miscellaneous Skills
• Iaijutsu - A skill she developed by continously practicing quick drawing her sword "under the tutelage" of the Samurai class members of Ainz Ooal Gown. Was part of an experiment to see if one could develop skills outside of but related to their job class type - sword fighters. Single-strike attack that boosts attack speed, accuracy and damage.
• Mystic Studies - One who has studiously read a variety of literature on the study & usage of magic & makes use of that knowledge to improve their own. Boost to spell effects. Reduction to mp cost.
• Sorcerous Intuition: Necromancy - From spending time & studying magic within a neg en focused locale - Nazarick. Slight bonus to Necromancy-type spells
• Sorcerous Intuition: Storm?- Slight bonus to storm-type spells. Gained via having Valerie spend time & interact with Chaikal

• Acid Ball
• Acid Javelin
• Aid - DnD
• Amplify - DnD
• Appraisal Magic Item
• Aura of Vitality - DnD
• Bardic Inspiration - DnD
• Blind
• Blunting Glance?- DnD
• Blunt Natural Weapon
• Blur - DnD
• Blurred Movement?- DnD Quickling
• Booming Blade - DnD
• Bonerattle - DnD
• Cacophonic Shield - DnD
• Calm Emotions - DnD
• Catnap - DnD
• Cats Grace - DnD
• Choir - DnD. Likes to trigger with a flick of her tail
• Clean
• Clothiers Closet?- DnD
• Cloud of Daggers - DnD
• Coin Shot - DnD
• Compass
• Confusion
• Countercharm - Can cancel charm & charm-like effects
• Counterspell Song - Protects allies in range from unallied magic
• Cure Disease
• Cure Moderate Wounds
• Cure Poison
• Cyclone Cannon - A rare example of a spell who's effectiveness is decided both by magic caster levels and how long one can maintain it. Based on Executed Sage manga ch 9.2/fight with Henry
• Deafen
• Death Ward - DnD
• Detect Life
• Detect Undead
• Dimensional Move
• Dissonant Whispers - DnD
• Distort Speech - DnD
• Duelist's Parry - DnD
• Ear-Piercing Scream - DnD
• Effervescent Smite - homebrew DnD. Superior Thunder Smite
• Enemies Abound - DnD
• Enhance Ability - DnD
• Extend Edge - extends the edge of weapons with magic to increase range from longsword to nodachi length.
• Faerie Fire - DnD
• Fear
• Fire Arrow
• Flash
• Flash of Glass?- A "burst" greater invisibility spell. With good timing, user can turn their attacks invisible
• Fly
• Freedom of Movement
• Follow the Leader - DnD
• Fox Sleep
• Giants Strength
• Glue Seal - DnD
• Grease - DnD
• Great Shout - DnD
• Greater Haste
• Greater Magic Weapon?- Allows her to temp enhance magic weapons.
• Greater?Ghost Sound
• Greater Invisibility - Harder to see through. Does not dispell from attacking or casting spells
• Greater Item Mending
• Greater Knock?- Affects low-level magic locks
• Greater Word of Curse?
• Harden Steel
• Harmonic Chorus - DnD
• Haste
• Hawks Grace - Superior vers of Cats Grace
• Heal
• Heat Metal - DnD
• Hide Weapon - DnD
• Hydrate - DnD
• Hypnotic Pattern - DnD
• Hypnotism
• Insidious Rhythm - DnD
• Intensify Emotions - DnD
• Interminable Echo - DnD
• Invisibility
• Item Mending
• Kinetic Jaunt - DnD
• Knock - DnD
• Lesser Conjuration - Can create small, simple items from magic. Items dispell in 1 to 5 minutes depending on complexity?
1. A flower
2. A handful of dust/sand
3. A mirror-like pane of glass
• Lions Roar - DnD
• Lingering Chorus?- DnD
• Magic Arrow
• Magic Boost
• Magic Javelin
• Magic Shield
• Magic Weapon
• Magic Weapon: Elemental
• Magic Weapon: Thunder
• Mass Cats Grace
• Mass Magic Weapon
• Mass Slow
• Minor Telekinesis?- equiv of Mage Hand
• Modify Memory
• Nondetection - DnD
• Odorless
• Paralysis
• Pass Without Trace - DnD
• Piercing Cry of Heaven?- A piercing sonic bolt. Continously bores into target for duration. May overpenetrate and seek a new target?
• Phantom Knives - Produces shards of razored magic for ranged attacks. Can choose to release as a stream if she pours enough mana into it, but gen makes it a burst
• Plant Growth - DnD
• Protection Energy
• Purify Food & Drink - DnD
• Regeneration?Lupusregina
• Reinforce Armor
• Repair Item
• Resonating Agony - DnD
• Resonating Bolt - DnD
• Resounding Thunder - DnD
• Resounding Voice - DnD
• Rogues Grace - Boost to agility, accuracy and stealth
• ?Rogues Shield - A single use magic barrier. Negates or weakens a single attack. Can be cast on others
• Seismic Insult - TFS At The Table. Preceeded by a Yo Mama fight - ch3 e13 1:26:00
• Shatter - DnD
• Shielded Clairvoyance - Version of Clairvoyance that doesn't trigger "low-level" anti-divination defenses
• Shock Lance
• Shock Wave?
• Silence - DnD
• Sleep
• Slow
• Snowsong - DnD
• Soften Steel
• Song of Discord - DnD
• Sonic Orb
• Sonic Thrust
• Sound Lance
• Spell Theft - DnD
• Steel Skin
• Suggestion - DnD
• Swift Flight
• Sympathetic Vibration - DnD
• Synaptic Static - DnD
• Targeting
• Teleportation
• Thunderfield - DnD
• Thunderlance
• Thunderwave - DnD
• Thunder Smite - An electric physical attack
• Thunder Step - DnD
• Unseen Servant - DnD
• Vicious Mockery - DnD
• Warcry - DnD
• Wounding Whispers - DnD
• Wrathful Smite - DnD
• Zephyr Strike - DnD

• Accelerate Magic
• Boost Magic
• Delay Magic
• Extend Magic
• Elemental Infusion?- Infuses an elemental effect into another spell. Can enhance elemental spells by infusing the same type
• Maximize Magic
• Minimize Magic - Reduces a spell to minimize mana cost. Can be applied creatively
1. Minimize Magic Greater Invisibility to apply only to ones spells
• Silent Magic
• Penetrate Magic
• Precision Casting - Focuses a spell to only affect specific targets

