Ranking every legend rare | Fandom (2024)

14: Legeluga: What a surprise that a lugas is at the bottom of the list lol. Lege has great dps, but his recharge is also very long, and he lacks any specific niche than being decent general wave dps. His range is also a bit short to use as a general midranger. Overall, a pretty meh-bad unit. Also you cannot convince me he isn’t mewtwo.

13. Babel: Another meh unit that has great hp unfortunately held back by niches. Against floating, octo is just a generally better tank, and babel is unable to protect midrange attackers if used as a midrange tank. Relevant floating enemies also have debuffs like curse or poison that easily cuts through babel’s hp. Red is a powercrept niche already, and babel does nothing special as a tack compared to roe. His general usage is also sad, dps is rather low, and his range/foreswing are not good for general usage. He can still solo some stages, but he is really not good lol.

12. Musashi Miyamoto: Literally berserker from fate lmao. Anyways mushi dominates against tanky black enemies like okame and lenoir, but tends to be a letdown on peon spam stages that black stages tend to be. His backline dps is actually really good at 9k, but single target holds him back on too many stages to be considered a good generalist.

11. Momoco: A midranger with a freeze wave capable of targeting 3 traits. Unfortunately 9k isn’t good for a midrange unit with only 2 knockbacks and a 2 minute cooldown. She’s wave immune, but again, so is legeluga. She doesn’t dominate any of her niches, and isn’t particularly good in general, so she is at a rather low rank.

10. Akuma: Glass cannon shadow gao, akuma has 26k dos against traitless, but that’s his only good quality. He is extremely fragile with 34k hp and moves quite fast. His general usage, like most legend rares, is subpar, which puts him down. 26k dps is still 26k dps though, and in a meta where traitless niche is very valuable, akuma can be good to get. However he doesn’t perform nearly as well in his niche compared to fests and arguably even gladios.

9. Jeanne: Fast LD unit with 23k dps vs both red and floating. First of all, rip red niche lol. However floating niche has been gaining more ground, as there are many tough floating stages in late game that jeanne would greatly help on like bathtub of whimsy. Basically another extreme specialist with little usage outside of niche, like most legend rares. This is where legend rares start dominating their niche, and all of the legend rares jeanne and above are good to get.

8. Doktor Heaven: You either are near unkillable vs black/alien or you do 34k dos against them. 34k dps is absolutely crazy, for reference, strengthened bora only has 30k. Still an extreme specialist under the legend rare curse though, and isn’t great in general. Still wipes out an entire trait, and is quite valuable to get.

7. Pandora: Only usable vs zombies, but he absolutely dominates them with 38k dps and 750k effective hp. Pandora invalidates an important trait that continues to be more and more relevant as the game goes on, and that puts him in the center of this list.

6. Lumina: Surprisingly, it’s the elemental pixie that has good general usage among legend rares. She has a lot of health and dps, and had fast recharge and cheap cost. This makes her actually good as a rusher considering her speed. Her main highlight however is still easily her alien niche. She can have up to 2 million hp against aliens with her weaken ability, making her unkillable on pure alien stages. This makes her able to dominate aliens, but also have respectable general usage, good legend rare.

5. Ushi: I don’t want to type out full name so deal with it. Ushi second form is a backliner with high health and 6k dps, which is already quite respectable general usage. His main niche though is insane damage/resistence against angel enemies, meaning he deals 6x damage and only takes 1/7 the damage. This makes his angel performance insane, as he deletes angels from the game and is near unkillable himself. His first form also deletes angels by being an anti angel cameraman with whopping 16k dps with 5 second recharge and around 100k effective hp. Does well both in niche and in general, which is why he is here,

4. Black Zeus: Yay they fixed akuma lol. Black zeus has 4.5k base LDdps, which multiples to 22k LD dps against traitless. This is absurd destruction and will make quick work of any traitless enemy. His general usage is also quite strong, as he has 1k more dps than mina with similar range and significantly higher hp. He is not without weaknesses however, as his blindspot is rather weak to hard traitless pushers, and he lacks wave immunity, meaning he can’t deal with wave traitless enemies as easily. Still though he is easily one of the best anti traitless cats in the game and a top tier legend rare with both strong niche and general usage.

3. Emperor: He is an ultimate generalist, with good dps, insane range, and a 30% chance to inflict all non curse debuffs against all traits. His 5k dps is incredible for 551 range, and his survivability is also high with 50k hp and 4 knockbacks. His main appeal in my eyes is the rather random but still impactful CC as a bonus on top of his high dps. His dps is very good, but his CC can make even larger impacts on stages. All of his effects have 50% uptime, and curse is fortunately not included, meaning all of his effects would have impacts on any enemy except for debuff immune ones. With his stats and CC, it’s obvious he would be very high up in this list.

2. Kyosaka Nanaho: Jack of all trades the unit, she has pretty much every ability you would want, including crit, z kill, barrier breaker, and survive on top of good health and 8 knockbacks. Her dps is 5.2k at 400 standing range, but she can reach up to 750 range, making her a strong sniper. She also dominates metals with her insane crit dps and toughness against metals. Nanaho is a jack of all trades unit that can realistically work on almost any stage, and she does well in each of her specialities. Arguably first but I’m influenced too much by starred UL.

