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The Yes SHE Can Project is specifically for women, by women. SHE stands for Support, Honesty, Empowerment. Tackling topics that affect us all, a place for support, honesty, and advice. You are not alone ladies, come and join the conversation! Listen as we hear inspirational stories, overcoming challenges and the joy that comes with self acceptance! Every single one of the women on the Yes SHE Can Project has experienced difficult periods in her life, I'm here to remind you that no matter where you are in your life or career, we are all living proof that YES SHE CAN!!!

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Storytelling Podcasts


The Yes SHE Can Project is specifically for women, by women. SHE stands for Support, Honesty, Empowerment. Tackling topics that affect us all, a place for support, honesty, and advice. You are not alone ladies, come and join the conversation! Listen as we hear inspirational stories, overcoming challenges and the joy that comes with self acceptance! Every single one of the women on the Yes SHE Can Project has experienced difficult periods in her life, I'm here to remind you that no matter where you are in your life or career, we are all living proof that YES SHE CAN!!!




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Come and join the conversation with the incredibly inspiring Stacey Fleece!We were introduced by the amazing Samantha Tradelius of Sparkle Foundation and Stacey's cohost for InspirHerd podcast.An international friendship we have connected across oceans! (although my geography isn't that great so if oceans is plural or not I have no idea!)Stacey's story is one of resilience, sheer grit and determination. Raised by a single Mum, Stacey saw and learned strength and perseverance watching her mother work 3 jobs to provide for her and her siblings.Fast forward to after going to college, Stacey ended up in the Hedge Fund Industry working for a big company for 10 years. Moving on to another company Stacey found herself with a decade of experience behind her and relished in her new role.We chat about the "pale, male and stale" industry and how she navigated her way through the challenges that this brought. Eventually setting up her own hedge fund with a friend of hers when she was in her early 30's, Stacey was deeply engrossed in the industry and was reaping the benefits both financially and personally enjoying her work to the fullest (albeit it super intense and stressful!)However when the world was rocked by the devastating events of 9/11, Stacey had a personal connection with the attack, having known people that were inside the twin towers. While she paused with the world, it put a lot of things into perspective for her and this was the beginning of a new chapter.Stacey tells me that her work was essentially "making the rich even richer" and she began to question whether she was infact doing the right thing by continuing in the industry especially as she had become a mother herself and craved the flexibility to spend time with her children.Deciding to leave her role, Stacey opens up about the uncomfortable transition that she experienced in the fight for a balanced life with work and home.Although starting a new career in the mortgage industry, Stacey's world was about to be turned upside down once more. Her husband picked up and left out of the blue one day and she tells me the story behind how she felt and how scary it was to find herself a solo parent.We chat about the pressures on us as women to "have it all together" and how we are somehow conditioned to put on a brave face, get on with things for fear of appearing vulnerable or weak. When in actually fact the most powerful thing we can often do is share how we are feeling with others, but that asking for help doesn't seem to come naturally to us!We talk through the realities of raising her children on her own, juggling her career and family, but more importantly focusing her energies into positive things rather than dwelling on the negative.Stacey is showing her children true resilience, teaching them strength and determination! In her own words she says that she has lived her life with ruthless accountability, a trait that she attributes to her Mum and the way in which she was raised.There is such a powerful theme running through everything that Stacey does, and that is truly EMPOWERING other women! Whether that's through her podcast with Samantha- InspirHER'd, working with Sparkle Foundation, or in her day job, all of these avenues are intrinsically interwined in helping women to RISE!!What a pleasure to speak to such an epically inspiring woman, thankyou Stacey for sharing your story you are incredible!I LOVE MY U.S GIRL TRIBE!!!!You can find out more about Stacey's work below:InspiHER‘d on Apple PodcastsMission — Sparkle Foundation ( Stacey Carter Fleece (@staceyfleece) • Instagram photos and videos


Come and join the conversation with the amazing Taruna Chauhan! A soon to be double author, running a consultancy practice for clients in the healthcare sector and a Business Coach & Mentor, Taruna is a busy lady!Previously a Quality Manager in the NHS, Taruna tells me about her work now with companies looking to obtain the CQC certification and coaching them through the process. Taruna works holistically with her clients drawing on her extensive qualifications and having the key awareness that comes with being a business coach.We chat about the angle in which she approaches her work, how that sets her apart from other consultancy coaches.We delve onto her vision board and find out that she's actually achieved the majority of things on there which is amazing! Her belief in having an integrated approach to life instead of striving for that "balance" that is so often hard to come by makes for such an interesting insight. Taruna tells me if we see our goals and aspirations as an integration instead of a dream which feels unreachable and actually by incorporating it as part of our lives, it is like a breath of fresh air!We chat about her extensive toolkit from her training that she has developed ways in which she can help her clients to thrive. Not only that, but Taruna is an NLP practitioner and an MBIT (Multiple Brain Integration) Coach, further allowing her the flexibility to connect with her clients on an even deeper level.We talk about our personalities and it is SO evident how passionate Taruna is about her work and helping people, it's such an integral part of her make up which makes her perfectly placed to be in the career that she is!Taruna tells me all about her upcoming book: Recipes From A Gujarati Kitchen. After a conversation with the amazing Shelley Wilson, she was encouraged to start writing an compiling her book. Hailing from India and the youngest of 8 children, Taruna spent her weekends growing up cooking alongside her mother and is passionate about sharing her journey and educating others about her heritage.Wanting to capture a lifetime of family recipes having reflected on the passing of her mother, Taruna was determined to write them down and make them available for the next generation.Not only full of recipes, this book is an insight into Taruna's journey as an immigrant, where she shares the story of her life!Ready for release during South Asian Heritage Month later in the year, this book for Taruna is a passion project! You can join her mailing list to be first to hear about the release in August.We chat about challenges, and Taruna explains about how traditionally she was never supposed to be an author or a woman in business, in her culture, you are expected to grow up, get married, have children and be a housewife. To have achieved what she has is nothing short of inspiring! Talking about challenges, Taruna explains her struggles when it comes to self-belief and confidence, something so many of us as women experience. The joy of finding people that lift us up, tell us that we are doing a great job and that sense of achievement when others take time out to tell us how we have helped them.Such a beautiful soul, Taruna exudes kindness and compassion for others which makes her absolutely perfect for her clients and their needs.Thankyou Taruna it was an absolute pleasure to chat to you and cannot wait for your book!!!To find out more click the links below:Mailing List and Book updates: CQC Application Support - Ensuring your aesthetics clinics avoid rejection (


