L (2024)

1. Access and manage your QuickBooks Payments account

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  • Find out how you can manage your QuickBooks Payments account in the Merchant Service Center.If you’re using QuickBooks Payments and need to update your account

2. Process payments in the Merchant Service Center - QuickBooks - Intuit

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  • Learn how to process credit cards and eChecks in the Merchant Service Center.With a QuickBooks Payments account, you can process payments online with the Mercha

3. Sign in to Access Your Intuit Products Account

4. Access the Merchant Service Center from QuickBooks Desktop

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  • This article provides detailed information on how to access the Merchant Service Center within QuickBooks.Access the Merchant Service Center in QuickBooks Deskt

5. Logging In And Using The Intuit Merchant Service Center- PART 3

  • Don't have a QuickBooks Online payment account? ... If you don't have a payments account activated yet or need help setting one up, you can call us at 866.949.

  • In Part 3 of this QuickBooks Payments series, we will take a look at the Merchant Service Center. (If you missed Part 2, you can click here to view that first.)

6. Intuit Merchant Center Credit Card Processing

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  • I'm having an issue when swiping the credit card . I'm getting a zip code error saying to input a zip code but the zip code field is grayed out , so I have to input the credit card information manually which chargers a higher fee. Any work around this ? Thanks.  

7. Intuit Service Outage Continues to affect Merchant Services, Email and ...

  • 15 nov 2011 · Affected services appear to include Merchant Services (processing credit cards), QuickBooks Online (slow or offline), emailing invoices, ...

  • Unfortunately Intuit “executed a planned maintenance over the weekend and ran into some issues.”  Monday the servers were experiencing outages or delays in processing and users are reporting problems this morning (Tuesday) too.  Affected services appear to include Merchant Services…

8. Terms of Service for QuickBooks - US - Intuit

  • As between you and Intuit, Intuit and its ... L. QuickBooks Online Accountant and ProAdvisor Program ... If, in Intuit's sole discretion, Intuit attempts, but ...

  • Intuit Payments Inc. (“IPI”), which is a subsidiary of Intuit, Inc., offer payments functionality as features of the Services (the “Ancillary Payments Services”). To the extent that your use of the Ancillary Payments Services involves the transmission of funds in connection with card, ACH (electronic bank payment) and other payment processing Services (collectively, “QuickBooks Payments”) the additional terms and conditions of this Part N apply (the "QuickBooks Payments Terms"). For clarity, these QuickBooks Payments Terms and the Money Movement Service Terms apply to your use of QuickBooks Payments as a QuickBooks Online subscriber and/or as a QuickBooks Money user. QuickBooks Payments is provided to you by IPI, a licensed money transmitter, or by a third party payment services provider, including PayPal and others. Please note that where the QuickBooks Payments are provided by IPI, under certain circ*mstances IPI is not required to provide such services under its money transmission licenses. In this Part N, the terms “Intuit,” “we,” “our” or “us” shall refer to IPI solely with respect to the provision of QuickBooks Payments.

9. Find transactions, deposits, or fees in the Merchant Service Center

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  • With your QuickBooks Payments account, you can find transactions, deposits, or fees using your Online Service Center. Here’s how.Find transactionsSign in to the L (2024)
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