Main Equipment
• Amulet of Mana Recovery
• Art of the Possible - Enchanted War Rapier seemingly carved from a hunk of milk white metal with black filligree - sim to Shalltear's mask. Armor Piercing. Natural Armor Piercing. Magic Focus. Empowered by Bardic songs/singing/sonic spells to inflict bonus thunder damage. Ignores 3 levels of piercing & slashing resistance. Spell hardened
1. Arcane Strike - Valerie can use her magic to passively enhance Art's damage. For 6 seconds, Art can inflict an extra point of damage for every Arcane caster-class level she has. Does not cost mp
2. Gentleman's (Stylish?)Arm (insp by YGtY magic item Gentleman's Rapier) - Can quick-summon & deposit AotP to & from her item box via a hankerchief or other cloth (such as her Shroud of Swords). Yes, that does mean and she very much did do things like drawing her sword from someone else's jacket
3. Handguard - functions as small shield. Bonus against being disarmed
4. Name from the Extra History Bismarck theme
5. Spell Sponge - Spells Valerie either casts on or channels through Art have their possible duration doubled
6. Tyrant's Crushing Gaze - A petrified eye of the black Basilisk boss enemy set into the pommel?/hilt? Can choose to imbue a petrification effect into the swords blows - in new world, this can be employed by contact with the blade when active. Can project a cone of petrification twice per day. Petrification can affect incorpor/ethereal creatures & objects. Incites a fear effect in beasts?, magical or otherwise
• Badge of Cutting Wit - Allows her to apply physical damage alongside psychic damage from spells such as Vicious Mockery. Inflicts effects of Open Wounds on successive uses
• Belt of Projectile Deflection
• Captain's Cut - Her hat. Mind Protection. Water Walking. User can ignore slippery, sticky, water-like or mud-like terrain, magical or otherwise. Grants a high bonus to perception against weather conditions & water (seeing through rain, overcoming water refraction, etc)
1. Roc Feather - The feather in her cap. Wind Res III. User ignores forced movement from strong winds unless they push her in the direc she's purposefully going
2. Design ideas - TFS Captain Meed/MH Guild Bard Lobos/luigiix Knights and Inquisition/第六猟兵-jaeger sixth - アンジェ・アリスナイト/mythriteshah The Captain's Regalia(also good alt costume)
• Cold Ironweave Claw - Golem prosthetic. Hard substance(basal?basal golemabil to enh mana recovery by meditating?) reinforced with?/made of spell-hardened Adamantite?-Star Silver?used cosmetics to have it/the plates colored black. Can be used as a shield. Enhanced stats over hers - ex: higher potential damage from strikes with this arm. Has a knobbed plate with Dispel Magic set into the back of her hand(& elbow) that she can deploy over her knuckles for better mage punching. Greater?Absorption - DnD, but spell of same name amongst tierenh by the inclusion of a Observer eye amidst the arm?. Can choose to convert the absorbed spells into force attacks?
1. luigiix Red Knight?
2. Khador Battle Mechaniks?
• Cold Ironweave Inset Equipment
1. 3?Stone of Magic Artillery?- Enh damage & accuracy of magic projectiles
2. Band of Greater Endurance - Greatly reduces need for sleep, eating & drinking. Death Res?
3. Metamagic Filigree: Concussive?- victims of thunder damage from Valerie take penalties to striking, movement & dodging. Lasts 4 seconds per spell tier.
4. Option - Focus Claws: Medium. Enh up to Tier 5 spells with Boost & Penetrate metamagic without costing mp. MagicalKaleidoscope Focus claws design
• Dancer's Edge - Boots. Spiderclimb + Glide. Triples jump height/length. Can choose to have her kicks inflict extra slashing and piercing damage alongside the normal bludgeoning damage of a kick. Can use her Parry & Deflect Blows skills through her legs while wearing them
• Infinite Backpack
• (MagicalKaleidoscope) Monarch: make/as scabbard - Can release explosive butterfly constructs that Valerie can control
• Pin of Magic Sense - Inherent Detect Magic, Detect Spell, Mana Essence and All?Appraisal Magic Item
• Potions of:
1. Ancient Spice - provides a non-magic Charm-like effect/aura?
2. Balor Honey - can pour over an object to allow the benefits of Balor Honeywrought objects. Flakes off over 42?/36?hours
3. Dragons Breath - mult types
4. Flash Bang
5. Healing
6. Holy Flash - Break for burst of radiance & holy
7. Mana
• ?Remnants of the King - Grey-scaled bracer?/gloves? formed of?-studded with(remnants of?)? polished fangs? Water Res. Elec Res. Can charge items with either element 3 times per day. Enh said elem if used on something that already has them.
1. Replace with Focus Claws idea mentioned above?
• Rings of (- limit of 6 is due to using a lesser variant of the 10 ring cash upgrade, as a drawback of her Ironweave is that it keeps her from qualifying for the 10 ring upgrade):
1. Absorption: from Rod of Abs - Val can absorb the energy of spells that specifically target her (not aoe) into the ring. This spell enenegy is stored & is equivalent to the tier of the absorbed spell, & the ring can hold up to 50 levels. Spellcasters/Val can convert this stored energy back into mp to fuel spells she knows
2. Eidolon Armor - Binds her various magic items together to form a defensive ward, not unlike Mage Armor. Prevents theft of said items while they are connected in this manner
3. Empty Breath - Removes wearers need to breathe. User can form and maintain a 15 foot radius of vacuum where they choose, which is stationary unless cast on a mobile/movable target. Gas-reliant flight (such as by non-magic wings) cannot occur within this area. Prevents spells that require verbal components.
4. Freedom
5. Detection Defense: Fluders term - obscures Valeries magic, such as against magic tracking classes, the tier of magic available to her & her mp/The Sphinx?grants the Sphinx Inscrutable traitfound from Esper the Bard Sphinx vid Criosphinx+ Psychic Dam Imm?Alt:Criosphinx-Bound shoulder cape?
6. Nine Lives - Passive False Data: HP. Can restore half the users hp a total of 9 times when theirs hits 0 - currently has 7 uses left.Note:Grievous has multiple of these
• Rod of Sustenance - 3 uses per day item. One use nullifies it's target's need to eat or drink for 24 hours
• Scrolls
1. Stone to Flesh - 86
• (Master-crafted)Shroud of Swords - A shoulder cape that can be controlled for use as a bladed third arm. Durable enough to block and parry weapons. Can defend against spells. Can adjust to match the weapon specialty of it's user & thus benefit from their skills. Can use as a prehensile limb in the new world by choosing not to apply the edge.
• Spellblade(homebrew)- A mithral rod inlaid with nearly flawless diamonds. Projects a blade of pure energy up to the length of a longsword which inflicts raw magic damage. User can add mana to amplify its damage. User attuned for long enough(page said for a week) can alter its damage type to match that of a spell they cast
• Slice of Paradise - A "parasol sword." Acts as/carries a "miniature environment" to provide a 30 foot radius area of protection for the wielder from negative environmental effects, such as damaging cold, intense heat, hail or blasting winds. Effective against creatures vulnerable to sunlight & other effects imbued into the chosen environment. When only equipped it only provides protection for it's user but must be opened and activated for the area effect
1. Based on/inpired by DelwynEzvel Saphyra
• Tyrant's Reprieve - Light armor made from a mutant Basilisk event boss - fullbody undersuit? Black scales harder than Adamantite. Proof Against Transmutation. Absorbs poison, including from the user's body, forming a roundabout Poison Imm to counter even immunity-bypassing toxins. Wearer can use Stone Shape 3 times a day, though it goes up to 9 if it's for quick and simple uses like forming stone spikes. Carries a fear effect on bestial creatures?, comb with a charm-like effect for Basilisks?
1. Includes a full-cover mask that she has quick-equip item for - complete cover with certain scales treated to be transparent for eye protection - defends against blinding light & gaze/eye-contact reliant abilities
2. Possible design - RGGM Asta-God and Genji, Dark Hunter

Tybalt, Prince of Cats - A Cat-like Fey, her familiar. Attained from a special event. General idea-forming options:
1. Mannequin-Atelier Ragdoll
2. x0mbi3s Smoke?
3. Gabriel Ramos Emerald Kitty Guard
4. Toma Feizo Gas Fanta-catThe Aristocat?/Rogue
5. Ponkichim cats
6. (Twitter)UsagitheBunny Drunk cat-man #TFSfanart
• Carries miniaturized version of her own stats?/his stats rise in accordance with hers?
• Has his own set of stories, not only of his journeys with his master/"Chosen Lady" and her friends, but also his own, his time amongst the Fey Court and of his descendants, like how one demonstrated the proper value of a Cat's life by making a boy into a prince as repayment of a life debt - Puss In Boots
• An incredibly capable fighter, not only on his own but very capable of keeping in step with and supporting others, especially his retainers and his Chosen Lady
1. Is also a capable spellcaster. Delighted by the inherent similarities between his ladies path as a "Spellblade Bard" and how he and his Order fight.
• Perhaps takes a liking to Climbs determination and sheer devotion to Renner and decides to tutor him in swordplay. Perhaps even attempt to teach smatterings of magic to see if he can be a(t least a lesser) Spellblade
1. Unlikely to work, since he apparently doesn't have the talent for magic, but maybe a short story/sub-plot idea, and it seems unlikely for him to encounter Climb and witness that devotion without him wandering off - maybe as part of Valerie's wanderings?
• Nat has the same unyielding loyalty to his Chosen Lady as any of the Nazarick inhabitants
1. As her sworn servant, will fiercly defend those close to his Lady. Even Suzuki/Momonga/Ainz, despite the intense loathing of Undead often held by Fey, holds a rare sense of respect for the Overlord, having personally witnessed his combat acumen while serving Valerie. Enforces this respect amongst the Fey in his service, and is very much the type to "duel" and slaughter random people, whether in the street or some noble halls, for badmouthong either

• Alien Mind
• Blunting Glance - weapons of hostile entities that enter his line of sight suffer a 22% debuff to potential damage & effectiveness. This effect does not fade after they leave his view
• Cutting Words
• Can summon & command other Fey creatures of lower levels than himself
1. Order of the Crescent - A band of Musketeer like Cat Feys(use unused designs for Tybalt) similar to himself and sworn to his service, his personal knights. Wield weapons such as Birdsong Carbines(releases sonic bolts that can cause subject to explode, bypassing normal resistance to, but not recovery by, thunder), Moonlight Rifles(freezing blasts of light that ignore armor and can bind their targets in gleaming ice), and Caebal Shards(swords with the ability of mythical Cae Bolg, so if they pierce the target they deal continuous damage that ignores armor for the next 15 seconds). Carry similar armor and cloaks as their Lord. Can summon their own mounts, such as Fey beasts/arthropods. In the New World, either Tybalt himself or a sufficiently ranked member of the Order can knight a cat they deem worthy as a Squire. A non-cat member would be a shocking rarity
2. Warhammer Spites
• Eating, Sleeping and Breathing are Unnecessary.
1. Still indulged in. Ex of Fey mindset in liking to sample various gases lethal to humans & other such "lesser beasts"
• Fey Favor - A high level of luck, which enhances the luck of his chosen master. Auto recovers from luck reduction.
• Prince of the Proud and Unbowedfrom Tolkien poem - Able to command felines and feline-like creatures akin to a high level Beast Tamer. Affects monsters, magical beasts and any other type. Works on creatures of higher level than Tybalt, even possibly breaking the level 90 cap of the Beast Tamer class.
1. Can grant buffs to felines. Can also grant extra qualities to their attacks, such as poison, sleep, fear, charm, etc
2. Can treat felines as familiars and use them to spy
• Proud and Unbowed - An unbreakable force of personality. Immune to mind-affecting and behavioral disturbance, including those that do not directly count as such. Gains bonuses against those who attempt to use them on him "out of sheer contempt"
• Spiderclimb
• Summon Bane - Inflicts extra damage against creatures summoned by magic, able to siphon off a bit of that magic to enhance their weapons enchantments, and has 3 chances per target of banishing said summons by striking them
• Swift Teleport - Can teleport in rapid succession. Mastered the art of striking between. Limited by distance, not line of sight. Will automatically be shunted out in the direction he was going if he goes into a solid object - this shunting can bypass his normal distance limit
• Vicious Mockery