Come and join the conversation with this wonderful ball of energy Rozz Darlington!What an epic journey she has been on in the last year, having taken part in the most recent series of Married At First Sight UK, and running TWO businesses!Rozz starts from the beginning and chats to me about the mindset and headspace she was in before applying for the show. She was looking for some happiness amidst the sadness and grief that she was experiencing in the months prior and knew that something needed to change.Being on such a high profile show brought an intense spotlight that felt alien upon leaving. Having been in a bubble during the show, Rozz returned back home to her businesses. She experienced what can only be described as hate and vitriol and it had a huge impact on her. We chat about the nature of television and how it's such an edited small glimpse into what actually happened.However what came from her time on the show was a huge period of personal growth, Rozz tells me honestly how much of a transformational time the last year has been.We chat about how important it is for us as women to be true to ourselves, to have that space to speak openly about our feelings and inspire other women to do the same.Rozz walks me through the journey she has had, from a young woman who was in a dark place mentally and looking for happiness, to receiving hate online, to ultimately becoming a woman who knows her own strengths and knows exactly what she wants out of her life. We talk about how important it is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and how testing your own resilience is key to personal growth.Rozz chats to me about her two businesses- Rosaline's and The Flower Paddock and she absolutely lights up when talking about them! It's so clear to see how passionate she is about what she does, it just shines through when she talks about them!She cites her business as her purpose and it goes far beyond the physical products that she not only sells but grows too! For Rozz it's the privilege of being a part of her community, and being a source of support in the happiest and saddest times in people's lives. Not only this but she is passionate about shining a light on the importance of getting outside for your mental health and is working away behind the scenes to help as many people as possible feel the benefits in their minds aswell as their bodies.So many exciting things happening for this lovely lady, and such a journey she has been on so far!What a joy to speak to you Rozz!Yes SHE CAN!!!!Here are the links to her websites so you can check them out!Rosaline's Flowers - Home of your local florist ( The Flower Paddock | England | Flower Grower


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Come and join the conversation with the gorgeous Melissa Porter, SUCH A FUN EPISODE!!!Obsessed with human behaviour, inspiring women to become the best version of themselves, Melissa is a true force of nature!Having graced our screens for over 20 years in programmes such as "Escape To The Country", "To Buy Or Not To Buy", "Countryfile", (she is officially the OG!) to name but a few, Melissa has enjoyed success both on and off the camera.Join me as we chat about her journey into television, her background and the honest truth behind her life to date. We talk about her upbringing, early influences and how it has shaped the way she looks at the world today. Environmentally her surroundings were traditional in every sense and Melissa explains some of the difficulties and barriers she faced to become her true self. Battling imposter syndrome and her "Monkey Minds" Melissa opens up about her experiences of being in the limelight and in front of the camera.Venturing into property development at a young age, Melissa made money for years, but there was still something missing, her own happiness. We delve into the internal dialogue that she was experiencing, and although she enjoyed great success in her career, it was preventing her from feeling happy and fulfilled.Melissa clearly has an inherently deep understanding of her feelings and talks me through her own personal blocks and how we as humans often block our own miracles with the mindset that we have.Through a series of events in her life Melissa tells me about her breakdown, but credits it as her break through!! She advocates that people who are having the most difficult periods of their life are in for an exciting journey of discovery ahead of them. To reframe in this sense is one of Melissa's incredible insights, her career as a therapist and her passion for understanding others is a testament to the work that she has done on her own self and she is the perfect person to be able to help others with theirs.We chat about her incredible new book "Mastering The Single Parent Game" born from a need to help others in their own trauma. Not just for single parents, her book will help ANY of us who wants to reframe, recalibrate, take control and truly understand our feelings.We talk about different personality types, energetic vibrations, therapeutic approaches and the importance of choosing the RIGHT therapy for us as individuals.I cannot stress enough what an epic episode this is, it is packed full of insight, Melissa's energy is so infectious and the passion for her work absolutely shines through!An amazing chat with an absolutely amazing lady!You can buy Melissa's book here:Mastering the Single Parent Game: Porter, Melissa: 9781738490417: Books Thankyou Melissa it was an absolute pleasure to chat to you!


Come and join the conversation with the amazing Janette Miller, Stylist, Style Coach and TV Presenter! Join us as we go on a fascinating journey from her childhood, growing up working with her bespoke tailor father in the prestigious Savile Row! Being heavily influenced by her father's sense of style, Janette was always smartly turned out, however underneath her polished exterior was a girl who was painfully shy and introverted. Janette talks me through the wanting to remain behind the scenes, often dreading the interaction between customers and herself. After college she ventured into different industries from retail to British Airways, again wanting to remain slightly behind the scenes rather than being customer facing. When her son was due to start school, Janette knew she needed a change and to be closer to home and fell upon an advert for a position in property management. Working her way up, Janette even started her own successful property management company, however it became clear to her that there was something lacking, that spark of joy that she longed for and the chance to put her creativity and passion to good use! She explored the online world, began connecting with women in business and was bouyant with the desire to help others! Janette then decided that she wanted to help build people's confidence and build a legacy to be remembered for. Launching her Style Coaching business shortly afterwards, Janette began a new period in her life. We chat about her own style journey, from wearing relatively muted colours, in keeping with her not wanting to be the centre of attention. It was only when she started to learn about colours and how they work for you that she began her own transformational journey and began to transform the lives of her clients! Janette started to live her life by her own mantra "If not now, when?" and encouraged her clients to do the same! We talk about the wide range of services she offers, from Colour Analysis to Personal Shopping Days (which I have to say sound INCREDIBLE!!!) and her underpinning passion to empower women through their style. Janette has such a warmth and positivity about her, her energy is infectious! And energy is something she feels strongly about, often linking what she wears with how her energy levels are at the time which I found so fascinating! What an amazing lady with an amazing story! If you want to find out more about her transformational work, head on over to the links below! ⬇️ or on Instagram @janettedmiller


