The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (2024)

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (1)

These Fortnite creative codes for July are perfect for taking a summery break between battle royale matches. With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, known as Vibin’, well underway, players have a new battle pass to work through that features Darth Vader, lots of Fortnite quests, and plenty of new creative mode codes. We’ve found a few codes that we reckon you should try out with friends and fellow Fortnite players, such as two summer-themed islands full of minigames, a great racetrack, and a battle royale mode on a flooding map. Here are the Fortnite creative codes we found for July.

Fortnite creative codes are a huge part of Fortnite alongside Battle Royale and Save The World. You can dive into an almost limitless selection of community-created maps and modes that play with the basic mechanics and sandbox of Fortnite in different ways. There are variations on the normal Battle Royale mode, deathmatches, obstacles courses, and other PvE modes, all created by other players.

Best Fortnite Creative Codes

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (2)

To play one of these creative code games, navigate to the ‘Island Code’ tab of the mode selection screen and then enter the 12-digit number code and you should be taken to the page for the creative code map. From there, you can play, favorite, and support the creator. This month, there are some great PvP modes available, and a few are included here, but if you can also find some less competitive modes if you just want to have a more relaxing time.

Sundek: The Bay of the Sun

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (3)

Fortnite Indiana Jones

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (4)

Complete the new Fortnite Indiana Jones quests too

If you’re looking to cool off and enjoy some minigames on the beach, Sundek should be able to help you out. This resort paradise has archery, quad bike races, surfing races, parkour, and even a rollercoaster. If you can get a few friends together, this’ll be a good mode to hop into and compete in a minigame tournament.

  • Code: 9783-4265-0591
  • Creator: beyond
  • Type: Party Games
  • Players: Up to 16

Seaside Island

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (5)

If you’re looking for something a bit more serious compared to Sundek, you’ll want to try Seaside Island. This vast map features all kinds of minigames, including a zombie invasion mode on the beach. It also incorporates more life simulator elements and allows you to go fishing, harvest tomatoes, water plants, and chop trees.

  • Code: 3806-3584-0062
  • Creator: Xpert56
  • Type: Open World Party Games
  • Players: Up to 32

Fast Parkour 2

If you’re into improving your movement tech in Fortnite, this parkour mode that focus on precise mantling and speed might help you out. Taking place in some destroyed subway tunnels, you’ll need to sprint, slide, and leap over tracks and broken trains to reach the end. Compete with other players to set the best lap time.

  • Code: 9455-8601-6640
  • Creator: Neverty7
  • Type: Parkour Race
  • Players: Up to 4

H2O Royale

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (7)

With global warming heating up the ice caps, sea levels are rising and flooding parts of the world! That’s the (slightly too real) premise of H2O Royale – a fast-paced 24-player battle royale that takes place on an urban map that is slowly being flooded as the match goes on. As the water rises, you’ll be forced out of buildings and onto the open water or the rooftops. Last person standing takes the W.

  • Code: 8773-9269-1648
  • Creator: meta4
  • Type: Battle Royale
  • Players: Up to 24

Stone Hero Speedway

The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (8)

This well-made racetrack features all sorts of obstacles, giving it a chaotic kart racer vibe that’s topped off with a great driving soundtrack. Battle your way to first place and finish two laps to win and leave your rival drivers in the dust.

  • Code: 0446-7054-5751
  • Creator: noob_hero
  • Type: Race
  • Players: Up to 8

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The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (9)

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The best Fortnite creative codes custom maps for July (2024)
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