• Balor Honeywrought Armor - Armor wrought from the honey of a high-tier Fey beast into an amber-like substance
1. Damage Reduction 25
2. Energy Protection - All
3. Gaze Rejection - Wearer and their equipment are immune to Gaze effects, and they may be reflected back on the user
4. Projects a set of magic shields?
5. Protects his senses?is this necc?
6. Prevents critical hits
7. Absorbs light and heat attacks/spells to provide a bonus to and invigorate their user
8. Can flow like a liquid to reform at his will, such as adding barbs and blades or razored edges to itself, or flowing over his melee weapons to enhance their damage
9. Flawlessly reforms itself upon being damaged, the substance reflowing to fill and smooth over any cracks
• Moonivy Cloak - A cloak woven of a Feywild flora
1. Grows new vines to both entagle the weapons of those who strike them & blunt their damage capacity. User can have the cloaks grow and project at targets both to bind them and entangle their equipment
2. Provides Greater Invisibility under moonlight, and potent camouflage capacities in the day
• The Prince's Mood - A rapier. Armor Piercing. Natural Armor Piercing. DnD Rapier of Wounding. Can choose to inflict an Open Wounds-like effect whenever he pleases on wounds made by this sword, even successively. Can jab or swipe The Prince's Mood into wounds made by Valerie to enable this effect. LimningDnD affect. LifesurgeDnD weapon affect. Thawing?DnD
• The Prince's Play - A set of throwing knives. AnchoringDnD affect. Bane - againsg magical beasts. Inflicts Confusion. Luck reduction. Vanish into silvervine-scented smoke at Tybalts desire. Unlimited reserve - Can maintain up to 25 at a time
• The Prince's Consideration - A Fey "pistol." Vine that curls around his arm into a blooming flower on the back of his paw. Spits super-sonic seeds that bloom wherever/in whatever they hit. Will insist on reaching up to the surface if buried too deep for normal blooming, possibly causing extra damage. Vampiric. Mana Draining. Inflicts exhaustion on creatures that require rest. Each flower can release either a burst or a cone of either posion or sleep gas once at Tybalt's will. 3 times a day he can release its pollen to inflict immense internal damage on those who breathe it in via their new internal flowers blooming?
1. Descrip taken from small reddit post about Fey Pistol design. By GreyAcumen
2. By allowing Gen's?/Consid's? vines to directly feed on another's blood and?/or? mana(of a slain foe?), it can be temporarily enhanced for superior penetration & rapid fire
3. Tigerlily, the Prince's Sweetheart (title inspired by a line of Peaky Blinder ep3) - By feeding on multiple corpses, it can temporarily form a size cat Large Fey creature that he (& others of low enough size) can ride as a mount. Nicko Frebriansyah Tiger Lily
• The Prince's Dismissal - A horn, seemingly carved from a large white claw that darkens into a bronze tinge near the former claw tip. Inflicts panic. Ignores up to mid-level resistances and immunities to mind affecting abilities. Inflicts particularly stubborn debuffs on those who can overcome or ignore the inflicted panic. His attacks and the attacks of those allied to him will more easily pierce the defenses &?inflict extra damage on those particularly brave fools

Magic ideas
• D&DTools is good for finding specific types of spells, as one can look for them by type(fire/electric/etc) or school
• D&D Unleashed
1. Offensive Necromancies

MagicalKaleidoscope - An artist who seems to have plenty of ideas for magic items
• Cursed Pie-morningstar
• Gardengate
• Ghostvine
• Hivesong
• Malevolence
• Titan's heart
• Waterdance Blade

Creature ideas
• Angel racial lines idea
1. Angel 》Virtue 》Throne - Speedsters & strong senses - Rangers/Thieves/etc
2. Archangel 》Dominion 》Seraph - Casters. Seraphs probably get Power Words - can also refer to Dungeon Dad for ex - Word Archon/Asfaraba. Found idea: Blazing Channel - when the user Turns Undead, said undead are engulfed by holy fire (which can be extinguished early by use of neg en effects that heal undead)
3. Principality 》Power 》Cherubim - Tanks.
• Dungeon Dad Angels Should Be Scary
• PointyHat Biblically Accurate Angels in D&D
1. Use Authority idea as the base for the Power of the Principality 》Power 》Cherubim line
2. Perhaps respec the Throne idea into Cherubim tanks being able to summon walls, barriers & fortress-style armaments to turn the area into a bastion
• Accuser/Satan - Angel class idea('s). Angel with the ability to damn, whether through altered holy or being granted the capacity of both hellish & holy powers
1. Better alt:a Satan/Accuser class would probably specialize in (holy)Behavioral Disturbance &/or Mind-Affecting, & maybe gain bonuses & trigger skills for managing to land them - maybe one of the karma-affecting classes?
• Angelic Vessel - A template to be attached to those possessed by Angels. Seems to be Supernatural-style, with the Angels suppressing the human & taking full control
1. Discovered by the Grievous-fuelled summoning experiments?
2. Something one of the planners might employ later on for PR, given the unshakeable loyalty & altered nature of Grievous' Angels
• Dungeon Dragon - Another poss addition to Nazarick. One of the creatures that can act as a human without much concern needed over breaking its cover by slaughtering. Perhaps spends time with Pandora's Actor?
1. Prob uses Form of Doom spell for serious combat
• Basic Seraph design idea - Ben Whitelock EIKON - God of Light
1. Angelic/draconic creature. Looks like it may not appear out of place amongst either Yggdrasil Angels or Grievous' statue-like form
• Knight of the Nine - An idea for a rare class. One gathers up all 9 variants of the drop items that allow one to become a Knight of a world (assumption, idea from Ando's(?) Overlord's Dragon), such as Knight of Niflheim. One uses all 9 at once & "the collective powers of the 9 realms" grant the job class Knight of the Nine, which grants them superior variants of the skills from the 9 realm knight classes as well as a few bonuses, so it might be considered a lesser version of World Champion. Collectively takes up 50 levels
Monster ideas from DnD - vids from AJ Pickett & Dungeon Dad, /All Sorts of Critters
• Ainz summons
1. Nightshades(collective name of group) - Alien entities from negative energy plane - seemingly either are or akin to negative energy elementals instead of merely Undead - prob som brought forth by either Super-Tier Spells or special Skill Summons, either of which are likely limited to Necromancer focused builds like Ainz. Nightwings take the magic from magic items
2. Gravebound - Undead formed from victims buried alive, makes bodies from dirt & stone
3. Bonesinger - Undead Bard
4. Heucuva - Undead Cleric
5. Kurobozu - Undead Monk. Exhauster
6. Entombed - Zombie wearing a Golem-like mass of ice
7. Attic Whisperer - Anti-Bard. Voice stealer. Exhauster. Perhaps added as Nigredo's child?- a bit of sympathy for the NPC from Grievous that reached Tabula?
8. Defiling Skeleton - Skeleton variant that auto-restores when destroyed by sucking up life force in area
9. Dust Skeleton - Low tier skeleton that bursts into toxic/paralyzing dust when broken
10. Crypt Lord - Canon to Overlord, though one may want to refer to DnD Skull Lord(AJ Pickett for better abilities, as apparently there's two versions) since Crypt Lords seem to fulfill a similar undead commander/support fighter role
11. Tween(probably rename Thueen as sugg by Lord of mangoes)- a spirit that bonds to and aids a warrior - very Shadow of Mordor. Dungeon Dad made sugg abilities for this. Possible upgrade/partner for Brain?-Lizardmen?-surviving Six Arms members?
12. Defacer - Undead from Doppelgangers & shapeshifters.
13. Drocha Swarm - May be Messenger Undead used on Lizardmen
14. Charnel Hound - Giant dog-like creature made from mass of Zombies. Dungeon Dad comment lists idea of using them for rapid transport & redeployment of Zombies
15. Fermented Mummy - Also has its own once per day raise undead ability
16. Gloom Dragon - Not Undead. AJ Pickett
17. Spellgorged Zombie - sounds like som Ainz would absol adore
• Aura pet beasts ideas
1. Cipactli - DnD divine wrath Spinosaur-like monster. Weather control and "stat consumption." D20pfsrd lists variants for specific forms of ability destruction, so she could have several
2. Tomasz Chistowski Shellkronis - not sure idea: able to enh itself by eating metals & minerals, sim to but better than the Quagoa?
3. Mr Jack Charged Devilsaur
4. Aaron Lovett Twilight Riverbeast
5. Snailshu Typhon - Given origin, probably suited for heavy defense & anti-rogue/assassin-powerful observation with such skills
• Ulgurstasta - A specially crafted Undead that acts as both siege engine & general. Given lore, would likely be a ritual summon from one of the lore books Grievous & the others hunted for
• Wickerman - A ritual summons/crafted construct for use by Druids
• EmperorNeuro
1. Hand of Glory - Undead hands. Seems like a spellcaster variant of the Crawling Claw with a candle mechanic to decide their strength "per round"
2. Metal Ooze - Bismuth - multi-elemental Ooze/Mithral - slashing speedster(probably also good for a character build)
• Pointy Hat How to actually use devils in D&D - Hellish Adepts idea: Devils that make deals to provide their contractor/pupil the ability to massively boost a single stat - these pupils eventually become Hellish Adepts themselves
• Death Tyrant - Beholder variant. A boon for any aiming to create an undead army
1. Prob gained either from cash shop or certain events
• Pointy Hat Intoner
1. Lich Bard
• Grisgol - Magic item construct. For Ashurbanipal?
• Necrophage Ghouls
• Palimpsest - Dungeon Dad. Scroll monsters. Perhaps som Titus likes to make after the guild discovered how?
• Raggamoffyn - Dungeon Dad
1. Nigel Hirth comment lists variants
• Crown Devil npc》Bakof?/Clox?- homebrew Devil. A type born from nobles/royalty. Specializes in control abilities
1. An aide to Albedo? Build plays on Crowned Devils control-focused abilities, idea being to both force/make allies from invaders, turn summons on opponents and "brutally enhance" their new slaves
2. Design ideas - alr listed on page, or siulizirnadrema Demon Offers The Crown/
• Baelnorn - Yggdrasil version could be a Faith Magic based variant of a Lich?
1. Going with the above idea of special race transformations, something a high-tier elf necromancer could become?
• Cadaver Collector - Dungeon Dad. Rebrand as an Undead healer?- Yggdrasil version could be a golem/construct designed (by Nazarick?) both to also support Undead? Spell imm to tier 5?& below - heals from neg en?
1. See Chal Level 30 vid for insane abil' & Corpse Roomba
• Devastator - Giant fiendish construct
• Warsworn - Pathfinder. Should they have had the methods to form these horrors at the time, the guild likely would've taken great pleasure in gathering up & fusing the corpses of the 8 Guilds invaders into these, so would probably have 1 or 2 dozen within Nazarick, assuming they didn't use the corpses for a variety of other purposes
• Immured/Walcofinde - Pathfinder. Another ex of what they could've done with the 8G invaders &/or any other petty tresspassers
• Damnation Books - Undead tomes made (apparently primarily by necromancers with money to burn) to act in the roles of overseers, librarians, educators & other such management positions
• Nemesis Devil/Advodaza - fallen/forgotten demigods turned devils.