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 52 Maya Vertigans @plannerbeeva8/28/2023

Come and join the conversation with Maya Vertigans, Founder of Planner Bee VA 🐝 ‎@PlannerBeeVAServices Maya is based in Aberdeen, is 24 years old and the founder of a Virtual Assistant business with a particular niche for working with Sustainable & Ethical brands. Literally what she has achieved at such a young age is nothing short of incredible! Maya chats to me about her early experiences selling Avon for her Mum, and she was but by the Entrepreneurial bug! Lacking in inspiration and role models in business during her time at school, Maya knew instinctively that having her own business was the way she wanted to go. She went to university and then during lockdown launched her own sustainable gifting business! Alongside this business Maya tells me of how she organically found herself undertaking some VA work from some connections she'd made along the way! We chat about her passion for sustainability, it was very much woven into her gifting business anyway, it seemed the perfect time to launch her own VA agency concentrating on sustainable and ethical businesses. Maya explains the kind of services that Planner Bee VA offer, and we delve into the pressure that they can take off business owners when they join them as a client. As women in business we talk about the overwhelm that comes with the day to day running of a company and the unbelieveable help that Planner Bee VA offers! Maya already has a team which is insane!!! And to top it off she has been named as one of 20 of The Most Inspiring Scottish Business Women! We chat about the imposter syndrome that comes along with being recognised in such a way, and the feelings that accompany such an accolade. Determined to inspire the next generation of schoolgirls to start their own businesses, Maya recently returned to her old school to share her journey, which she credits as one of her biggest highlights to date (how amazing is this!) We chat in depth about Net Zero, her goals for future certification as a service provider, it's honestly so interesting to hear about how it all works and the ethics behind it! Maya tells me about her future plans for the business, which include expansion, becoming a One Stop Shop and becoming a B-Corp too. Such an interesting conversation with such a driven and inspiring woman, she remains with her feet firmly on the ground despite her incredible successes in such a short space of time and at such a young age! Thankyou Maya for an amazing chat and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and your fantastic business! You can find out more here: Follow on Instagram @plannerbeeva #plannerbeeva #vaservices #ethicalbusiness #ethicalbusinesses #mostinspiringbusinesswomen #scottishbusinesswoman #yesshecan #yesSHEcanproject #inspiringwomeninbusiness #businesswomen #womeninbusiness


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 51: Samantha Tradelius8/9/2023

Come and join the conversation with the INCREDIBLE Samantha Tradelius from The Sparkle Foundation ✨"Living A Life Of Purpose"Well, where do I start with this episode!!!!First of all let's celebrate the fact that it's both of our first EVER across the pond missions! Samantha's first British podcast and my first American guest!! We packed in SO much! Samantha tells me about her history in Risk Management in the Insurance Industry for the past 25 years, finding herself gravitating towards women organically in her line of work from the beginning. She actually started building her business at only 18 years of age!! We go through the journey of Santa letters, fulfilling children's Christmas wishes and later expanding into helping single parent families. Her passion quickly grew into her purpose and fast forward to now she has helped over 10,000 families in the last 7 years alone, raised over a MILLION dollars and pumped every penny back into the community. We chat about The Sparkle Foundation at its roots, Sparkle Biz, Holiday Gift Drives and Enrichment Scholarships, it is just unbelievable how amazing this lady is! Samantha tells me of the challenges she faced at the onset of the pandemic, both professionally and personally, plans that were thwarted and put on hold, the struggles of parenting, running a non profit and still with that burning desire to help and the ingenious ways that she managed to do so. Absolutely passionate about celebrating the women in her life, Samantha wrote a book championing them, telling their story and thanking them in the most incredible way. She is honestly one of those people that live and breathe what she does, she lives and breathes supporting women, making her community a better place, giving back and encouraging others to do the same with her trailblazing commitment. We talk about the plans for the future, expanding her mission across the globe and continuing to help people far and wide. Literally there is NOTHING this lady can't do! Shes a business owner, a Mum, a wife, an author, a Non Profit founder, a philanthropist, a podcast host, THIS WOMAN IS AMAZING!!What a super inspiring conversation, with a super inspiring lady, I cannot wait to see her continue to make an amazing impact on the world 🩷Thankyou Samantha it was an absolute pleasure!YES SHE CAN!!!!!