1.Gaia: 28k LD traited dps at only level 30 should be already telling how broken this unit’s offense is. Her standing range is also surprisingly good at 400, but she is cursed with many flaws. The first is her bad survivability, she only has 2 knockbacks despite having high health. The second is her inner range, which is only 50, meaning enemies can also easily infiltrate her blindspot. Weaknesses aside however, gaia deals specialist dps as a generalist, which is highly valuable in starred UL despite her limitations. With boost gaia can deal up to 45k traited dps, meaning she melts even the highest magnified enemy in seconds. Given enough protection, gaia can make tough stages a cakewalk. Her strengths are too big for her weaknesses to truly hold her back, and she is the best legend rare in my opinion.

Ranking every legend rare | Fandom (2024)


How rare is a legend rare? ›

When drawing a Rare Cat Capsule during most events, the player has an extremely small chance (0.3%) to get a Legend Rare Cat from the current pool. Usually, the pools change every 2-4 days without following any regular schedule.

What is the highest rarity in Battle Cats? ›

Rarity. Cat Units are sorted into six different rarities: Normal, Special, Rare, Super Rare, Uber Super Rare and Legend Rare.

What are the odds of getting a legend rare drop in Battle Cats? ›

The Legend Capsule is a type of Cat Capsule that works almost identically to Platinum Capsules, but has a 5.3% chance to drop a Legend Rare and a 94.7% chance to drop an Uber Rare.

Is Mighty Kristul Muu good? ›

Mighty Kristul Muu is an excellent midrange anti-Zombie Legend Rare, being one of the best anti-Zombies out there, standing at 400 range with base stats of 6400 DPS and 153k HP with 1 KB.

Is a legendary rare? ›

Legendary is the highest level of rarity, above Free, Common, Rare and Epic.

Is Dawnbringer izanagi good? ›

While their health is great and 12k DPS is incredible, they have a three part multi-hit that barely overlaps and single target. The result is that Dawnbringer Izanagi's DPS is seemingly below average, and would absolutely not be worth sacrificing range and Area Attack for.

What is the weakest cat in Battle Cats? ›

Some cats are better than others, but these units are so bad that players should sell them for XP when they pull one of these.
  • Cyborg Cat. ...
  • Roe Cat. ...
  • Can Can Cat. ...
  • Sanzo Cat. ...
  • Cameraman Cat. Why do people even call this strong? ...
  • A. Bahamut Cat. ...
  • Maglev Cat. Fast, but not fast enough to be useful. ...
  • Dark Lazer Cat.
Nov 5, 2023

Is a swimmer cat good? ›

Strategy/Usage. Swimmer Cat can be spammed to easily take out Floating enemies such as Mooth, Owlbrow and The Face, or to deal some quick damage to non-Floating bosses such as Cruel Angel Clionel.

What does Viking cat evolve into? ›

Evolution. Evolves into Thor Cat at level 10. Evolves into Maximum the Fighter at level 30 using Catfruit and XP.

How rare is Legeluga Battle Cats? ›

Legeluga is a Legend Rare Cat that can be obtained at an extremely low chance when playing the Rare Cat Capsule during the Tales of the Nekoluga event. It was added in Version 8.3.

How rare is Uber super rare in Battle Cats? ›

When drawing a Rare Cat Capsule, the player has a very small chance (5%) to get an Uber Rare Cat from the current set (pool). Usually, the pools change every 2-4 days without following any regular schedule.

How rare is treasure in battle cats? ›

By default, most stages have a 35% chance to drop a Treasure, which then has a 45% chance to be Inferior, 30% Normal, 25% Superior. The exception is the first stage of Empire of Cats, Korea/Nagasaki, which always guarantees a Superior Treasure in Chapter 1.

Is Mighty Lord Gao good? ›

Evolved Form

Mighty Lord Gao remains an excellent generalist backliner, as he can outrange many common enemies, and can be used against those that his prior form can't hit. This makes him a safe pick in many mixed stages, as he will definitely add lots of meaningful support.

Is bazibon good? ›

Bazibon is essentially the anti-Alien counterpart to Strike Unit R.E.I. and Pai-Pai. This unit is amazing in Cats of the Cosmos in its Evolved and True Forms.

Is Wonder Momoco good? ›

The main drawbacks that MOMOCO has are her low overall stamina, caused by mediocre range and a low amount of knockbacks. She also may whiff her final attack, but this is uncommon. All these traits combined make MOMOCO an incredibly well-rounded unit with high damage and excellent crowd control capabilities.

How to get a legend cat? ›

Legend Cats are a type of Special Cat that can be unlocked from the Main Chapters, Legend Stages, and Heavenly Tower. Legend Cats differentiate from other units in their general attributes, which are more in line with Uber Rare Cats or Legend Rare Cats, with higher stats, costs and recharge times.

Is legeluga good in battle cats? ›

Being able to outrange most wave attackers, it works rather well against them. It will stay at a safe range from a significant amount of wave attackers whilst dishing out good damage, unlike most other rushers who will get sniped on their way.

What is the best cat in Battle Cats? ›

Meet Crazed Lizard Cat, one of the best cats in Battle Cats and a Super Rare Cat that you can unlock by completing the special event stage called “The Crazed Lizard,” available on the 24th of every month. When Crazed Lizard Cat reaches its True Form, it gains an extended attack range and more power.

Is Sakura Sonic good battle cat? ›

Sakura Sonic's high damage makes her critical hits lethal to any metal, but the low activation chance makes that unreliable. She is intended to be the ultimate anti-Metal debuffer, with three anti-Metal abilities: slowing Metals down, weakening them to 50% at a 100% chance, and only taking 1/4~1/5 damage from them.

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