Chris Kringle Market Wrigley Field (2024)

1. German Christmas in Wrigleyville - Christkindlmarket Chicago

  • Market Map & Vendors · Event Calendar · Find a Hotel

  • Check out our second Chicago location - the Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville at Gallagher Way. It will open on November 17, 2023...

2. Wrigleyville Market Map & Vendors - Christkindlmarket Chicago

  • Shop from more than 40 vendors at the Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville at Gallagher Way! See the 2023 market map and vendor listings here.

3. Christkindlmarket Park at Wrigley - Enjoy Illinois

4. What to eat, drink, and buy at Christkindlmarket Chicago

5. Christkindlmarket Chicago 2023: Everything you need to know

  • 12 okt 2023 · It's back! Chicago's favorite holiday marketplace sets up shop in Daley Plaza and Wrigleyville starting this November.

  • 'Tis the season for glühwein and potato pancakes.


  • Recommended Reviews - Christkindlmarket Park at Wrigley ; 3637 N Clark St. Chicago, IL 60613. Lakeview. Directions ; (312) 494-2175. Call Now ; More Info. Hours ...

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7. What to know about all 3 of Chicago's iconic Christkindlmarket locations

  • 16 nov 2023 · Chicago, Aurora and Wrigleyville Christkindlmarket dates, hours, vendors and more.

  • The beloved holiday market, with two locations in the city and one location in the suburbs, features dozens of craft vendors, a slew of traditional German and Bavarian food and beverage options.

8. Holiday Markets - Baked Cheese Haus

  • Chicago's Christkindlmarket at Daley Plaza Chicago Christkindlmarket Park at Wrigley Aurora Christkindlmarket Bryant Park Holiday Market in New York City Union

  • Join us at these Christmas and Holiday Markets where our toasted Baked Cheese, warm, melted Raclette and hot Honey Crisp Apple Cider make for quite a festive accompaniment at cold, wintry Markets. …

Chris Kringle Market Wrigley Field (2024)


How much does it cost to go to Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville? ›

Admission to Gallagher Way activities, including the Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville and more, is FREE and requires no tickets.

Where do you park for Christkindlmarkt in Wrigleyville? ›

Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville Parking
  • 1118 W Patterson - Right Spot. (32) 1 min(263 ft) $ 34 .75.
  • 1118 W Patterson Ave. - Left Spot. (33) 1 min(263 ft) ...
  • 3701 N Kenmore Ave. - Personal Spot. (128) ...
  • 3722 N Kenmore Ave. - Personal Spot. (42) ...
  • 3726 N Kenmore Ave. - Personal Spot. (224) ...
  • 1119 W Addison St. - Spot #4. (43)

What is there to do in Wrigleyville for Christmas? ›

Rides include a wintertube, Infield Express, Hot Cocoa Cups, and Winter Whirl. There will also be fun carnival games with a winter twist, like Chimney Toss, Tree Topper, and Snow Pitch.

Is Christkindlmarket in the loop vs Wrigley? ›

The Christkindlmarket in the Loop will take up residence in its usual location in Daley Plaza, while the Wrigleyville edition will take over a portion of Gallagher Way, the plaza adjacent to Wrigley Field on Clark Street.

Is Christkindlmarket expensive? ›

All Christkindlmarkets are always admission-free.

What food is at the Wrigley Christmas market? ›

Assortment of roasted nuts, gingerbread, and German cookies. A huge assortment of German chocolates & candy, Stollen (traditional German holiday cake), popcorn, and cotton candy. Prince of Pierogi Restaurant offers a variety of pierogi, Hunter's Stew (Bigos) and Kielbasa Sandwiches.

Which Christkindlmarket is best? ›

Christkindlmarket – Chicago, Illinois

Unsurprisingly, the organizers' dedication to an authentic Christkindlmarket experience has earned the market a top ranking for best Christmas market in the US multiple years in a row.

Does Wrigley Field have free parking? ›

Does Wrigley Field have free parking? Yes, the Cubs do offer free remote parking at 3900 N.

Can you bring candy into Wrigley Field? ›

Unlike most ballparks, you're perfectly welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks to Wrigley Field.

What time does Wrigleyville Wonderland open? ›

Winterland is open from November 21, 2023, through January 7, 2024. Regular hours are Mon-Thu: 3-9 p.m., Fri-Sat: 11 a.m.-10 p.m., and Sun: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Hours for Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville and on holiday breaks may vary.

Is Wrigleyville a nice area? ›

Wrigleyville is a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois with a population of 5,847. Wrigleyville is in Cook County and is one of the best places to live in Illinois. Living in Wrigleyville offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents rent their homes.

Where to park for Kris Kringle Market Chicago? ›

Christkindlmarket Parking
  • 181 N Clark St. - CH599 - Government Center Garage. (9,384) ...
  • 181 N Dearborn St. - CH597 - Theater District Garage. ...
  • 81 W Lake St. - Government Center Garage. ...
  • 35 S Dearborn St. ( 30 W Monroe Building) - Garage. ...
  • 20 E Randolph St. - CH418 - Wabash-Randolph Garage. ...
  • 19 W Lake St. - Theater District Garage.

Where is the most beautiful Christmas market? ›

24 of the best Christmas markets in Europe for 2024
  • Cologne, Germany. Skating at the Heumarkt Christmas market in Cologne. ...
  • Salzburg, Austria. The Christmas market in Salzburg's old town. ...
  • Budapest, Hungary. ...
  • Strasbourg, France. ...
  • Gothenburg, Sweden. ...
  • Bratislava, Slovakia. ...
  • Bohemia, Czech Republic. ...
  • Copenhagen, Denmark.
Mar 22, 2024

What is the best Christmas market in the US? ›

Best Christmas Markets in the USA
  • Christkindlmarket in Chicago.
  • Downtown Holiday Market in Washington DC.
  • Christmas Village in Philadelphia.
  • Union Square Holiday Market in New York City.
  • Epcot International Festival of the Holidays in Orlando.
  • The Great Dickens Christmas Fair in San Francisco.
  • And more!

How much does the Berlin Christmas market cost? ›

Christmas cheer without cost: Numerous Berlin Christmas markets entice visitors with free admission this winter.

Is Denver Christmas market free? ›

The market is free, open to the public and family- and dog-friendly.

How long does Christkindlmarket last in Chicago? ›

November 17 – December 24.

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