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 50: Charlene Ashong7/16/2023

Come and join the conversation with the gorgeous Charlene Ashong!What an inspirational and eye opening episode, join me as I chat to Charlene about her journey into the world of plant based cuisine, travel, appearing on Lorraine and her passion for mentoring the next generation of music industry talent.Charlene takes me on a journey with her as she tells me of her time in Italy, discovering the joy of celebrating simple ingredients and elevating them to new heights! She adapted to a lifestyle of bringing her diet back to basics and how food can nourish your way of life.Able to watch older generation Italian families take the organic plant based ingredients and make them into delicious meals, Charlene's creativity and passion was inspired to bring the idea to life on her return to the UK.Setting up her food business, Charlene tells me about how she caught the eye of producers that were working at ITV, they sampled her food and everything snowballed into an invite to present on Lorraine!! She takes it in her stride and is super cool about it, telling me like it's just your average day!!!We chat about the benefits on not only eating better but introducing plant based foods into your diet and how it can be the fuel to combat ailments like fatigue, ageing and promoting cell regeneration.Charlene's other passion is helping young people in the music industry, we chat about the ways in which she works with them and encourages them to develop their own individuality. We also discuss the importance of mindset for young people, especially when we are in such a fast paced society and the need for everything to be instant.Charlene is such a wise lady, this episode is literally full of golden nuggets of inspiration! She's passionate about educating others and is driven by her purpose to help people 🩷Utterly lovely lady and fantastic to chat to her!If you'd like to learn more and see what Charlene will be getting up to in the future (it's going to be super exciting!!!) then head on over to Instagram and give her a follow @charleneashong #yesshecan #yesshecanproject #inspiringpodcast #womeninspiring #inspirationalvideo #inspiringchat #womenspodcast #inspirationalwomen #plantbaseddiet #charleneashong


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 49: Dr Meg Arroll @drmegarroll4/30/2023

Come and join the conversation with the amazing Dr Meg Arroll. Dr Meg is a Chartered Psychologist, Scientist and Author. Dr Meg chats to me about her brand new book Tiny Traumas and explains what exactly Tiny Traumas are, how they differentiate between what is considered a major trauma and what we can do daily to be aware when things don't feel quite right. She gives us an amazing insight into the impact that these Tiny T Traumas can have on our daily lives, slowly trickling through and we find ourselves perhaps feeling numb, not being able to pinpoint exactly what is wrong. Dr Meg chats to me about how proactive we can be in regards to the things that we take in daily, for example what we are observing online, perhaps we are pushing our low grade traumas under the carpet and not taking action when they start to affect us. She provides excellent tips for reducing stress and utilising our own psychological toolkits, and building up that mental health immunity to help us deal with those Tiny T Traumas when they arise. Dr Meg talks me through some amazing analogies that are in her new book, from boats on the stormy sea of life to Reverse Misery Trumps! Honestly the way that she is able to succinctly describe things and create that visual representation is just so fascinating! Tiny Traumas is a book for everyone, think of it as your guide to helping you keep things in check when it comes to your mental health, a glossary of information that you can pick up when you need to. Dr Meg tells me about her Triple A process, that we can use ourselves, which consists of Awareness, Acceptance & Action. She chats to me about mind mapping, using a pen and paper (old school is always the best I totally agree!) to really delve deep into your personal timeline, plotting the way through our lives to really recognise the things that have stood out to us. We chat about the importance of developing new positive habits, not having unrealistic expectations and truly celebrating the tiny triumphs that we can implement into our daily lives. Dr Meg is so different to what you would perceive a "typical psychologist" to be like, she is warm, down to earth and instantly puts you at ease when talking to her! There is no clinical, coldness like you would imagine in a therapy room, Dr Meg takes some of her patients out into the fresh air and makes them feel as comfortable as possible, which is so far away from how psychologists are sometimes portrayed! She just has such a special approach to things and has such an obvious caring nature, you can't help but feel comfortable with her (she's the sort of therapist you could go for a coffee with and feel at ease straight away!)I love the fact that Dr Meg is breaking boundaries, she tells me how Psychology has changed so much and talks passionately about the importance of teaching the younger generation about being mental health aware from an early age.It was an absolute pleasure to speak to this wonderful lady, such an insightful episode, thankyou so much Dr Meg for coming on!You can find out more and buy Tiny Traumas below:https://www.drmegarroll.comFollow Dr Meg for hints and tips@drmegarroll #tinytraumas #drmegarroll #psychology #psychologist #charteredpsychologist #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthawareness #drmeg #yesshecan #yesshecanprojectpodcast


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 48: Jennifer Countess Von Walderdorff @jennifer_walderdorff4/2/2023

Come and join the conversation with Fashion Specialist and Author Jennifer Countess Von Walderdorff! Jennifer with her background in Fashion Merchandise Planning, is passionate about providing information to empower yourself when it comes to your wardrobe, sharing tips and tricks on how to make your fashion work for YOU! Jennifer takes me on her inspirational journey, from her childhood being in awe of her parents fashion choices, her first knowledge of fashion was her well dressed father and her bold, bright and beautiful mother. She comes from a large family of high achievers and always had that deep rooted sense of being able to accomplish things in her life, following in her family's footsteps. We chat about her early career aspirations and beginning her journey undertaking a degree, regrouping by taking a year out and finding out that she could combine BOTH of her passions into one career! We delve into her role as a Fashion Merchandise Planner, behind the scenes of the inner workings of the industry before you see what is usually the final glamourous bits! Such an interesting insight & it's the people like Jennifer are the ones that help make what we eventually see on the runway & in stores come to fruition, so fascinating to hear how it all works. Jennifer tells me about life changing decisions she made, having worked for M & S , she had a choice to make- would she stay in the UK & find another position working for a big brand or take a HUGE leap & travel the world following her fashion influences?.... Let me tell you, this lady is BRAVE: decided to pack her bags, jet off to Italy, fuelled by her love of Italian fashion & fabrics she was ready for an adventure! We talk about settling in Italy, teaching English along the way, with a clear knowing & clear goal of following the prospect of a new life, she immersed herself in Italy to the fullest.Jennifer talks fondly of the community that welcomed her with open arms at the beginning of her Italian adventure too. We then delve into the circ*mstances surrounding meeting her husband which in turn made her a Countess! I've never spoken to a Countess before & was super eager to find out all about it, I am in awe of her! Such a beautiful story of two people who are absolutely perfect for each other, it was TOTALLY written in the stars for them to meet. Two people that were destined for each other it's like a true life love story that you would expect to see in Hollywood! We talk about her amazing new book Look @ The Labels & the inspiration behind becoming an author. Whilst working for a fashion brand at the height of the economic crisis back in 2007/2008 Jennifer noticed that there was a need to make use of things you already have, so set up fashion accessories company Cheeky Poppins Shoe Clips. With the ethos that you don't need to buy new shoes, you just need accessories to jazz up the ones you already have, giving them a new lease of life! Look @ The Labels is from Jennifer's want to share her knowledge, giving people a pocket handbook they can take with them, make smarter choices , & truly know what they are buying. A seasoned writer through years of experience, writing her own book was the next step for her when it came to her literary journey! Packed full of information & helpful tips and tricks you can take with you on the go, it is a MUST HAVE for your handbag! She shares wonderful tips about shopping savvy, making your clothes buying experience a positive one, & really making it work for you! Jennifer chats to me about "green washing" which BLEW MY MIND, we discuss the benefits of Preloved clothing & our joint love of charity shops! So many amazing gems of information in this chat, you cannot help but absolutely adore Jennifer, she has bounds of energy, so passionate about her work & helping others, just a truly WONDERFUL human being, its my utter pleasure to chat to her!


