I 75 Traffic Cameras Michigan (2024)

1. MDOT - Mi Drive Camera Lists

  • Mi Drive is a construction and traffic information website that allows users to view traffic cameras, speeds, locate incidents, and construction.

2. I-75 @ Ohio/Michigan Line Traffic Cam | WeatherBug

  • Check out the current traffic and highway conditions on I-75 @ Ohio/Michigan Line in Toledo, OH. Avoid traffic & plan ahead!

3. Mackinac Bridge Live Web Cam, Mackinaw City Live Cam, St. Ignace ...

4. Traffic cameras added to I-75 in Upper Peninsula - Sault Ste. Marie News

  • 29 mrt 2010 · MDOT has added views from 13 traffic cameras at locations on I-75, M-26, M-28, M-35, US-2 and US-41 to the site to help drivers check traffic ...

  • NEWS RELEASE MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION ************************* MDOT updates traffic data website with U.P.

5. Michigan Traffic Cameras

  • Live Stream All Traffic Cameras In the State of Michigan, Listed Here on our Dynamic Map ... Michigan Live Traffic Videos. > ... I-75 Cameras i-90 Cameras I-69 ...

  • Live Stream All Traffic Cameras In the State of Michigan, Listed Here on our Dynamic Map.

6. Traffic Map | ClickOnDetroit | WDIV Local 4

  • This Detroit area traffic map offers the latest traffic conditions, alerts, road closures, and construction alerts. View Detroit area traffic updates and ...

  • This Detroit area traffic map offers the latest traffic conditions, alerts, road closures, and construction alerts. View Detroit area traffic updates and alerts here.

7. I-75 Michigan Traffic Cameras - Nav Bug

  • I 75 MI Live Traffic Camera Feed.

  • I 75 MI Live Traffic Camera Feed

8. I-75 - Detroit, Michigan - - South - Traffic Cam

  • Live View Of Detroit, MI Traffic Camera - I-375.

  • Live View Of Detroit, MI Traffic Camera - I-375

I 75 Traffic Cameras Michigan (2024)


Can you get a ticket from a traffic camera in Michigan? ›

Any tickets claiming to come from a camera are likely a scam. Only Michigan law enforcement officials can issue tickets. While red-light cameras have not been used in Michigan, they are being used in more than 20 states.

How to get traffic camera footage in Michigan? ›

Michigan state police may grant video camera footage under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) upon written request. The request must include the following information: Your full name, mailing address, and phone number. A thorough description of the record you require.

What is the Michigan traffic camera app? ›

The new app is a mobile version of the MiDrive traffic information website, http://mdotnetpublic.state.mi.us/drive/. It allows users to see real-time traffic information, accidents and construction, traffic cameras and a variety of other information quickly and easily on a smart phone or tablet.

Are speed cameras legal in Michigan? ›

While more than 20 states in the US are currently using cameras to issue tickets to speeding drivers or motorists who run red lights, Michigan is not one of them. (If you get a notification that you're being cited for a moving violation because you were caught on camera, that communication is likely a scam.)

Can you get a ticket in the mail in Michigan? ›

Michigan driving defaulters usually get notified of their tickets through the mail.

What are the laws about cameras in Michigan? ›

It is a felony to install or use a device to observe, photograph, record sounds or images, or eavesdrop on a person in a private place where one may reasonably expect to be safe from surveillance or intrusion without the person's consent. Mich. Comp. Laws § 750.539d.

What is the app that tells you where cameras are? ›

Radarbot has the most powerful, up-to-date speed camera database in the world.

What is smart camera for traffic surveillance? ›

A smart camera is a self-contained, standalone vision system with built-in image sensor in the housing of an industrial video camera. The vision system and the image sensor can be integrated into one single piece of hardware known as intelligent image sensor or smart image sensor.

What is the camera finding app on the road? ›

Radarbot has a community of over 50 million drivers worldwide with whom you can share and receive alerts. Find out immediately what is happening on the road and avoid traffic jams, hazards, accidents, mobile speed cameras, police, helicopters, drones, and much more.

How much is 5 over the speed limit in Michigan? ›


Can you exceed the speed limit when passing in Michigan? ›

It should also be noted there is no exception to the speed limit for passing a vehicle. Michigan law does not prohibit passing multiple vehicles at a time; however, this should only be done with extreme caution and when it is absolutely safe to do so.

How many points is 10 over the speed limit in Michigan? ›

Two Points: • Six to 10 mph over the legal speed limit. Open alcohol container in vehicle. All other moving violations of traffic laws.

What happens if you run a red light in Michigan? ›

Beyond the direct points assigned for the infraction, running a red light can lead to: Fines that vary depending on the jurisdiction in Michigan. Potential increases in car insurance premiums. If the violation leads to a collision causing injury or death, the driver might face severe criminal charges and penalties.

How much is a ticket for running a red light in Michigan? ›

Most Common Infractions
OffensePointsTotal Fines / Costs
Disobey Traffic Control Device2$125
Disobey Traffic Signal/Red Light3$135
Disobeyed School Crossing Guard3$205
Disobeyed Stop Sign3$135
33 more rows

Does Detroit have red light cameras? ›

Lansing — The Michigan Senate voted Tuesday to prohibit the use of red light cameras to enforce the state's traffic laws, a move supporters said was meant to be a preventative measure.

Can you still get a ticket from a traffic camera in California? ›

In a word, yes. Red light cameras are legal under California Vehicle Code 21455.5, which covers Offenses Relating to Traffic Devices.

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