Magic item idea: Magi Cryptex - Change one word of a spell to alter its affects. Single use or rechargable items
• From reddit Ring of Spelling homebrew(has ideas - Inflict Hounds/Bacon of Hope/Meat Metal/Fish), discovered from Arcane Forge Cryptex of Loki. Presumably Yggdrasil's system was advanced enough to account for these changes
• There is something similar called Ring of the Grammarian, which changes one letter of a spell instead. Where I learned of this from gave the example of changing Thunderwave to Thunder Dave, so it summoned a man named Dave who wields a magic hammer

Story ideas
• KillerGirlFuria Overlord fic Never Enough
• Elden Ring spells?
1. Cool stuff fhat seems like they'd fit into a D&D-esque setting, so maybe use for inspiration & rework a bit
• Operating under the assumption that level 100 Yggdrasil players would be Epic in dnd(variants) - over CR 30 monsters/level players, past the point of killing demigods & avatars of gods in DnD itself. Mr Rhexx has videos detailing other monsters & beings in said weight class, which extends to the point of beings who can (& technically have) kill all the gods on their own
1. I.e. Grievous is at the level where she could beat the (various) Tarrasque('s) to death and actually have it stick
• Might want to reconsider rearranging some of the spell tiers. Ex: something with God's Eye's restrictions sounds more like a 4th-6th tier rather than a 9th
1. Revamped God's Eye - takes an overhead wide snapshot of an area that can sse through obscurance, such as walls or even the ground to some degree. User's instead can inspect this map-like picture, much like a google earth viewing, which is how it bypasses the normal type of anti-divination methods. Very much cannot be detected by lesser tier magic
• Look into DnD 10th level/epic magic for 10th & super tier spells
• Of course op - YaBoyRockLee idea/theory of "a world reacting to overwhelming power"
1. Alucard op - op, but you can still find 1 to 5 people who could give you a challenge
• AniNews theory that Pandora's Actor's base build is designed around passively generating gold, buffing defenders of Nazarick and gaining discounts on mercenaries
• Employ manga idea of Ainz's hood causing his face to be obscured by darkness at a distance or when dramatically appropriate, only showing his eyes
• Be aware that Overlord humans are literally a different breed than hom*o Sapiens with better physical potential
• Web Novel has Black Scripture 5th Seat/Clementines brother encounter Ainz and think he's their god of death
• Probably use Tiamat, Goddess of Dragons idea of leaving Albedo's slu*t lore in - "I mean, sheisa Succubus" - , whether on purpose or because they forgot to hit save. Overlord without a horny Albedo just doesn't sound right
1. Would Albedo get along better with Shalltear since she's not specifically in love with someone? Would a more generalized sense of horniness help their relationship?
2. Or maybe "she wants to be a wife"?
3. Also ch22 "spell programming" idea
• Grievous encourages Ainz to experiment with arboreal necromancy, to see if he can reanimate dead flora & therefore create a form of undead unknown(as far as they know)to Yggdrasil. Could serve as backup if the Enhanced Treants go down
1. If so, end result would probably project a necromantic aura to "nourish" & enhance undead
2. Official ex - Pathfinder Copsewight
• Would look into the Ashurbanipal Overlords ability to make summons
1. At some point in doing paperwork, would pause, look forward & wonder aloud "Don't we have a bunch of undead whose lore makes them brilliant just hanging out in the library?"
2. Would suggest looking into if their summoning capacity could be used to bolster Ainz's & vice-versa in the new world: group ritual summoning - Rite of Darkness with multiple Overlords, seeing if they could channel their Create High/Middle/Low-Tier Undead into Ainz's or vice-versa. Ex: Pathfinder Tomb Giant Sinister Synergy skill
• Has Fluder's Death Knight seized & added to the experiment about Undead gaining warrior classes & martial arts. If going with canon, Ainz's DK has (thus far at least) shown itself unable to advance in such a way(follow or change as you decide), and Grievous, predicting this, wants to see if its only a limit of Yggdrasil crafted Undead. Might be against mass inclusion out of concern for Undead with the capacity for such advancement going berserk, unlike the "mentally imprinted" brought forth via Ainz's necromancy/summons
1. Ainz mentions som similar in Emissary of the King
2. Perhaps expands to include other "upper tier"(according to locals)Undead from the Katze Plains added to such experiments, like the Skeletal Dragons
3. Wonders if Ainz's undead wandering the Katze Plains in groups will contribute to the Undead spawning, & if those created will inherently share their loyalty to Ainz
• Wonders if Cabrakan's immense elemental power could be used to influence areas into producing elemental-type Undead - Cinderghoul/Hoar Spirit/Esper the Bard Elemental Undead - ex: Blightning/Bonefire/Sepulterra
• Grievous wonders if the other Players transported to the new world were taken while Yggdrasil was going or if they were taken from the game's end and randomly deposited throughout time. Tells this to Ainz to theorize that the only players they might encounter, perhaps only in a far future, are those who stayed to the end like them
1. Supported by the bonus story/Vampire Princess of the Lost Country
• Make note of Shihoutu Tokitu, the head chef of Nazarick
• Emissary of the King - Shows Ainz's undead (or at least Death types like Death Knight) possess sapience & can apparently speak
1. Skythewood blog where I read it also included some manga pages of the Pleiades helping Cocytus
• Perhaps her attempt to take pressure off Ainz would be to remind the npcs that Punitto Moe was the genius strategist, and try to show Ainz more as talented at spotting opportunities?
1. Probably won't work, with Demiurge assuming that the ability to rule over such a mind proves Ainz's genius or som
• Remember Overlord Official Comic A La Carte, The Undead (King) Oh!, the blu-ray specials, Mass For The Dead and Ple Ple Pleiades for story ideas
1. From Official Comic ch2 and the instance with Absolute Excitment, Cocytus has his own tendency for over-excitement
2. The Undead Oh has chapters showing interactions between Ainz guild members
3. Undead Oh! Several are just from Yuri/The Pleiades trying to find ways to spend time. 1 - sports day ep. 10 - trying to find a mate for Hamsuke. 15.1 - Peroroncino's perception of being a father to Shalltear. Ainz's Ambition/6.5 is apparently canon. 16 - Pleiades attempt at a maid cafe. 19 - Holiday chapter - Spirit Warship Ainz Ooal Gown. 20.1 - Shalltear learning to cook. 20.2 - Several Ainz Ooal Gown members quick opinions on getting isekaid as their avatars. 21 - Aura shows the logical assumption from Ainz treating the npcs as his friends children/Shalltear & Albedo trying to get Pandora's Actor to accept them as his stepmother. 22 - A mock trial as an attempt to get the npcs to treat humans fairly/were you aware Narberal is more evil than Lupara? 23 - Mare writes a story/Ainz's willingness to crossdress for efficiency-status effects. 26 - Telling scary stories. 27.1 - Playing Chess with Pandora's Actor. 27.2 - Momonga, Pero & Bubu discussing voice casting for Shalltear & Mare. 28 - Shizu becomes head maid for the day & trains the 42 Homunculi(poster is assuming it's supposed to be one maid for each guild member) to take cover/trap-ridden panic room/Eclair recruits Shizu. 29 - A play written by Luci Fer. 32 - design process of the Jaldabaoth mask (- poster is kind of disap, liked to think those were supposed to be "Mask's of Pride"). 46 - Pero is also a fan of romcom (manga)/Supreme Being sleepover. 47 - Dif between Shalltear & other fictional Vampires
4. Official Comic A La Carte - 1st number is from site read on, 2nd is official ch according to wiki. 24/27 Shalltear shows a sisterly care for Aura. 28/31 shows Demiurge comforting Mare, Cocytus and Shalltear - apparently willing to carry Mare & sing/hum "lullabies" to help them sleep. 29/32 - Albedo's quest for headpats. 30/33 - Aura's dress specially made for her by BubblingTeapot & Shalltear's gleeful support - exploration of gap moe. 32/35 - Rororo's day & thoughts. 33/36 - Cocytus's attempts at governing the Lizardmen. 40/44 - Tuare's training. 41/45 - Narberal hugs Hamusuke for stress relief & Nazarick actions after Gehenna incident. 44/48 - Renner finds a puppy that reminds her of Climb. 48/51 - Momonga chokes out Touch Me and Ulbert
5. Ninja Mansion's of Nazarick
6. Enact Demiurge's Treant plot
7. Finds Mine Dungeon?
8. Finds and captures Isabella - a local devil
9. Queen Grievous is generally accompanied by Achu and Unchu, a pair of Lord Knights, as her guards
10. Encounters Kyuko. She seemingly enters The Forest of Tob before Shalltear was controlled but after Hamsuke was subdued
11. Use Corpse Guardian for something
12. Revealed that chocolate(prob also vanilla) is essentially unknown (at least) in the section of the New World that Nazarick landed in. Nazarick can dominate this market. Can refer to Evil Princess Wants To Live In A Gingerbread House for possible ideas on how to push chocolate when it's unknown - ch59 is one such ex
13. Ple Ple Pleiades displays an ex of teamwork between the Pleiades. CZ can redirect Entoma's talismans with her gunfire
14. Sophie Noia?- Magic scientist. Obsession with slimes
• Can read Pleiades Day online
• Would they immediately leverage her Angels for propaganda, or would they(prob under Albedo's & Demiurge's recom) hold that for later to enhance their image after they establish their kingdom?
1. Part of this would probably be forbidding Ainz from showing he can control Angels, like with that super-tier spell
2. Ainz would probably want to hold Grievous in reserve as a trump card
3. Imagining she's initially jsut "a presence" amongst his retinue, to later be revealed as a sign of "divine providence" - the walking authority of the divinely ordained supreme ruler, an entity chosen and sent not only with immense power and wisdom, with so many mighty races represented within his army, but with the detachement from any particular group or race that only an Undead can have
• YaBoyRockLee idea - would eating metal with runes in it make a Quagoa magically strong?
• Valerie tells a story of one of her and Momons early adventure to entertain a bar
1. Cami-Cat/Danerei Milos Maw of the King
2. Creates an illusion to demonstrate the battle. (After the song)Ends by showing her, waking up, missing an arm and lying on a bed with Momon(& friends?) beside her. She looks down at the bandaged stump, silently looks at Momon for several seconds before cracking a sunny smile, pointing at Momon & saying "Hah! I told you we could take him!" And maybe "Hah ha-ow, it hurts to laugh, but it's worth it so f*ck you, hah!"
3. Option - Illusion has variants of several of their Guild mates to get the word out. A silver warrior with a blue eyed helmet - perhaps causes something with Tsaindorcus for resemblance to his armor, maybe he feels someones trying to call/lure him out?- a goat man caster, etc. Naturally includes her as Valerie & Ainz as an earlier version of Momon, both with lesser gear than their current selves - Valerie has her normal arm, Momon has lesser armor with a cleaver-like greatsword
• On the subject of learning New World Martial Arts, Grievous believes it might be something available to only "natural born" entities rather then "creations" like the Nazarickians or Momonga's summons. In their(/players) case, they may be something only available to pure warriors, so Ainz might be able to "glitch the system" and learn some if he spends a large amount of time with Perfect Warrior active
1. She also might recognize them as a more generalized variant of things like her Thrashing Dragon style and Lupara's Styles
• Valerie option - she ends up acting as the referee and action commentator for a gladitorial tournament, maybe also using her bard skills to keep the fighters up and heal damage. Maybe drags Momon into the booth with her
1. Now FIGHT, you sexy people!《 from Theropods all Barbarian oneshot, by the referee Tua'Tara Windfury
• If Grievous ever meets Climb, his ever-serious expression reads to her like a minor case of resting bitch face
• As a pure warrior, Grievous would seek out books outside of rulership, such as Antony Cummins books (like Modern Ninja Warfare)
1. Would also have these study sessions with Cocytus