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 47: Natalie Gray @natgraymusic11/18/2022

Come and join the conversation with singer/songwriter Natalie Gray! ⚠️ TW assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, PTSD ⚠️ WOW what can I say about this incredible episode... Join me as I chat to this wonderful lady on a rollercoaster of emotions ❤️ Natalie tells me of her childhood love for music, growing up in a creative household, listening and being inspired by people who pushed the boundaries! Loving the likes of the Spice Girls, Madonna, Pink and drawing inspiration from their messages of girl power and strength, the fearlessness of them and the way they were paving the way for new artists. We chat about her journey of self acceptance, going from being that shy girl in the corner during her early life in school. Life affirming experiences during her time at one of the countries most prestigious theatre schools, she quickly learned to stand on her own two feet and start on a path to being comfortable in her own skin. Writing music with a friend enabled Natalie to express herself in a way she hadn't been able to before. She started doing open mic nights and quickly realised that singing was where her true passion lay, putting her heart and soul out there on a stage was where she was meant to be. Natalie's style of music clearly draws from the important idols she followed in her childhood, 80's synth pop, upbeat and just amazing, you HAVE to download her music!! It's not always been plain sailing for her, infact quite the opposite, she bravely opens up about her other passion for helping women and the brutal reality behind her podcast Take Back The Beat. Set up during lockdown, sharing experiences with her best friend, they quickly realised the importance of confiding in others when you have been a victim of abuse. Before this Natalie admits that she hadn't ever confided in anyone about the horrific experiences she had endured. Take Back The Beat was born and Natalie cites it as therapy for her at the same time and to help other survivors of similar situations is her driving force. They decided to do a tour with Take Back The Beat, helping charity along the way and reaching survivors far and wide. Her music booker was able to orchestrate some of her dream venues and help them to deliver their message of solidarity and help as many people as they possibly could. Natalie bravely talks about her horrific experiences, her PTSD, the aftermath and lasting effects that these things still continue to have on her to this day. We chat about her passion for helping teens with their mental health, going into schools with her music and promoting positive mental health in young people, encouraging them to open up, from someone who has first hand experience of these struggles. It's plain to see that Natalie isn't just a survivor, she's a driving force for other people that have experienced similar and that passion carries her through. Such an open and honest interview, it was an honour to sit and listen to this incredible lady ❤️ You can follow Natalie here on Instagram You can follow Take Back The Beat on Instagram YOU ARE NOT ALONE LADIES, COME AND JOIN THE CONVERSATION ❤️


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 46: Cat Bateman @littlefolksing10/22/2022

Come and join the conversation with the amazing Cat from @little folk nursery rhymes ! If there's one thing that's clear about this gorgeous lady, it's plain to see how much she absolutely adores her work! Coming from a background of working in Music Television, Cat tells me that she's always enjoyed music, been in bands and even ended up marrying a musician too! She opens up about the struggle of juggling her work in the music industry when her children came along, having seen fellow female colleagues facing issues when it came to retaining their place in the industry whilst trying to raise a family. Seeing the impact it had on others, Cat was met with a difficult decision and frankly tells me about the financial guilt that she felt when deciding to stay at home to raise her boys, then the all consuming guilt that we all know being a Mum that no matter what we choose we never feel like we can win! It was this difficult decision that actually set her on her path to doing what she does today! The first steps (although she had no idea at the time!) in her Little Folk Sing journey came about after seeking out musical groups to take her little ones to. It was one of these groups in particular that she found that was due to close as there was no one to take over the group. Cat was desperate not to let the legacy of the group dwindle and stepped up to take over it herself! As the years passed, she was encouraged by some lovely people in the local community that she should take the plunge and start it as her very own business! She slowly built it up and made such a positive impact on families along the way. Cat tells me how she was guided by the families and her customers, really listening to what they were looking for, and the amazing things that have come along the way such as her incredible YouTube channel @little folk nursery rhymes and products on her website! Cat has been recognised in national campaigns such as SmallBiz100 & f: entrepreneur, nominated for a Small Award & was voted No 1 Online Activity provider for Baby Toddler classes in The Independent! Although it hasn't always been plain sailing for her as we hear when she tells me about the impact that Covid had on her business. Bless her heart, Cat's first thought was of the families in her group that it would affect and the Mums not being able to interact with each other, potentially missing that connection that we so need when becoming parents. Not one to shy away from a challenge however, Cat soldiered on and carried on striving to provide families with joy through her work. Cat felt so lucky to be chosen by Happity, her bookings platform, to help trial online classes as soon as Lockdown hit. Although the first morning was full of nerves and tech stresses, the result was SO worth it!! But she need not have worried as all those smiling faces put her at ease and she experienced so many wonderful connections being made virtually. Cat is a huge advocate for small businesses and a huge cheerleader for female founders! We chat about the wonderful Instagram community that you can tap into, the friendships you can form and the real sense of surrounding yourself with people who just get you!(even in those 1am messages!) Cat has definitely found her calling in her business and you can just see from the passion and energy she has that she is EXACTLY where she is supposed to be! So many exciting things on the horizon for this gorgeous, talented lady and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her! To find out more head over to her website or give her a follow! #littlefolksing #nurseryrhymes #talented #yesshecan #yesshecanproject #femalepodcast #yesshecanprojectpodcast #inspirationalstories