Plot ideas - How Grievous' presence might shift things (mostly while going similar to canon) & random bits. This is not one of those oc's who pushes Ainz to the side by being a superior leader
• After spending the day/any time she had going out and wreaking havoc "as appropriate for a Mashchit/The Flood," she'd spend her last portion in Nazarick openly cursing the devs for closing down & anything else that pissed her off over the years, & a sobbing thanks for making this place where she made so many fond memories - alt: roars out said thanks with equal intensity
1. For the World Enemy/Flood option, she'd probably be reveling in her kaiju status & would be engaging, wrecking & plundering the remnants & bases of any guilds or other groups that pissed her off before coming back to Nazarick "with the spoils of the final war"- could probably use as a reason to include at least another of the World Item options listed above, if not add some of your own, and if choosing Atlas she'd likely shoot off an email to her absentee guild mates on how one of the final acts of AOG was the reclamation of Atlas & the avenging of (it's theft from) Nine's Own Goal - maybe a brief triumphal trip to treasury to drop it off
2. ?If you chose it, she'd likely be fully unleashing The Salvation of Zion (perhaps you wanna combine this with The Flood idea listed above) as a personal final boss event, "fulfilling her purpose as a destroyer" and wiping out everyone she can as she goes around wreaking havoc. She'd probably keep this up until the last 20-30 minutes before (as far as her opponents know) just vanishing to spend the last bit of her time back in Nazarick. Would let any Angels she summoned in this way keep rampaging - possible seed for future issue should an/some Angels be near a world item when they're dragged over
3. Grievous (is the type who) would ask Herohero to stay. When/If he declines, she says she'll at least send him off in style, wanting to "Doomsling"(see above) him into the sky for one hell of a view before he goes
4. If Suzuki starts rambling out loud his thoughts on the various sights & beings of Nazarick, she'd wonder to herself why he's narrating but she'd let him keep going.
5. She'd counter Suzuki's claims of how their doom would be assured if anyone made it to the ninth floor by stating how any but the absolute greatest of those "bold heroes" would've been a haggard wreck, especially after the 8th floor. "If a f*cking world enemy focused on us couldn't put AOG in the ground, then anyone worn down after 8 levels of our madness & cruelty certainly wouldn't find it easy"
6. She'd ask Momonga why he thinks the door golems would attack today when they never had before. Probably teases him a bit by having them briefly start up before shutting them back down
7. If not going with the idea of her being Suzuki's wife, then while she'd wouldn't stop his choice of choosing Albedo as his waifu, she would probably snark on it - "Hey, if your thing is the most normal looking girl made by gap-moe lover Tabula, then you do you," and probably have a little spiel about how choosing a waifu requires consideration of more then pretty. (!) Now there's an idea (only thought of while writing this paragraph): Momonga ends up putting the "she loves me" in a different npc than Albedo due to a friends influence
• Option:may say it'd be better to stop by the Treasury first/rather then the arena, because if he's really concerned about the tombs inhabitants turning on them, then they should see about getting some armaments & "mindlessly loyal" golems
• In her eagerness to see them, Grievous would probably fly up to see Mare in the vip box when she realizes he hadn't jumped with Aura. Walks down the stairs (Mare apparently thinks that since the Supreme Beings made the stairs it's more disrespectful not to use them) while talking to him & Momonga has a separate conversation with Aura
• Grievous interrupts Albedo at "You would disg-" by telling her to let Mare finish. Soft but firm voice
1. Note - with the Star of Orenda, large-scale illusions to hide Nazarick becomes a viable option, but would they go with that (alone) for worry of those who can see through illusions? With Yggdrasil's arms race nature, it seems certain that there are counters for those with low to mid-tier methods of piercing illusions
• Grievous wouldn't trigger her Holy Terror on the Guardians for concern of negative effects - note: Ainz's worked due to the Staff buffing him, not baseline capacity
1. Demiurge would praise her as the very pinnacle of what Angels could aspire to (probably has something about "those with the capacity to aspire")
2. Cocytus regards her as a ferocious warrior - "the speartip of Nazarick?"
• Grievous wonders if the Death Knight took off in such a hurry purely to follow orders or because he's excited to be ordered to kill
1. LN has the DK "purring"(KRRRRR) in satisfaction as it murders
• Option - While Ainz is experimenting with the Death Knight's victims, Grievous may drift off to see about snatching up a few of those still living for interrogation
• Grievous doesn't talk around the villagers or Gazef('s troops)
• Grievous' thought process to not resurrect the villagers is essentially "Why? We already saved their lives, and they're just gonna die fairly soon anyways"《 human lifespan ref
• Sends some(6 sounds good) Archangel Flames of her own to see how they stack up to Niguns
1. Opt 1 - stops Gazef as he's leaving to summon some & order them to follow him
2. Opt 2 - partway through Gazef's fight to help his guys as they rush in
• Grievous would tell Ainz not to bother explaining to Nigrun - if he's not smart enough to be wary and work out why they're confident after seeing that fight, why waste their breath
• Grievous uses Sphere of Influence to command the Dominion Authority. It responds like a machine, flatly answering according to it's knowledge
1. It's voice is like a war horn(Vikings Gjallarhorn/Sound Dimension War Horn Dark Cinematic Sound Effect/Darksiders Griever), while hers is softer but more "terribly deep" - if using the more artsy/eloquent text applicable to Overlord ln, one would probably describe it as "the difference between rolling thunder & the soft rumble that precedes/signals an earthquake"
2. (Most?)NPC Angels have the nature of "instruments with varying degrees of sapience," sentient tools at the command of others/their creator god - idea being the normal Angels are more of the baseline good gods, with different variants being available to other types of lawful gods《again, idea from PointyHat's Angel video. Sapience is more a tool to better adjust to carry out their missions than an expression of individuality - refer to PointyHat Angel vid - "construct creatures"
3. When describing it, Grievous happily notes how its wings are fragments of energy in the shape of feathers, enjoying the ability to see it in reality, especially with her new insane vision - at least one scene of the anime gives a closeup to reveal this
4. Chooses to keep the Dominion. As a special ritual summon held in an item, maybe it doesn't have a time limit, staying until killed or dispelled similar to Enri's Goblins. Perhaps it's usually resealled after use, since Nigun mentions it killed a demon
• Use Kyouhukou and his children as part of their information network
1. Tails and Claws by NerdQueen228 ch21 also lists this idea, but last check ended on that chapter
2. Can probably enhance the effectiveness of this by having him work with Nigredo
• Grievous' method to rationalize humans potential for strength to Guardians is to point out how all species bottom rung members are pathetic in terms of power, esp in comp to them, such as imps for fiends. The issue is exceptional members, as humanity ult produced Lord Ainz(as an Undead/how they came from a similar race?)
1. If it doesn't work, she'll probably just show them Chuck Norris memes - or maybe Segata Sanshiro, since she's (presumably) Japanese
• Grievous adventurer options
1. Valerie Vetal idea
2. Solution disguise idea listed above - seems the least practical, unless she has items to lower her stats enough not to blow off/vaporize Solution -note:Overlord the Undead Oh! revealed the Maiden Set, an ex of clothing that's unsuited for combat and thus reduces the wearers combat ability
3. Form of the Wolf - Does she pretend at Manta Ray/Dolphin-level sentient but still feral, or does she go as a sapient talking canine( - talks with a verbal translation item for beasts?; maybe amulet or som, but Ainz mentioned som called Translation Gum as a theory for how he can understand the New Worlders). Assumed options - Tagean Hound/Dwarf Hound/Moon Dog 《refer to Lunagaron for what I imagine as a general ex of mov, body type & combat/Cayhound《《》prob would switch between this & a Caypup/Chamrosh/Anemoijera-Wind Wolf《《homebrew/(Frost) Bladewolf《homebrew/Noonwolf (UnearthedArcana) homebrew by Yorviing - solar Werewolf《《《》aka Aurorwolf-Sunwolf; maybe expand & alter a bit: divinely-made Werewolves instead of cursed?《Child of Gubbio?
4. Alt - Instead of Grievous, Lupara goes with Ainz(/her dad). Her capacity as a ki-specialized Monk should give her a similar capacity to act like a Spellcaster
• Grievous instantly clocks Ninya as a girl
• Option:Her response to the iron plate hecklers would be to put up a hand to stop Momon, silently face the leg one, put her hands on his shoulders - pinning him to chair, with Overlord story/power effects probably paralyzing him with what he can feel of her strength - & slowly turn his chair so he's facing the side with leg out of way, then pat his head twice, like a good boy. Changes story since they don't hand out potion
1. After finding out about Nfirea's talents, Grievous would very definitely have a Message chat with Ainz about if they need to find, maybe even grab, that kid after they get back - maybe calls back and has them send some stealth units to find him & investigate his materials? Given how Clementine won't have to wait to grab him, either those stealth units will encounter her, or Grievous/Valerie, Momon and The Swords may come back partway through the undead uprising, and maybe even interact with & "fight" Elder Lich Khajit.Note:with her survival & this event, would Ninya still be able to look into the various Dragons she mentioned, inspiring either the next or some other future arc?
• Option - Has CZ/Shizu go with them as a Ranger while Valerie acts as their spellcaster?
1. Idea:Jokingly tells Swords of Darkness they suspect Shizu might be some sort of fairy princess in disguise as an explanation for the freakish durability of her One Yen Stickers, if for some reason Shizu likes them enough to give said stickers to one or more of them. Prob have a scene in a side story where one blocks a fatal blow
2. Perhaps Solution could go with Neia if you choose this, as a stealth build for the mission. Might be interesting to see if Solution could similarly befriend such a fanatic
• When it comes to the idea of Ninya saying they can find new comrades, Grievous would probably just put a hand on Ainz's shoulder to cut him off and ?
• Rationalizes the others reaction to Hamsuke(dif name?- Daif*cku?)as "Well, they don't have Hamsters to compare her to, so to them, it's a hulking mass of pure muscle with enough intelligence to converse andshockinglynice fur"
• 2 options to change story. Someone survives to join under Nazarick
1. Poster favors option 1 with Khajit, and objectively he'd probably offer more, but that's coming from someone who lacks the overhead viewing skills necessary to try to connect the various butterfly effects
• (Canon-based)Opt 1《 unlikely if earlier potion option is chosen, but still refer to for part of the result - Goes with Swords to return Nfirea to house. Fight Khajiit and Clementine in the house. Considers using Silence to nullify Khajiit and have Swords of Darkness try to kill him while she faces Clementine, but doesn't want to risk if Khajiit has Silent Casting, so blasts a hole through the wall (tells Nfirea they'll allow him to use only a 12th of Raven Black's pay to help with the damages, since they're saving his life, or maybe just tells him she's waving any damage fees precisely because they're saving his life) and engages in a fighting retreat. Later they backtrack through Khajiit to his group, killing?and plundering them. Claim Orb of Death
1. Takes longer to reach Adamantite?- Perhaps not, since Clementines plate collecting habit might still incite a decent degree of fame, plus Swords of Darkness living to help spread their fame
2. Instantly Message's Ainz to inform him of the situation as she talks to Khajiit & Clementine
3. After Swords of Darkness run off with Nfirea, Valerie Force Teleports Khajiit & Clementine to another location. Prob chooses graveyard out of assumption that a necromancer would be based there out of practicality, esp with how graveyards apparently naturally spawns undead - perhaps tells Momon to wait for them there, so he may be swinging down on Clementine within seconds of arrival
4. If Momon isn't there for canon fight, Valerie decides to kill Clementine. Seems crazy & impulsive, and they have enough of those who are far more loyal in Nazarick
5. Perhaps makes note to steal her body so they can clone her as a sparring partner?/raise Clementine as an Undead(presumably after testing mentioned below), to see if it can retain knowledge &/or skills?- would a sapient undead raised from (parts of) someone like Clementine retain her martial arts? Perhaps a vampire(web novel idea of vampire Brain applied to Clementine?) or similarly "fleshy & sapient" undead to maximize chances - if Clementine is allowed to survive as a human, poster imagines fhe best she can expect is the web novel Arche treatment - SPOILER - to be handed off to Shalltear or another of the more vicious guardians as "a cute new pet"Alt:or maybe Cocytus to see if it can incite a lesser change as the Saint Clementine justification?
6. Decides to take Khajiit alive, initially as someone who should have the knowledge to teach magic/necromancy (esp if she has/is using Valerie), and wants to see what that would look like without game mechanics. Intends to have him explain all the necromancy he knows to Ainz(have him write it down, feeling Ainz should have some basic knowledge of how his specialty functions beyond instinct & "say name of spell" - also check magic tomes of Nazarick later for such info. Ainz might actually find necromancy study a lot more fun than his usual "rulership studies," and his innate use of magic & necromancer-focused build might make it easier for him to grasp), under the guise of "judging his level" & seeing if there's any diff betw Yggdrisal necromancy & the New World's. Pauses to consider true recruitment both by interest and consideration of his apparent capacity for careful planning with his "5 year" remark, esp with 2 Skeletal Dragons in a city with active Adventurers decently familiar with Undead due to Katze Plains - might serve extra functions, such as investigating if Khajits attempts at a superior resur spell will be different from Yggdrasils version - becomes som similar to what Ainz has.Note:there is a short fanfic with Ainz deciding to challenge Khajiit (maskedkeeper Khazit what if he got lucky), feeling sympathy for his lost mother and recruiting him
7. May stage Khajits plan by having Ainz cast the Undeath Army spell to help prompt their fame - uses Orb of Death, which will probably help Ainz remember it better, and then teleport out to fight through & leave Clementines body alongside any dead apprentices of Khajit to take the blame
8. Valerie option:at the graveyard, she'd use her Bard skills to buff Hamsuke and has him and their follower putting on a show in view of the guards while she and Momon head deeper. She'd probably call back compliments and cheers if her buffs wear off
9. Khajit's desire for Undeath would likely prompt experiments, such as if forcibly using "raise dead" abilities/spells on a living person (who says the spells have the same limits as the game? Why shouldn't the negative energy of an undead-raising spell(kill & instantly) transform the living? Readers should note, there is an official D&D spell in that vein called Demise Unseen) could transform them while allowing them to retain their mind, likely starting with a similar test to craft elder liches from Khajits (slain?) apprentices to see if raising them as sapient undead allows them to retain/restores their minds - from Iguva, seems any raised undead will gain the fanatical loyalty typical to Nazarick.Sub-idea:something in these experiments may enable Ainz to act as a Warlock Patron, even if just to New World Undead made in this method such as Khajit
10. Grievous would be very fascinated with the Orb of Death, and wonders (aloud) why Ainz - looking to boost Nazarick's war potential & deciding to create an Undead army - wouldn't be interested in an item that could boost his necromantic power even further without taking up an item slot, especially since he claims he couldn't summon & control as many as the Orb brought forth (LN 2 ch4, right before part 3, page 182 for official ln). Would very much want to look into things to do with it throughout the story: could it be used to aid the generation of stronger Undead? What happens if she sticks it in a stronger Undead, could it be a power-up item, and knowing the method of creating stronger undead could it "pseudo-evolve" them into superior monsters along their monster type? and would it work on something like Rosario (see Lupara)? Probably has the Ashurbanipal Overlords &/or Pandora's Actor look into it - she'd probably want to be there too, so there's a short story idea. The Orb would likely be immensely scared of Grievous (high-tier Angel) & immensely fascinated with Dumah, a being whose existence & nature breaks the laws of Undead as far as most know & a living nexus of neg en - maybe ends up hanging out with him instead? -sub-idea:
11. With this option triggering the canon Shalltear fight, Grievous would want to minimize any risk & plan out an attack with Ainz - "No,wewill be the ones to bring this wayward child back." Likely to be rather one-sided, since now Ainz has one of the heavy hitting physical attackers of the guild aiding him, even before you factor in her own skill as a combatant. Would force him to bring scrolls in the off-chance something goes wrong & he can't recover mp fast enough
12. Option: To Igvarge, before looking to Pluton - "Look, I'm sure your dick is long enough you could slap both of us across the face with it from across this table, but I was told/dragged out of a very nice nap because of a very dangerous Vampire?"