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 45: Angie Simmons @growthdevelopmentfoundation10/8/2022

Come and join the conversation as I chat to the amazing Angie Simmons, founder of the incredible Growth Development Foundation. Built following a series of traumatic events that happened to Angie throughout her life, she drew her strength and turned her "mental mess into her message". Taking me back through her life, Angie is open and incredibly honest about the pain she has endured and the impact it had on her mental health. One day changed her life completely. Angie bravely tells me of the day she learned of the passing of her beloved brother Tony. Not only her sibling, Tony was her best friend, his loss sent her on a downward spiral and the pain she was experiencing was too much to bear. Angie tells me the details surrounding that time, dealing with feelings of guilt that she carried, blaming herself for her brother's passing and fighting these feelings led her into despair. Battling with thoughts of not wanting to continue and just wanting to be reunited with her brother, Angie is frank and explains the feelings she was experiencing at that time. In 2014, Angie was introduced to personal development. Just a simple CD she was given to listen to in her car, she tells me that she wasn't engaging with its content to begin with and had no clue how it was going to help her, however unbeknown to her at that time, this was the first step towards the rest of her life and her recovery. Unbelievably, tragedy was to strike Angie's life once more when she suddenly lost her Mum. The practical aspect proving difficult to navigate, having a strict time frame to clear out her Mum's personal items and plan her funeral whilst also dealing with the overwhelming grief weighed heavily on her. It was one quiet moment when sorting through her Mum's possessions that she came across a journal, citing it as "the missing piece of her jigsaw", starting her on the incredible journey towards The Growth Development Foundation that you see today. We chat about the Marjala Method, that Angie teaches , helping people to gain clarity in thei lives, and the importance of making connections with our inner selves. We also talk about a fascinating part of her business that is incorporated into her very own journal, Moonology, moon cycles and the interesting correlation that we as women need to learn about! Such an emotional episode and Angie is such an open and honest lady, using her pain and suffering to help others makes you like her even more! An inspiration to so many she has some EXCITING plans for the future! I cannot wait to watch the next stage of her journey, and see what's coming up for the Growth Development Foundation, thankyou beautiful lady for such an insightful and inspiring conversation! Find out more about Angie's work here: #growth #development #personaldevelopment #yesshecan #yesshecanproject #empowering #empowerment #journalling #spiritual #spiritualjourney #moonology #angiesimmons #honest #honestconversation


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 44: Hellen Ward @richardwardhair8/1/2022

Come and join the conversation with the gorgeous Hellen Ward, Co Founder & Director of the largest independent Hair & Beauty salons in the country! Come on a journey as we chat about the beginnings of her entering the industry in her teens, her Mum being a hairdresser and Dad being the MD of a chain of department stores. Hellen undertook an apprenticeship following her parents separation and a financially difficult time, hilariously admitting to me that she was a "dreadful hairdresser"! Through her exceptional people skills and self proclaimed gift of the gab, she built herself a strong client base and became intrigued with the business side of salons. Hellen talks me through her love for the industry, however not keen on being a hairdresser, she knew that her skills and experience could take her into a managerial role, something that she relished. Becoming a salon manager at the tender age of 20, Hellen was quickly promoted to Regional Manager, travelling up and down the country and thrived in her role, constantly soaking up the ins and outs of the business side of salon management. Upon meeting her husband Richard, it made perfect sense for them to combine their minds, experience and skillsets to embark on a business venture of their very own. Not the most traditional start however, they bravely took the plunge on a salon that had gone bankrupt! 1992 marks the start of their epic journey, navigating obstacles on the way but Hellen has always had such an incredible self intuition and self belief that has carried her through to result in the roaring success of the salon you see today! Drawing on her deep spirituality and guided by that inner trust she has, she has listened to her gut every step of the way, and it has served her so well. We chat about the pressures of COVID, the severe impact that it has had not only for their business personally but for the industry as a whole. We talk about the shift in the industry, a lot of salons moving into self employment, thus creating a ripple effect for the future of the hair and beauty sector, especially when it comes to the next generation of apprentices. She talks to me openly about the implications following the rule breaking during lockdown and the adverse effect it was having on the industry nationally. We chat about people's mental health during the course of the pandemic, that need for connection and the sheer importance of being able to have that salon experience. Hellen is regarded as one of the countries leading Hair & Beauty industry business experts, offering consultancy services, she has written books, jam packed with all of her extensive experience over the years to help salons succeed. Absolutely passionate about her industry and her work, Hellen beams when talking about their salon, the community they have created and her need to be on the shop floor as much as possible, as she is so invested in the community they have created over the years. Building relationships with their clients has been integral to their success, the same goes for the management of the salon, Hellen tells me how important it is to her to offer flexible working, especially when it comes to staff who have children, from personal experience she knows how vital this is. Hellen also talks me through her work outside of the salon, being the Vice President of the UK branch of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs. Such a fascinating backstory to the organisation, hailing from France after the Second World War, it was initially set up to support the women whose husbands' had been sadly killed during the conflict and guide them in the running of their businesses. BAWE is a community of inspirational women, collaborating with one another, expert speakers and everything in between! Have a listen and be inspired by this powerhouse of a woman, what an AMAZING lady, such a talent in her field and such an interesting chat! Thankyou Hellen it was an absolute joy!

Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 43: Claire Cahill @accendocoaching7/25/2022

Come and join the conversation with Claire Cahill, founder of Accendo Coaching! Claire is an award winning executive Confidence & Leadership Coach, using her own experiences in the corporate world to help others achieve their potential, feeling supported, and a safe space for leaders to grow. Claire tells me about the beginnings of her business, born from her return to work following the birth of her son, 6 months previously. Although she looked the part, the same as she had before, she didn't feel the same inside. After such a life changing event, returning to work mentally was far more of a challenge than she was expecting. Culminating in a need to take time off due to stress, Claire sought answers as to who she was, how she could move forward and what it was she needed to aid her in doing so. We delve into journalling, how reflection and having her own coach helped her to make a plan moving forward, and her drive to use her skillset to empower other people in leadship roles, something that she desperately needed on her return to work. We chat about Claire's amazing self awareness, her passion to help others and the tools she garnered whilst on her journey to becoming a Leadership Coach. Claire tells me about how her business has gone from strength to strength over the past three years, becoming an author and winning awards. We talk about lockdown, the way she soaked up information by seeing things through her children's perspective, enabling her to again expand her knowledge base in the most wonderful way! Claire tells me about her workshops, going into schools and colleges and teaching students about the wealth of transferable skills they already possess , increasing their self awareness and helping to prepare them for joining the workforce. We chat about biggest lessons learnt, finding your inner strength and the importance of coaches having coaches! Wonderful chat with a wonderful lady! You can find out more about Claire here: #yesshecan #coaching #leadershipcoaching #selfawareness

Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 42: Ella Kenion7/11/2022

⚠️TW- Miscarriage, sexual assault ⚠️ Come and join the conversation with the gorgeous Ella Kenion! Ella is a seasoned actress with a career spanning 30 years! Best known for playing Mrs Cakeworthy in Green Green Grass, Captain Sinker on CBeebies, and various characters in The Catherine Tate Show. Ella not only appears on our screens but she does voiceovers for commercials, animations and countless theatre productions. Although Ella tells me she is rarely recognised, giving her the perfect amount of fame! Mostly people thinking she's served them in Asda, or is a distant cousin that they'd met at a wedding once 🤣 However she recalls one time in particular when flying out to visit her good friend Derren Litten (writer & creator of Benidorm, co writer of The Catherine Tate Show) where she had an encounter with a HUGE fan of hers after being instantly recognised! 🤣 Ella tells me all about her acting family, with her Dad, Granny, Great Uncle AND Great Grandma all being in the industry! We chat about her first big job and imposter syndrome setting in, and being taken under the wing of Mr Beans girlfriend! Opening up about Equity for actors and the choices when it comes to gaining your card if you haven't attended an accredited drama school, you'll be shocked to learn what options you have! Let's just say stripping in Sweden and meeting with madams was a close encounter! 🤣 We talk about Ella's experiences on The Green Green Grass, Episodes with Matt Le Blanc, Midsomer Murders , and delve into the trade secrets when it comes to filming on such iconic shows! And we chat about a cheeky Dame Judi Dench and her capers in the wings! Totally loved talking about one of my favourite programmes The Catherine Tate Show, Ella gives me some juicy behind the scenes gossip about those oh so iconic Lauren sketches! Ella is honest with me about the realities of life back in the day in the acting world, & during her childhood, a difficult conversation but she speaks so matter of factly, is super brave for opening up about traumatic times in her life, and her outlook is inspiring 😍 We discuss her Canadian adventure, filming with Vanessa Hudgens for Netflix, and the truth behind being a single parent and having to travel so far away from her child. We talk about getting the balance right and trying to hold your place in the industry until children have flown the nest. Ella tells me all about the relentless rejection in the acting world, audition processes and her dream co star! By the end of the conversation we head completely off topic and end up chatting about random things that we've had going on in our lives currently! A wonderful lady and insanely talented actress, what an absolute pleasure and incredible rollercoaster of an episode! Looking forward to seeing what the future brings for this wonderful lady ❤️ #ellakenion #yesshecan #ukactress #actress #catherinetateshow #amazingwomen #netflix #bbc #sitcom #uksitcom #talentedactress #benidorm #hardware #captainsinker #cbeebies #voiceoverartist #actor #theatreactress #sitcomactress #comedyactress


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 41: Danielle Mason @daniellemasonuk7/3/2022

Come and join the conversation with the gorgeous Danielle Mason! Danielle is a former glamour model, entering the industry entirely by chance following a dinner with Katie Price's (AKA Jordan) agent back in her early twenties. Having done some work experience on EastEnders, being the sister of Jessie Wallace, Danielle found herself thrust into the limelight, on Page 3 within a week of being signed and subsequently appearing on programmes such as This Morning, cooking along with Eamon and Ruth! We delve into the realities of being a model and the negative impact it can have on your confidence. Often young girls being told bluntly that they were too big, too spotty and brutally not good enough! We chat about her experiences with online trolling, legal action she had to take, and the beyond disgusting comments about her children that she had to read. Danielle has such a kind heart, talking about her experiences in such a matter of fact way, and often citing that people just don't think properly when they are on social media. We talk about the negativity surrounding the media, often misconstruing a story in order to get readers and the harsh realities of being in the public eye. Danielle tells me about how life turned in a new direction when meeting her partner, him having come from a Romany Gypsy community and they had two beautiful children. It was this situation that led her to appearing on shows such as Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Gypsy Kids, showing what life is like in the travelling community. From this part of her life she picked up a passion for cleaning tips, hacks and good housekeeping, which ignited her desire to become a presenter for all things clean! She tells me about the wonderful experiences she's had so far, during her modelling career travelling business class to shoot a calendar in Barbados and appearing on television! Danielle now hopes to take her passion for good housekeeping into TV, following her dream of landing a regular presenting role to share her knowledge, experience and cleaning hacks with others. A lovely, kind, warm hearted woman, was a pleasure to interview, I have no doubt we will see her on our screens again very soon! Watch this space! You can follow Danielle's journey over on Instagram @daniellemasonuk Don't forget to like and subscribe to the Yes SHE Can Project and give us a follow over on Insta! #daniellemason #cleaninghacks #glamourmodel #page3 #thismorning #cleaningtips #cleaning #goodhousekeeping #yesshecan #yesshecanproject #eastenders #tvpresenter #femalepresenter #femaletvpresenter


Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 40: Dee Gibson @velvetorangedesign @kalukandahouse @heraleadership @deegibson20176/25/2022

Come and join the conversation with the gorgeous Dee Gibson! Dee is a London based Interior Designer, founder of Velvet Orange, Owner of the beautiful Kalukanda House in Sri Lanka and co founder of the Hera Project. Join me as we head back to Dee's formative and inspirational early years, spending time with her civil engineer Grandfather. Soaking in all the design and architectural elements (and kneecap views!) even from a young age spurred a childhood passion in her. Dee tells me about growing up in a traditional Sri Lankan family, with a real focus on education, being directed towards a career in medicine, law or accounting, enabling her to stand her in good stead for the future. Putting her creative side on the back burner, Dee pursued a career in accounting and continued for ten years until a chance moment directed her to a course in Interior Design! Her love for design, the beauty and emotions of spaces lit that fire within her once more and she thrived throughout her course. Soaking up elements like a sponge, Dee knew she was where she was supposed to be! We talk about the timings of things, getting into that world when she did enabled her to really start the career of her dreams and be able to really focus on the parts that she enjoyed and excelled at. In 2007 she launched Velvet Orange, her very own Interior Design Company and 11 years later built her very own boutique hotel called Kalukanda House in beautiful Sri Lanka. Dee tells me the fascinating story behind such a monumental project, explains her ethos and connection to the project, the importance of being eco conscious and using local craftsmen. Not only did Kalukanda House start completely out of the blue and unplanned, everything seemed to slot perfectly into place as a serious of events for Dee. It grew organically, and in such a serendipitous way, and unbelievably Dee had written the idea years and years ago in a notebook she forgot she had!! Next we delve into the amazing Hera Project, a community that Dee has co founded with two other like minded women. They concentrate on a three pronged approach to wellness in the areas of mind, body and business. Dee tells me the importance of gaining strength in all three areas make for positive transformations. Set up from an idea in lockdown, again another chance meeting, Dee was thinking about what kind of retreats she would like to organise when things reopened. Listen as she tells me that "all rounds lead to Kalukanda" and the wonderful energy that it has, often interweaving her journey and creating opportunities for her in the most magical way! The Hera Project is committed to offering a safe space for women to gain strength in all three areas, supporting women especially through periods of transition and alongside other women going through the same, makes a recipe for success! Providing coaching and mentoring, workshops and a 6 month mastermind, culminating in an amazing end experience at the stunning Kalukanda House! Dee & I talk about the importance of having no regrets, how life is so short, leaning into the things that make you happy, igniting your passion and allowing the space for yourself to reach your full potential. Dee is such a beautiful soul, having achieved so much already, an amazing energy and we had an instant connection! She really is a wonderful lady and it was fascinating to learn about her life and journey so far. So excited to see what the future holds! You can find out more here: Instagram @deegibson2017 #interiordesigner #interiordesign #kalukandahouse #yesshecan #womeninbusiness #womenspodcast #yesshecanproject #inspiring #inspirationalconversation #energy #positiveenergy #amazingwomen #heraleadership #srilanka

Ask host to enable sharing for playback controlEpisode 39: Asal Shirazi @jeunvie6/13/2022

Come and join the conversation with the inspirational Asal, founder of Jeunvie, Essentiel Vie, evBizHub & Auto Immune London! Such a busy lady!! We chat about the life limiting auto immune condition that she was diagnosed with 18 years ago, at the time being given just 4-6 months to live. Asal has a background in medicine, having studied pharmaceuticals and immediately began formulating her own skincare as she needed something plant based, natural and most of all kind to her skin. We talk about her misdiagnosis, being allergic to everything and waiting over a year for proper answers, having gone back and forth for multiple tests. It was finally after going to a private consultant that Asal got her diagnosis, however the shock of being told it was terminal and to do anything she wanted, immediately inspired her to get a Snoopy tattoo!! Asal is an advocate for harnessing the environment and honing her medical skills to bring skincare products using the natural parts of plant, even once extracting 21 allergens out of her products in her Mother & Baby sister brand Essentiel Vie. From her tireless work delivering teddy bears and sweets to Ukrainian refugee children, to visiting patients with terminal illnesses, Asal has the most amazing heart and soul. Even setting up her own not for profit charity Auto Immune Support Awareness London, they rely on donations in not money but KINDNESS! Exchanging services and not cash makes this charity completely unique and utterly wonderful 💕 Not only everything she has going on with her own health she is committed to helping other businesses gain coverage and fast track them to success! Founding the evBiz Hub, another venture that is all about sharing her knowledge, contacts and passion for helping people achieve success. She talks me through writing a book about Distraction Therapy, relying on the techniques to carry her through, undergoing chemotherapy with a bucket in one hand, pen and paper in the other scribbling down skincare formulations! We covered SO much in this chat I literally could have listened to Asal for hours! An amazing sense of humour and fantastic outlook on life, Asal is such a special lady, one of those once in a lifetime people whose strength and resilience will inspire you, her positive attitude and glow is amazing to be around! You can find out more by checking out her ainstahram accounts: @asal.chevalier @jeunvie @essentiel.vie @evBizHub Thankyou Asal it was an absolute honour!! 💕

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