13. Would help to comfort Albedo when she breaks down. Little dashes are to indicate a space for Albedo's/Yuri's/Shizu's/Pandora Actor's response - Ex: ". . . Albedo, you remember how I was, well, outright bawling when we 1st came here. Do you want to know why? - It's because Yggdrasil was ending - That's right. Are you aware that Ainz & I aren't naturally from Yggdrasil? (-?) What you see aren't our natural bodies. You see, our former race was weak, pathetically so by the standards of Nazarick, hell, we weren't even that far off from humans (Prob refer to ch6 of Tails and Claws by NerdQueen228 + ch2 of Tri'ade Twilight Lord of Nazarick by Magnus 56 for rough ideas of this part/explanation. I remember there's something similar in a story where Pero came with Ainz, but I can't remember what it's called. Alt, maybe cut out talk of former race & only that Yg was clos). Can you tell why we stayed till the end? - I'm asking you for your opinion Albedo (- how about you, PA, Yuri, Shizu? Can you guess why?) - It's because, whether in Yggdrasil or our former home or any other world, there is no place Ainz & I love so much as Nazarick. (extends to full on wrapping wing hug?) We stayed because we wanted to stay here with all of you for as long as we possibly could, and I cried because I hated the thought of being forced away from this wonderful home of ours(, this place we built with all of our friends & all of our dreams?). We didn't want to leave you then, and we won't leave you now. Can you trust/believe us when I say that?"
14. To collective npcs after the above & it's results - "We're going to go, we're going to retrieve Pero's child,and then we're going to find whoever made us put a hand on her" - probably the 1st time in the story she shows ("glittering night shining between") her teeth
• Opt 2 - Left orders to inform her when Shalltear finds a target, intending to go with her on the 1st hunt for Martial Art users, as she realizes Shalltear probably wouldn't be able to recognize any dif in strength to indicate them (she was the prime defender of a dungeon in one of the higher-tier areas of Yggdrasil, not a stretch to think she'd need some help recogn), and she intends to help teach her what they're looking for. Leaves as Nfirea mission is closing to go for this. Brain initially still escapes, Grievous keeping track of him via Soulsight and realizing he ran out, before saying she'll wait outside while Shalltear has fun, going back & then rushing around &/telep ahead of him to capture him herself (probably puts it so she reappears very close to him with arm outstretched & before his senses can process he runs full force into her fist set for subduing damage) & begin a leisurely walk back?/waiting? without telling Shalltear - a good lesson for her to be more careful before "playing with her food." Maintains contact to see how long it takes Shalltear to locate them, so Grievous is present when Shalltear falls under control, darting forward when her message cuts off. Personally murders the other group and takes Downfall. Calls Ainz immediately - "Ainz, where are you" - "I need you to find a secluded location & sit down, as we have a problem" - "I'm currently holding a dress that overcame Shalltear's mental imm."
1. Has Shalltear bring (her)Parasol to try to avoid Blood Frenzy?
2. Almost immediately rushes Black Scripture, before pausing and summoning some Chalkydri to hurl at them and see what they can do
3. Calls Sebas & Solution back to help (overwhelmingly) ensure the defeat(& maybe capture) of the Black Scripture - probably tells them to attack from a distance after she realizes the presence of world items & becomes unsure of what else could be in their arsenal
4. Punches Kaire so hard she vanishes (kills at a distance with Percussion Battery?). Downfall is unharmed - would Downfall accept orders of a new wearer for a prievous users mind control attempt?
5. Probably encounters and brutalizes Tsaindorcus' armor if they stay long enough - or maybe she'll be able to talk him down?
6. Later, Grievous hands Brain off to Cocytus to see if he can win his loyalty as a fellow warrior, and as one of the more likely Floor Guardians to learn Martial Arts - from what they've seen, she assumes they're som sort of "warrior magic," and therefore most likely only available to fighters the same way ki is only available to monks. Cocytus would likely insist on rebuilding Brain's spirit and actual training before he would permit even the consideration of having Brain enhance himself by changing species. May be used as a training partner for the Lizardmen - officially, Zaryusu as the strongest tops at 20 while Brain is 30 - Jugemu states normal humans are 1, the trained villagers of Carne might be 2, normal soldiers/guards are 3 or lower while elite knights of Re-Estize would be from 8 to 11. Cocytus has him watch their final battle to "witness the spirit of true warriors," and their defiance in the face of Cocytus' power would likely inspire him as Climb did. Sent to aid in the Eight Fingers subjugation, so may still take a liking to Climb and meet the Adventurers. Brain is allowed to tell them general info ("I fell in under some super strong guy whose training me, but he's busy so he really doesn't want me bringing people around for visits. He'd probably kill me if I brought people around without asking"). At some point, Grievous may tell him a theory(born from watching anime/"many brave warriors across the ages") that when one hits a wall in their power training, generally they require relentless effort, "a shock(ing experienc/realization/change)," &/or an x-factor to push them to breakthrough it
7. With Brita dead, maybe the Swords of Darkness go over to Carne instead?
8. Holds back from immediately assaulting the Slane Theocracy from consideration of how they(or the surrounding countries) may have other World Items and Players. Perhaps lets them off since they seized the ones who actually did the act(, even if only for now)?
• Clone Clementine?
1. Opt 1 - Saint Clementine
2. Opt 2 - Desperate sparring partner & forced testing of Nazaricks defenses by someone who's locally strong - check Escape from Nazarick game(perhaps implies they have a version of resurrection that doesn't require user's acceptance?), although Grievous certainly won't let her run off
• Grievous asks about rendering Zy'tl braindead(is anyone proficient in psychic damage? Ainz mentions there are those in Nazarick who have psychic magic while considering who to send to talk with the Dwarves) so they can use (at least a part of)his body to continously provide material for high-level scrolls, or anything else it might be good for, as the body of a level 80-ish tree beast likely makes for good material. If not, ask if Mare could maintain carved off pieces to either plant and grow, or use in a crossbreed experiment to produce trees that could be harvested(would such a thing maintain the relevant levels for that to be worthwhile? Probably not, hence either maintaining either a part of it or keeping the whole braindead thing)
1. May also be used in Demiurge's Enhanced Treant experiment, probably producing up to level 68 monsters
• Grievous vetoes the idea of Ainz as Romeo, as she doesn't believe he should be cast as an(/one of a pair of) idiot(s) who got a lot of his people killed
• Grievous would make use of Nigredo's power to keep tabs on the Lizardmen, and ends up following Zaryusu's story
• Instead of throwing a stone, Cabrakan fires a beam of earth, metal or some other solid elemental power to form a structure on the spot
• Chaikal adds her own flair to the Messengers delivery, forming & maintaining & single writhing lightning bolt over the Lizardman village for 7 seconds between the demand for a representative & mentioning Ainz's displeasure
1. When they leave, Chaikal tells the Lizardmen "try not to die right away. We have a bet going! With Cocytus' personality, I bet the lot of you can survive at least 45 seconds from the first swing"
2. As an elemental, Chaikal is the one who questions the concept of sex/biological reproduction - prob som like "Is that how you meat-people make more of you? Seems rather wasteful" & prob goes from there on a critique of sex
• Takes an interest in White Dragon Bone's properties, and makes it an object of research
1. Ex - Would undead made from bits of this retain/gain its intelligence draining for body hardening abilities?》draining victims intel to strengthen their own bodies - an independent fighter?/a parasitic entity that forms a strong body equivalent to the intelligence?
• The moment Grievous catches wind of Project Gehenna, her first action will be to track down Demiurge for "play," namely, having fun with him picking out a proper outfit for his Demon Lord play
• Grievous is suspicious of the odds it would take for Tuare, the sister of someone they know & helped them, to just happen to have been dumped in front of one of the very few of their servants who would care enough to rescue her
1. Wonders if gods of fate if not players. Probably has the two decide they need to get their hands on local clerics to verify local gods ~ remember gods were som they dealt with in Yg
Asks Demiurge to (have someone) investigate how far back the order to dispose of her goes, and if there's any signsof mental manipulation - likely nothing there

3. Decides to hang around to keep an eye on Tuare. Probably calls in Lupara to go through her head with her ki abilities to see if she can find any sleeper agent stuff. After realizing who they are, the unwanted 8 Finger visitors would be met with "Oh, we've been thinking about you"
4. Option - Lupara may realize that a criminal organization will retaliate for their reputation, so discusses with the others & suggests either taking Tuare immediately or (more likely) waiting a bit to capture the undoubtably upcoming assault
• Lupara requests to go along with the Eight Fingers subjugation mission to inspect Six Arms for anyone useful, as Sebas would likely kill them all out of hand in his current mood
1. Kills Davernoch as just a normal(sub-par, according to wiki abilities) Elder Lich. Probably uses her Life From A Stone(from Pathfinder Hungry Ghost Monk) skill to suck up his ki & negative energy to make him suffer - even if they recruit them, they still need to be punished. Only reason poster can think of for why she'd spare him is for in-depth research on an intelligent local undead
2. Peshurian might pass as she's intrigued by his skill with such a weapon
3. Identifies Erdström as a Bladestorm imitator
4. Perhaps use Lubelina instead of Malmvist?
5. Probably requests Cocytus for permission to bring Brain along as a chance to test his training if you chose him
6. Takes a minor interest in Zero's analytic abilities of Brain's field & a major one in his Spell Tattoos - probably has a creepy/scary scene with her looming over him after taking his strike asking "Now what are those?"- perhaps callback/similar to Ainz "asking" Sunlight Scriptute on where they learned their magic. Will probably have some applied to Hamusuke's DK partner should the martial arts experiment fail to see what effect they have. Should the runesmiths still be recruited, she'd want an investigation to see if there's any relation, a way to combine them or if study of the tattoo's could somehow help the forming of runes - also check Hilma's for another ex. Whether they're from the new world or Yg is irrelevant, even if they're a Ygddrasil feature she'd want to see if teaching them roundabout methods like this one might be able to force them to learn other job classes
7. If they're difficult, she'll use her ki abilities to alter the memories of Climb & Lockmeier to think that they just killed Six Arms, and leave their people to make their own assumptions when they fail to find any corpses. Ask's Brain if he wants his altered in case he's questioned
8. Will likely "comfort" the surviving Six Arms by telling them not to worry, because they have the ability to heal both their bodies & their minds, so it's okay if they want to escape in insanity for a bit
9. Finding Zero's own intelligence & capacity for scheming(refer to Mass for the Dead for ex), she'd probably recommend him as an in-the-field lieutenant, naturally after he's been domesticated - may require some mental healing magic to prevent him from breaking down & losing that edge. Perhaps he can follow Mass for the Dead & replace Nazami as one of the four knights + be overseeing the underworld within the Bahauruth Empire? Makes him (& the rest of the surviving Six Arms?) another of Jircniv's & Pe Riyuro's friends?
• Grievous/Valerie goes over to talk to Gazef in place of Nabe - "Yeah, It's prob better if the one less likely to kill him goes to talk"
• Valerie spells out/teases/has fun hinting to Momon about Evileye's crush. She would probably hang out with Blue Roses for a bit to get their opinion on which are subtle enough that Momon might not figure them out. Ex:
1. She wants to handle your spear
2. She wants to polish your greatsword
3. Now I have to say, this is one my current favorite, so if you tell me it's no good, I will cry《flat voice + blank face - *Mhm*... She wants to ride The Dark Horse
• Grievous would probably audibly whine in her sheer struggle to restrian herself from her desire to pester & tease Sebas about how cute his relationship is and kids, as she's concerned that it may push Sebas to rush things
• Valerie backs up Momons assumption of Workers death by noting how they cheerily rushed out("pep in their step"), implying they found som good, & states that if som good enough to make mithral level workers excited is sitting outside the gate, that either implies an alternative mindset that doesn't value treasure the same way, sends up all sorts of red flags about what the owner could afford to guard his actual treasures, or it's bait left right out the gate
• Chaikal would ask that some of the workers be sent to her floor(prob via teleportation) so that Joyous can have live prey
• Notes via observation/Lupara observing from the throne room informs them? that Arche didn't actually cast Detect Magic, and theorizes she might be a talent holder. Grievous has her sent off to the experiments on such things, promising to kill her painlessly when done?/to render her brain dead if they find they don't need a functioning mind to experiment with her talent
1. Less for her specific talent since Nazarick already has plenty capable of better, and more for looking into (the creation & function of) sensory type talents & countermeasures
• Grievous marks the Hippogriff mounts of Jircniv's guard as subjects of study for Demiurge's crossbreeding experiment
1. Might ask for one or two "as a favor/gesture of goodwill," after she offers Angel/Zero
• While she doesn't believe it can make up for the lost companionship & bond they may have had(aims that comment at Baswood?), Grievous offers Jircniv to replace the might lost (when Mare killed Nazami) as a sign of their new alliance. After he refuses, she says she'll still be willing to if he changes his mind. Options:
1. Virtue Expedite - see above for description
2. Dominion Radiance(《still 2nd Sphere but lower than Authority), a caster-type Angel - Heroes of Ruin concept art/Angel Elite
3. Power Fulmination - Prob just use-imagine DMC Bianco Angelo in Overlord style?/Shannon Brocas Ithuriel Guard? Lance/sword both projects lightning (close-range blasts, long-range lines & aoe bursts) & has a powerful propulsive thrust, while shield & wings can release blasts of thunder in response to taking attacks. Commander role, primarily over Archangel flames, able to enhance their fighting ability, stats & weaponry
4. Zero - See above in Eight Fingers subjugation section. Probably better for storytelling since the Angels wouldn't be as good for conversation, maybe unless you focus more on how people react to a caster Angel
• Refer to Web Novel for description of Mare using Avarice & Generosity on the slain soldiers
• When Ainz becomes the Sorcerer King (or Archduke or som else, if you want to mix in the web novel or something more original), talks with him about "symmetrical thrones." End result is a black and white pair (gold & silver?/red? veined?) that "curl towards each other" in a sugg of (what we might recognize as) yin and yang?
• When it comes to the "seating" issue, Grievous would wonder aloud "Wait, isn't Albedo younger then them?"
• On the 2nd day of searching for the dwarves, Ainz might consider calling up Grievous to use her superspeed & Divine Vision to try to locate the Dwarven kingdom entrance, or ask for some Virtue Expidites or 2nd sphere sensory-type Angels
• Idea:Dumah participates in the Dwarves arc. He just happened to be in position to skitter through the gate when Shalltear was sending over the Quagoa, and ends up staying
• Grievous inspects the Quagoa interrogation. Wonders if she should try her Holy Terror IV to see the effects of the fanatic madness in the new world, and that it would fall in line with Ainz's orders not to be too hard on them since they have people who could restore their mentality. What aftereffects would such zealotry and Grievous' alien aura have on those Quagoa who had no gods?
• Lupara (assuming she didn't go with him, perhaps coming over later via Gate, likely only after he's killed the dragonlord due to his worries) would have recalled mention of Dragons in those mountains & requested her father to try & bring some (pref a smart one & a (relatively) strong one) for an experiment. She takes Hejinmal & Torangealit(or inspects for possible talent in two amongst the brood, if one wants some Frost Dragon oc's) to train in ki, Hej in spiritual & Tor in physical, perhaps switching & training them in both later on. Being aware of magic/certain spells (normally) only capable of being formed by true dragons & upper-tier relatives of theirs(like what Chaikal can use), she wonders if there's similar possibilities with ki. If/also, can she & those like her gain those abilities by taking (bits of) their ki
1. If she joins later, she'll ask to be the one to kill the dragon lord, both to stock up the Grateful Dead & to test feeding on a dragons life. Probably tastes great to her. Also, she'd recommend Ainz save Epigonoi as she could just batter down the door, since it seems more likely these meathead Dragons would've done that, and who's gonna argue that they couldn't
2. Alt - Dumah wants to see daddy & Ainz has him kill the dragonlord to make a powerful Shadow/Darklight/Shining Child?
3. Perhaps employ Oni Reactions Overlord s4e7 "Ainz smack down" idea instead of insta-killing Torangealit
• Grievous would partially overwrite Ainz's order - "Now, now Ainz, we did promise them their lives. Besides, people like that will probably cry for death before the hour is out! . . . Come to think of it, we've never given Neuronist a reward for her work, have we? Aura, tell her she can keep them for as long as she wants, and only when she's lost all interest, may they die agonizingly slowly/she can finish them however she desires"
1. Light novel Ainz said som like this
2. ?May want to mark Zanac - probably has signs put up outside the capital - "Nearly saved by the grace of a true king, lost to the cowardice of nobles." Probably goes the extra step of listing their (family?) names
• Magya may have value to participate in the capital demolition. Ex: turns into a burrowing creature (Purple Worm?), amps himself with a use of Devastating Form & digs under the captial to cause it to collapse - see Gears of War 2 for ex
1. Burrowing option - digs under set areas to form Ant-Lion-esque pits for buildings to slide into - make compacted targets for Mare
• Option - Grievous (after waiting until they extract their servants, such as the Eight Fingers executives & their chosen 1000) unleashes Holy Terror IV to have Re-Estize eat itself alive as part of the mop-up, after everyone else is done
1. Doubles as a test of her range, and if the mental effect requires her to remain near

• If going with World Enemy option, should they disover the location of Cure Elim, she will want to use Downfall of Castle and Country in a test to see if a World Enemy, as one with the power to break worlds(- Norse worlds, so a universe/plane), wielding a World Item can overcome the immunity of Wild Magic. Probably doesn't work(an item separate from herself, and she doesn't really have any skills to enhance items anyway), but discovers that she can seemingly "repel" wild magic, even breaking items made with it

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